Criminal Minds

Season 1 Episode 17

A Real Rain

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 22, 2006 on CBS

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  • Continuity errors

    Entertaining episode. However, if you watch the final scene, the continuity errors distract from the intended impact. Is the gun in the left or right hand? is it pointing forward or down? crazy!
  • The BAU are in NY to stop a dangerous serial killer

    A vigilante serial killer is killing in NY and won't stop until he is caught.This was a really good episode and mystery because all you saw of the killer all the episode was his hood over him and you would never suspect that he actually looked like that without his hood over him.In the end well done to Hotch and Gideon as they persuaded the killer to not kill his hostage and give up.
  • This was a great episode that could possibly provoke people's mind.

    This was a very good episode and it really puts the the question, "Is it okay?" in your mind. Can we approve for someone to kill those who have done bad in their life? The way I see it is that if we took a life for a life then there wouldn't be anyone around. I especially like this episode because of two great ending quotes from Gandhi. He's been my role model and though I might not be the best person that follows his role, he continues to inspire me. I especially appreciated his quote, "I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent."
  • Excellent episode. If you watch it, you will enjoy it.

    This was a really good episode, the writers seem to find a way to let the viewers see a little more of the characters in each episode by giving little bits of background information on certain characters in their conversations with each other.
    I have to say, my favorite scene from this episode had to have been when they were having dinner at that oriental restaurant. It was funny the way Reid was the only one having trouble with the chopsticks. I was wondering if he was even able to eat a substantial amount of food while they were there. The way he kept flinging his food was very amusing, and the rest of the team was getting a pretty good laugh from it also. Reid probably had the best quote from the episode in that scene: “It’s like trying to forage for food with a pair of number 2 pencils.”
  • not my favorite episode, but very interesting.

    more charecter development, more story, better understanding, very interesting. i just wanted something more...i guess i will have to wait until next weeks episode. i guess i just hate that they got there, but they could't save him anyway. i mean, i know that happens. i know they don't always win, and i wouldn't want them to, but it seemed like this time maybe they should have.
  • Great show and why I watch

    I watch the show because it has great writing and
    As well as great acting along to go with it
    The team once again goes to NYC and they try to
    Find another serial killer while also providing some group time & time for their personal lives for this show
    About also trying to eat some chinese food which cracked me up a lot.
  • I could hardly watch the end sequence!!!

    The end of this episode is In-teeence!! I could barely watch it. But, I don't know if any of you have this season on DVD, but they changed the ending song. At the very end when they zoom out and you see the ambulence and police cars and people everywhere. On the air they used Jeff Buckley's song, Hallelujah. The song they use to replace it on the DVD is by a indie guy out of nashville, Ben Cooper. He's great, you can hear some more music at It's a great song and a great replacement for Jeff Buckley.
  • A great team episode in every sense of the word.

    Excellent plot, great unsub, and dramatic twists. In this one you get a great sense of the development of the profile and how it changes with each new piece of evidence the team finds. Having Ethan Phillips as the unsub was beautiful casting - talk about someone who fits the “overlook-able” profile! Add to that a taste of character development for Gideon and Hotch with a case from their past that Hotch just can’t seem to shake. It seems that it isn’t only Gideon who is affected by the kind of work these guys do.

    I love it when the team works together. Each one contributed to catching this unsub, each one went over evidence, helped give the profile, and had some important contribution to make to the investigation. Even the two characters that usually get the least screen time – Garcia and JJ – have real roles in this episode and take their places as real parts of the team.

