Criminal Minds

Season 4 Episode 9

52 Pickup

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 26, 2008 on CBS

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  • 52 Pickup

    I liked this one. It had many interesting facets. Much was comedic, Reid, Derek, Emily.

    Joanna's character did what most of us would want to do. That child was undisciplined, yes, but already too late for spanking. He was a budding offender.

  • Joanna Cassidy was the real villan

    She beat a little boy, tramatised him and in the end was the cause of her own daughters death.
  • Classes being given by a sleazebag in how to 'pick up' women is sleazy enough on its own, but when the unsub is taking those classes, it's even worse.

    Prostitutes are being murdered in a particularly sadistic way - disembowled and then made to clean up the mess before being murdered. When the killings stop for a year and then start again, with the latest victim being from an affluent background, it's obvious that several things about the killer has changed, the question is why and how? When it comes to light that a sleazy low life is conducting 'classes' to teach men how to pick up women, the BAU realise they are on to something.

    I enjoyed learning a little more about Agent Todd and seeing some 'girl power' work taking place between herself and Emily but I'm stillnot impressed with her overall. A couple of very funny moments involving Reid probably salvaged this one for me because I found the script a bit weak in places, although the concept of the type of unsub and how he went about his 'work' was a good one. Definitely a 'watchable' episode but fairly predictable all round as plots go.
  • A pick up artist becomes a murderer. The team is called in to investigate.

    The character interactions made this episode for me. Jordan Todd is off to a rock start as JJ's temporary replacement and experiences a run-in with Hotch pretty early on. I actually felt a little sorry for her. Prentiss talks Hotch into giving her another chance, and he listens to her. The scenes between Jordan, Prentiss and the pick up artist trainer (whose name eludes me)was terrific. It was amazing to me that whatever that guy was teaching seemed to work for the unsub, while the teacher came off like a fruitcake. Morgan and Reid's interactions and then, Reid's magic trick was cute, too. I enjoyed this one and would watch it again.
  • Quite an interesting episode, and also ereally nice to learn a little more about Special Agent Toodd.

    This was another great Criminal Minds instalment, and I really enjoyed it. I thought the case was well ironed out, and it was quite good and definitely very suspenseful.

    Seeing more of the newbie - Special Agent Jordan Todd, was always nice to see, and I must say, I'm hoping she stays on somewhere, after J.J. returns.

    I thought this episode had soeme really great moments, such as Prentiess talking to that weird magician-looking guy. Quite great, actually!

    Definitely would highly erecommend this episode. Keep it up, as there have really been some great episodes in this seaosn, and I'm hping for that to continue!
  • Great Script.

    A predator who uses woman's need for attention prowling clubs for his victims. He even takes classes to learn how to pick up his woman. The character of Viper was scary as well as funny. Reid in a club was just to hysterical for words, especially when he's getting pick up lessons from Derek. There's a new aspect of relationship between Prentiss and Aaron. It's more friends and collegues than boss and subordinate. I thought the end of the case was very exciting and how it was wrapped up. Hodges is learning about second chances, maybe he'll give himself one and Reid got the girl for a change.
  • Excellent!

    This was an absolutely excellent episode. I really liked seeing Jordan stop being such a b****. :P. Prentiss was SO awesome dealing with that one scumbag. I did turn into somewhat of a "fangirl" with the Reid and girl stuff. Although I'm a huge fan of the show, and therefore biased, I would say this is one of the episodes to watch. It really caught an emotional response in me, mostly with that Viper's whole pickup theory. I would have liked to see a bit more Garcia in this one, but her parts were good nonetheless (like that adorable phone convo with Hotch). This episode could be watched by someone who's never seen the show before, as not a lot of prior show knowledge is needed to understand that. If you haven't ever seen Criminal Minds, watch this one!
  • Emily and Jordan go undercover together....

    In this episode of Criminal Minds the following happens. The team are called in when a 3rd girl is found murdered, within the space of a year. The first 2 victims were prostitutes and the 3rd was a social butterfly who was picked up at a club. Soon another victim is found. The team soon believe that the killer has being using a service which helps men to pick up women. The team believe that the killer is heading to another club, the same one as the man who taught him to pick up women, and Viper is going. She Emily and Jordan are sent undercover at the club. The team soon believe that the 3rd victim knew her killer. We then see the killer in another bar trying to pick up a girl. The bar tender soon realises who he is and gets the women to go inside of the office with her. The bar tender, who Reid chatted up earlier, goes outside to call the team, but is attacked by the killer before she can. The team get word of what is happening and go to the bar. The team learn what the killers name is and head to his house. They manage to get inside of the house, just before he can kill her. At the end of the episode we see Reid talking on the phone to the bar tender.
  • The hunt..

    This episode goes around social hunt - a man with low self respect skips killing a year, changes is appearance, ways.. and continues with different girls. So team is in new kind of position - they need two profiles and those triggers that made that unsub changing so much.

    It was in some point fun episode, like when Emily and Todd went to that club to get what they needed from Viper and how those two overplayed that arrogant man.. and those whole ideas what he had - it did sounded like educating a serial killers.. and then Reid and his development..
  • More

    Maybe I was distracted and there was an explanation about why the team olympically ignored the fact that the victim's sister took a photo of the killer. Yes, we see that the face is somehow blurred or overexposed but a bad photo is never a problem in crime shows, they always have the technology to improve it. And in Criminal Minds they also have Garcia, that not only improves the photo but can find who the unsub is, what did he eat last night and the password of his facebook account.
    But maybe that's not a goof, maybe the "pictures adds you pounds" line was to make sure that the girls delete the picture, so there is not evidence.
    Also is a little forced the way the victim's mother remembers the episode with the unsub as a boy. A little bit fast and clear in my opinion.
    Beside these two mmmmmm things, the episode was a very good one, particularly when the two female agents are putting Viper down. A hot lesbian kiss would have made the scene supreme, but it was excellent as it was.
    Viper's students should ask Morgan for tips. He gave just a vague one to Reid and he went from akward nerd to winner in just a snap ;-)
  • Emily got up close with an unsub's mentor and Reid learned pick up lines. Who says profiling is boring?

    Emily got up close with an unsub's mentor and Reid learned pick up lines. Who says profiling is boring?

    It's fun to see a lighter side in the BAU team's investigation. They are all set to catch a complicated unsub with a penchant for cleaning. For Reid, it took going to the bar to try some pick up lines/magic tricks with a lady bartender. For Prentiss, she had to focus in profiling Viper as he unsuccessfully tried every flirting trick he has. Tensions rose when Hotch caught Agent Todd in a lie. She was able to redeem herself with Prentiss' help. It all ended well as the last victim was saved - the lady bartender who had a curious fascination with the forever single Reid. Lovely!