Criminal Minds

Season 4 Episode 9

52 Pickup

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 26, 2008 on CBS
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Emily Prentiss and Jordan Todd go undercover in Atlanta to profile a serial killer who has perfected his skill as a pick-up artist and uses his masculine prowess to lure his next victims.

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  • 52 Pickup

    I liked this one. It had many interesting facets. Much was comedic, Reid, Derek, Emily.

    Joanna's character did what most of us would want to do. That child was undisciplined, yes, but already too late for spanking. He was a budding offender.

  • Joanna Cassidy was the real villan

    She beat a little boy, tramatised him and in the end was the cause of her own daughters death.
  • Classes being given by a sleazebag in how to 'pick up' women is sleazy enough on its own, but when the unsub is taking those classes, it's even worse.

    Prostitutes are being murdered in a particularly sadistic way - disembowled and then made to clean up the mess before being murdered. When the killings stop for a year and then start again, with the latest victim being from an affluent background, it's obvious that several things about the killer has changed, the question is why and how? When it comes to light that a sleazy low life is conducting 'classes' to teach men how to pick up women, the BAU realise they are on to something.

    I enjoyed learning a little more about Agent Todd and seeing some 'girl power' work taking place between herself and Emily but I'm stillnot impressed with her overall. A couple of very funny moments involving Reid probably salvaged this one for me because I found the script a bit weak in places, although the concept of the type of unsub and how he went about his 'work' was a good one. Definitely a 'watchable' episode but fairly predictable all round as plots go.moreless
  • A pick up artist becomes a murderer. The team is called in to investigate.

    The character interactions made this episode for me. Jordan Todd is off to a rock start as JJ's temporary replacement and experiences a run-in with Hotch pretty early on. I actually felt a little sorry for her. Prentiss talks Hotch into giving her another chance, and he listens to her. The scenes between Jordan, Prentiss and the pick up artist trainer (whose name eludes me)was terrific. It was amazing to me that whatever that guy was teaching seemed to work for the unsub, while the teacher came off like a fruitcake. Morgan and Reid's interactions and then, Reid's magic trick was cute, too. I enjoyed this one and would watch it again.moreless
  • Quite an interesting episode, and also ereally nice to learn a little more about Special Agent Toodd.

    This was another great Criminal Minds instalment, and I really enjoyed it. I thought the case was well ironed out, and it was quite good and definitely very suspenseful.

    Seeing more of the newbie - Special Agent Jordan Todd, was always nice to see, and I must say, I'm hoping she stays on somewhere, after J.J. returns.

    I thought this episode had soeme really great moments, such as Prentiess talking to that weird magician-looking guy. Quite great, actually!

    Definitely would highly erecommend this episode. Keep it up, as there have really been some great episodes in this seaosn, and I'm hping for that to continue!moreless
Thomas Gibson

Thomas Gibson

Unit Chief Aaron Hotchner

Joe Mantegna

Joe Mantegna

Senior SSA David Rossi

Matthew Gray Gubler

Matthew Gray Gubler

SSA Dr. Spencer Reid

Shemar Moore

Shemar Moore

SSA Derek Morgan

Paget Brewster

Paget Brewster

SSA Emily Prentiss

A.J. Cook

A.J. Cook

SSA Jennifer "JJ" Jareau

Riki Lindhome

Riki Lindhome

Vanessa Holden

Guest Star

Keri Lynn Pratt

Keri Lynn Pratt

Ashley Holden

Guest Star

Gabriel Olds

Gabriel Olds


Guest Star

Meta Golding

Meta Golding

Agent Jordan Todd

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • When Reid and Morgan approach Austin in the club, Reid's business card can be seen in her hair before he has begun performing his magic trick.

    • When the agents arrive at the station in Atlanta, there are crime scene photos on the board. On the bottom left hand corner, along with the other crime scene photos of the bleach, trash bags and ammonia in a triangular pattern, a photo of Becky Williams can be seen before her murder happened.

    • When Reid hands Morgan the coffee around 10 minutes into the episode, Morgan is seen accepting the coffee with his right hand. When the camera switches, he's accepting the coffee with his left hand.

    • In the ad for the self help class taught by Viper there is a spelling mistake that reads, "Take my class and learn how to uinlock desire."