    I love it when the team plays together. The scene in the Chinese restaurant was classic: the family sits around the dinner table and talks about their day. The siblings make fun of the little brother who can’t eat with chopsticks and Dad’s question about Elle’s personal life gets ignored. It’s so great to see them outside of the office actually having a bit of fun together. The only way it could have been better was to get Garcia up there.
  • Review

    I really liked this episode...a lot. I thought the profile was done veyr well and I liked the New York City type of setting that they had in this episode. When it got close to the end and the man shot the guy in Central Park, I thought I was going to be rating this episode a 5 after the guy gave himself up like that. But once the profilers were able to figure out that the man who shot the cop wasnt really the guy, the episode once again became one of the best in series history. I think this episode ranks up there in the top five in Criminal Minds history, just becuase of how great the profile turned out to be. One of my favorite episodes without a doubt. I hope the first season ends as well as it has been going so far.
  • Taking justice on their own hands..

    It looks like one person feels he has enough of the system that, on his opinion, does not put criminals away and let them walk - and so he starts to kill them.

    We have very exciting, dark, and mysterious episode what starts first like some weird murders but soon turns into the killer who does cops job. And the public reaction what they showed - how some really liked it and felt safer - it's irony.. And I like they managed to bring out two sides.

    Also, I liked the way BAU team had to work as they could not rule out that someone from police may be behind it..
  • A terrific episode where the team travel to New York to investigate a killer who seems to be exacting a vigilante-style justice on people who have been acquitted of crimes.

    When several killings take place in New York, the BAU are asked to investigate. It seems that a vigilante is on the loose, killing those who have, in some way, escaped justice. The problem is, the killer seems to know things about the people in question which could only be known to those inside the justice system to it makes it more difficult to profile exactly who they are looking for.

    The first victim in a seemingly random attack is a cab driver. It transpires that he was on trial for charges of spousal abuse but was not convicted for various reasons. A young woman is also murdered and then, a priest who is killed inside a confessional. The much-needed lead for the BAU comes when a woman parishioner tells them that she spoke to a man wearing a hooded jacket and although he didn't speak at all, she noticed that his fingers moved constantly as though he was 'playing the piano' or something similar.

    Given that the vigilante has such obvious inside knowledge, the team soon realise what his connection to the justice system is and go about apprehending him.

    Well worth watching and lots to keep you guessing as the significance of the unsub's constant finger movements remains a mystery until near the finale.
  • For me, this was one of the weaker ones of the season thus far, but it was still a very convincing episode! '9.5' is the score that I give to one of the less enjoyable episodes, which shows just how good this show and this season has been!

    I found this to be a pretty good episode of 'Criminal Minds' and I really enjoyed it. The storyline was very interesting, with a killer who went after those who had been acquitted in the justice system.

    The storyline was good, but there was something missing from this episode. I didn't like that concept of 'the voices in his head', even though it had to do with something from his own past.

    Overall, this was a very good episode, but I enjoyed some of the other ones a little bit more. I would still highly recommend this one, and I hope that we continue to receive amazing episodes of 'Criminal Minds'! Great work, and keep it up!
  • I really love to watch this program. It is a very well written series, so i can see why it has been renewed. This episode kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. This episode kept me wondering who shot the
    Once again this show has left me wanting more.
    Every thing was well written from the first
    scene to the last. I know the last scene has
    left me wondering who actually shot the
    unsub? Was it the sniper or was it Hotchner?
    I really loved the scene in the chinese
    restaurant where Reid is trying to use his
    chopsticks. I also loved the fact that even
    though they were talking business, they were
    relaxing and laughing around the dinner table.
    They need to do more of that. If their
    final episodes are as fantastic as all of
    their previous episodes, i can't waite to see
    what Season 2 holds in store.

  • Once again, they've managed to put together a great plot and tie in some critical character development.

    "A Real Rain" gave further background on Reid and his lack of social life. Not only that, but he actually some funny lines - at least funnier than in previous episodes.

    I also enjoyed the continued banter between Garcia and Morgan. It's always interesting to see just how far they're going to take that avenue.

    The ending surprised me a little bit as well, but mainly because it happened so quickly it was tough to tell exactly what happened. Once again they managed to tie the plot into some character history and development which makes it just that much better.

    With episodes like this one I'm very excited to see how the season ends up and what they do with Season 2 now that it's been officially renewed.