Criminal Minds

Season 5 Episode 19

A Rite of Passage

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 14, 2010 on CBS

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  • Probably the best case episode of season 5, A Rite of Passage combines the best qualities of the new season and the old, reminding us of the reasons for its success and endearing popularity.

    Well rounded and superbly executed, 'A Rite of Passage' is a breath of fresh air from the other case stories of the fifth season. After the exceptional, delightfully emotionally heavy Foyet arc (being a sucker for angst, especially when it's combined with great acting and such a dynamic storyline) there was much inevitable debate amongst many fans regarding the merits of the case episodes that followed, in particular, the topic most frequently questioned was whether or not the writers had lost their touch. This episode proves otherwise. Firstly is the humour. The banter between all the characters in this episode is a homage to both the changes present in the fifth season as well as the previous few, where it shows the close-knit relationship between the team members as frequently portrayed in season 5, as well as the light hearted humour characteristic to the previous seasons. Most unique to this particular fifth season episode was the amazing balance and ordered pace with which the story was handled. Whilst I enjoyed almost every episode of season 5, none of its case episodes have been as balanced or as well rounded as this one. Greatly incorporated into this week's story was the allusion to Garcia's precious role and contribution to the solving of the cases, Hotch's empathy for the sheriff's concern, and my personal favourite, another glimpse of Emily's fluency in foreign languages. While most of these were mostly reminiscient of the characteristics of the previous season's episodes, 'A Rite of Passage' also incoporates into it some great blockbuster action scenes unique to the fifth season. As I return to rewatch the episode a third time, I leave you with this: You will not be disappointed, and it looks as if we're heading towards a mind blowing season finale.