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Jordan Todd: (to Prentiss) When you asked him if he practices his routine on a sex doll, I almost lost it.

    • Hotchner: (watching Prentiss prepare to meet Viper on his own pickup-artist turf) You're OK with this, right?
      Prentiss: Yeah, I'll be fine. Sadly, I've actually dated people worse than Viper.

    • Viper: (to Morgan) Two things to learn about me. First, I outwit alpha-males like you for fun and sometimes profit. How often to do you have to rely on your badge to score, baldy? (to Hotchner) Second, last night I was at Club Aqua and I have a stack of tax-deductible receipts to back up my story. (turning to Prentiss and stepping close to her) Now you might not want to believe that my style works, and here in this harsh light you have the advantage, but meet me on my turf and, oh, the things I could make you do.

    • Garcia: Sir, does this guy stuff actually work on real, breathing girls?
      Hotchner: (confused) Why are you asking me?
      Garcia: I abhor the whole chicks-dig-jerks thing.
      Hotchner: Well, fortunately, Garcia, you are one of the exceptions. Garcia: Be still my bespectacled heart. So are you, sir.
      Hotchner: (smiling) Thanks.

    • Morgan: (discussing Viper) We need to bait him with someone he sees as a challenge.
      Reid: To study his up close and personal is going to take someone that he's already attracted to. (all eyes are on Emily)
      Prentiss: Ahh, oh, this is really gonna suck.

    • Morgan: OK, let me school you real quick. What you have to do with these ladies - just take control of the conversation. When you're talking, what makes you feel like an expert?
      : Uh... statistics.

    • Jordan Todd: So how bad did I just screw up?
      Morgan: On a normal scale of one to 10, I'd say a six. But on Hotch's scale, an 11.

    • Morgan: (after Jordan tells Mrs. Holden about her own sister's death) Did you know that about Jordan?
      Hotchner: No, and neither did she. According to her file, she's an only child.

    • Morgan: So, how's it going?
      Reid: Not good. I gave the profile to one woman, and she asked if I was the unsub.

    • Reid: (via phone) Hey, how are you doing?
      Austin: Great. I told my HMO I got abducted by a serial killer and they gave me free dental x-rays.

    • Morgan: (discussing Viper) Will you listen to that language? He's training serial killers.
      Prentiss: Great. We're dealing with a rampant narcissist and misogynist who's turned himself into a snake oil salesman.

    • Jordan Todd: (to Viper) Really? Because that guy could get beautiful women into his apartment. I wouldn't let you on my Facebook page.
      Prentiss: (to Jordan) Oh, you're on Facebook?
      Jordan Todd: Yeah, you should friend me.
      Prentiss: I will.

    • Rossi: (to Hotch viewing wall map) Is this the one that if you stare at it long enough you see the image of a swan?

    • Prentiss: Jordan, this is Viper, God's gift to women.
      Jordan Todd: Wow, God sure has a sense of humor.

    • Reid: How many phone numbers did you get?
      Morgan: None. I'm working a case here, kid. (pause) OK. Four were offered, but I didn't take any of them.

    • Rossi: P.J. O'Rourke said, "Cleanliness becomes more important when godliness is unlikely."

    • Prentiss: Author Harlan Ellison wrote, "The minute people fall in love, they become liars."

  • NOTES (3)

    • The songs heard in this episode are "Make U Wanna Dance" by Gen Rubin, "Suspicious Character" by The Blood Arm, "Around Here" by Peri, "28 Butts" by Little Jackie, "Back to You" by Puddu Varano, and "Million Dollar Baby" by Phontaine.

    • A.J. Cook was credited, but not appear, in this episode because she was on maternity leave.

    • Thomas Gibson and guest star Cari Shayne worked together previously on the film The Inheritance (1997), which was also directed by Bobby Roth.


    • Morgan: What a minute, come on, an unsub who kills prostitutes - is he really thinking about signing up for a Tony Robbins seminar?
      Tony Robbins is a famous self-help guru who focuses his message on achieving success by confronting personal fears and "unleashing the power within." His seminars are famous for the fire-walking component in which participants are encouraged to try something they consider impossible.