Criminal Minds

Season 7 Episode 16

A Family Affair

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 29, 2012 on CBS

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  • Not bad at all.

    I enjoyed this one. The psychopathy of the murderous family versus the loving and warm interaction of Jack and Hotch made an excellent contrast. It begged the question repeatedly 'Will a parent do anything for their child or, is there a line that cannot be crossed?'. Obviously, for Jeffrey and his family, there was a line up to a point, but it was a very, very blurry one. His father taking his own life and responsibility for the murders of the young women was completely consistent with the family dynamic. I think the psychiatric problems of the mother had less to do with it than was intimated by the BAU members though. At least she understood the need for her son to take his medication, regardless of how separated from reality she was herself.

    The father was the weak link in the chain. With an unbalanaced wife and a murderous son, he alone could have fixed things, but instead, he chose not to, killing himself and shouldering the blame himself which was never going to help Jeffrey or make the killing stop. Whether or not the mother and son would have continued as a duo is an interesting question.

    I loved how Reid offered to babysit Henry and I would have thoroughly enjoyed watching him do it. What a pity we didn't get to see it happen! I imagine it would have been hilarious.

    The girls being 'slightly' hung over was a nice touch as well and I loved Garcia's request to have the FBI make the crowd keep quiet! Terrific moment between father and son at the end, as they always are with Hotch and Jack amd Beth wasn't as annoying as she could have been but I suppose how that turns out remains to be seen. It was nice to see the team together at the Triathlon but I wondered why Morgan didn't take part given that he is so obviously fit.

    All in all, a watchable episode which didn't grate on my nerves. Good acting, especially from Kathy Baker, and some nice touches. A bit more profiling would have been nice but hopefully that will come together soon.