Criminal Minds

Season 5 Episode 19

A Rite of Passage

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 14, 2010 on CBS

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  • One of the best season five episodes!

    What can I say? I loved this episode so much. It has the perfect balance of case and team and even incorporated some back-story on the sheriff. It was an excellent case, immigrants being one thing they haven't really done yet. The whole Santa Morte thing was interesting, that people thought a saint was responsible for the deaths. It was nice to see Emily making good use of all those languages she speaks! They rarely have her using them which is a shame because it's such a useful skill. Her and Morgan were funny at the end with their bickering as were all the other team interactions. It was so funny on the jet when Reid was talking about the weapon! I thought this was a fantastic episode, definitely one of season five's best!!
  • The Texas/Mexico border is the latest place to become victim to a serial killer, his victims are people attempting to cross into the US.

    Hotch and the team are asked to assist in Terilingua, Texas where three decapitated heads are found outside the office of the local sherrif. The team feel that drugs are somehow involved in the deaths but it is soon realised that the real connection is to illegal immigration.

    When a suspect is arrested, it looks as though the case may be closed but the BAU are not sure that the right person is in custody.

    It is J.J. who finally unearths the information which leads to the solving of the case. Barely any profiling once again, and the profile which WAS done was a weak one. I like to see a proper profile being presented and I hope we get back to that part of the show sooner rather than later.
  • Probably the best case episode of season 5, A Rite of Passage combines the best qualities of the new season and the old, reminding us of the reasons for its success and endearing popularity.

    Well rounded and superbly executed, 'A Rite of Passage' is a breath of fresh air from the other case stories of the fifth season. After the exceptional, delightfully emotionally heavy Foyet arc (being a sucker for angst, especially when it's combined with great acting and such a dynamic storyline) there was much inevitable debate amongst many fans regarding the merits of the case episodes that followed, in particular, the topic most frequently questioned was whether or not the writers had lost their touch. This episode proves otherwise. Firstly is the humour. The banter between all the characters in this episode is a homage to both the changes present in the fifth season as well as the previous few, where it shows the close-knit relationship between the team members as frequently portrayed in season 5, as well as the light hearted humour characteristic to the previous seasons. Most unique to this particular fifth season episode was the amazing balance and ordered pace with which the story was handled. Whilst I enjoyed almost every episode of season 5, none of its case episodes have been as balanced or as well rounded as this one. Greatly incorporated into this week's story was the allusion to Garcia's precious role and contribution to the solving of the cases, Hotch's empathy for the sheriff's concern, and my personal favourite, another glimpse of Emily's fluency in foreign languages. While most of these were mostly reminiscient of the characteristics of the previous season's episodes, 'A Rite of Passage' also incoporates into it some great blockbuster action scenes unique to the fifth season. As I return to rewatch the episode a third time, I leave you with this: You will not be disappointed, and it looks as if we're heading towards a mind blowing season finale.
  • Like in old times..

    I most say, it was great episode.. It was somehow back to the basics in contrast with last weeks episode.. and I loved this one more.

    It had great story, profiling and all that. I think the only thing that bothered me was that it was so easy to guess who the unsub is. But other than that, good example how the episode should be.

    It had emotion.. it had that personal aspect of char.. not the team one but this was episode not concentrating on one char.. but the whole team and I really have missed that approach. Glad they finally did episode like that.
  • Really suspensful thriller!

    This wsa a sensational instalment in the Criminal Minds saga. The episode was a unqique one, that's for sure, as the serial killer was targeting illegal immigrants from Mexico.

    I thought it was also a very sad episode, as so many lives were lost, and no vicitims had their lives saved. Howeever, the chase scenes and the battle at the end were sbolutely scilntillating, and they really eexecuted it well!

    I would highly recommend this episode. The storyline was faultless and sublime and there was some great humour at the beginning of the episode. All up, a sensational one, and this one was really unforgettable, and full of fast-paced action!