Criminal Minds

Season 3 Episode 15

A Higher Power

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 09, 2008 on CBS

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  • A serial killer using grief to kill people.

    An unusual amount of suicides gets the attention of the BAU who believe it could be a smart unsub who is using the death of children in a fire to kill their parents but making it look like suicide For half of the episode no one was sure there was an unsub including Morgan but as always the BAU get the answers and most of the time the episode had an interesting ending where we find out the detective's brother committed suicide and was not a victim to the killer..
  • An unusually large number of suicides in Pittsburgh are all connected to a fire in which several children were killed. The question is, how?

    A detective whose brother has supposedly just committed suicide following the death of his daughter who passed away in a fire along with several other children, is convinced that the death is murder rather than suicide. His basis for thinking this is certainly solid in the sense that several other parents who lost children in the same tragic blaze have taken their own lives but he may just be grieving and not wish to believe that his brother killed himself.

    The BAU decide to investigate and quickly realise that the dead parents were all connected in some way to support groups which they attended to help them cope with their loss. All wrote suicide notes in their own hand, and it is deduced that they were not forced to do so. The question is, did they kill themselves or is the young man who keeps turning up at the support groups in some way connected to the deaths of their parents?

    This unsub was somewhat creepy, and his methods, very cleverly disguised. (Not from our team at the BAU though!). The saddest part was that the death of the detective's brother really WAS suicide, but even in his grief, his diligence helped to bring a killer to justice.
  • As somebody before me mentioned, strong start, but a weak ending.

    This was a good episode of Criminal Minds, overall, but it definitely would not qualify into my top favorites, at all. I found the case to be quite interesting, but not perfect, and as the episode carried on, the case got quite boring to me.

    I did enjoy it, howeverm, as it was quite interesting and fdifferent, but there was nothing special about the episode, and that is my main and major criticism.

    I thought the last scene with the lady crashing her car was powerful and well done, but overall, the case went from up to down and it was not that good in that aspect.

    Overall, a decent episode which I would definitely recommend!
  • Suicides or not?

    BAU team is called in as suspiciously many people who lost their child in fire years ago are committed suicides and one police officer believes that they are not.. So we have some members who believe there is a case, Morden who believes there isn't.. and soon the things get even more out of hands..

    And emotions - that mother who could not even hold her child.. and the way the unsub used people's privacy - following and picking them up on those meetings and then killing them.. looking so sincere and so harmless first.. How people can look different than they are.
  • Strong Start, Weak Ending

    I thought the entire concept of the episode was very good, I just wasn't a way of how everything came together at the end of the episode. This person was using a family trama to give him a reason to murder people thinking it was what they wanted. The suicide notes threw me for a spin in this epsiode, as I'm usually pretty good at seeing those kinds of twists. They didn't write the notes under duress, but they were still putting emotion into the letter. The ending was dissapointing for me because I thought the show could have done better then what they did with it. The man finds his next target and just as the BAU arrives she effectivly takes care of the problem himself. He started to talk to her about trying to 'save her' because he could do the thing that she couldnt do, which in his mind meant that she wanted to kill herself because it was her only escape. The woman then tries to kill herself - just fails at doing so. Overall, I thought the concept of the entire epsiode was very well done, the final 10 minutes just kind of lowered the score for me.
  • I may be wrong but this is the first angel of death case the team has worked with and it was done quite well. Once again we have a horribly deranged person not being able to see through his own psychosis and killing without re-guard. It

    I may be wrong but this is the first angel of death case the team has worked with and it was done quite well. Once again we have a horribly deranged person not being able to see through his own psychosis and killing without re-guard. It was fun to see Morgan not on board it lends credence to the group when their is a dissenter. The scene where the team first showed up was a nice reminder of how the FBI isn't received well by local law enforcement. The ending with a potential victim taking charge over her life after being suicidal for real was brilliant. Good episode really enjoyed it and the final resolution on Hotch's marriage made it a near perfect episode.
  • After a series of Suicides in a small town the BAU are called in. But are they suicides or is there an "Angel of death" within the town.

    This episode starts off with a woman coming home talking on her cell phone and the electric goes off in the house. She goes to find her husband and hears running water coming from the bathroom. She tries to enter but cant; she finally enters and finds him dead in the bath holding an electrical item. We also find out that one of their daughters has died and it would have been her birthday the following day.
    Hogan takes a personnel day to try and explain to his son what is happening between Hotch & his wife.
    In a small town, there was a fire and 14 children died and over the past three months, there have been five suicides, all of whom lost children in the fire. They all died within 2 weeks of each other. The detective who calls in BAU the latest victims of the suicides was his brother. The team believe they are looking for "an angel of death".
    Fast forward to a women plying with her son Jake. She answers the front door and lets a man in. Jake is left in his highchair where he is for a number of hours, and then we see the mother hanging. Dead. The light changes so we know the hours have changed. Jake's father finds Jake and his wife.
    The team discover that the killer paralysis the victims muscles' with a drug which he injects into their hairline. With this drug they are paralysed and yet completely aware of everything around them.
    The team believe that he is finding his victims in self help groups & go to self help groups to try and track down the killer. They find out the killer has been going to all different groups and telling the same story.
    They find out who his next victims is and race against time to try and find her before he has the chance to kill her. The team find her and the killer is also in the car with her. She crashes her car and the team free her and arrest the killer. They also find out that Paul (the cop's brother) was not murder but he did in fact kill himself.
    Back on the plane Rossi and Hotch discuss what happened when Hotch went to see Jack. In this episode we also learn Morgan has 4 properties.
    Quite a good storyline, quite gripping and great to t=know that the writers are back on their game after the strike. Also note that we still haven't seen JJ's stomach, which makes me wonder when will they announce her pregnancy?
  • Twisted Angel...

    I liked watching the team dynamics with Rossi taking the lead in this case. Prentiss and JJ were already on board Derek just needed some conviencing and Reid just goes where he's told, which I think needs to change. We need more input from the smart one. Now on a personally level I respect Hodges requesting time off to explain the Jack the situation with the divorce, at least as much as he can understand. But it shows that he's human, which is important for the character. Now the case was eery and believable which makes a great episode. The unsub having the inside information on his victims and utilizing the support groups anonimity policy was ingenius. But as always the bad guy gets caught. I loved the scene with Prentiss reaching out to Lori Ann at the end, reminding her not to forget what she has because of what she's lost. A good lesson for anyone.
  • Angel of death!

    Is this the angel of mercy or the angel of death. As one local PA detective is too concerned that his brother may be one of the victims. And that the BAU arrive, with only him welcoming them. We learn that Hotch is wanting to explain the situation of his divorce with his son. And that he only took one day off. When he should had at least taken two days off. He treats Rossi like an equal despite Hotch being Rossi's boss. Then this "angel" has been going to not just alcohlic but drugs, overweight, anyomous programs to gain people's trust and then kill them over it. You can tell that Emily has a thing for kids.