Criminal Minds

Season 4 Episode 21

A Shade of Gray

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 22, 2009 on CBS

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  • Creepy, but slightly predictable.

    This episode was creepy. Not as creepy as other episodes have been, but still makes my heartbeat beat slightly faster after watching.

    The episode starts off with throwing us straight into the crime. the BAU are already involved, and a press conference is being held. SLightly different than than the usual start. A boy, Kyle Murphy, has supposedly been kidnapped and the BAU are lead to believe that it's the third victim in a serial child molester/murderer case. After a walk through of the crime scene and an interview with the parents, they narrow down hundreds of sex offenders that live in the area to one based on type, preference and as such. I thought it was weird that during the interview with the parents, Prentiss didn't notice the behavior of Danny, Kyle's older brother. It was kind of obvious he had no reaction whatsoever to the situation, like he was bored. Prentiss would have caught that.

    But the suspect they catch didn't 'kidnap' Kyle. He did kidnap and murder the first two boys though. Soon, the BAU realize this and the suspects are the detective, Bill, and the parents, until Prentiss, who's sitting with Danny, realizes that Danny must have been the one. Turns put the parents and the detective knew too and tried to cover it up. It was a slight twist, but it was kind of obvious from the beginning. Oh and Danny? He's a sociopath. Creeps me out that a boy that age can already be a sociopath.
  • This was very creepy. What could be worse than a string of child murders? I'll tell you what - when the third murder is committed by a very different unsub.

    Three young boys have been abducted and murdered in Camden County. The first two have a very similar MO, but the death of the third boy, Kyle Murphy, differs enough for the BAU to believe that they are dealing with a different unsub. Police officer Bill Lancaster, who is a friend of the Murphy family is not all that helpful as he is intent on pinning all three murders on the killer of the first two boys even when they catch the first unsub and he is completely wrong about the details of the Murphy murder. It seems that Bill Lancaster just wants closure for the grieving Murphy family, who have one older son but the BAU team are not content with his hypothesis even though the crime scenes and dumping sites are very similar.

    When they finally figure out that the one person who knows all the details of the crime is Bill Lancaster himself, he, of course, becomes suspect number 1 in the Murphy murder but the truth is even more shocking when we found out that Lancaster did indeed place the body in the woods but the killer was someone else entirely ...

    This episode was very sad in places but I wasn't overly impressed by the acting skills of the older son. He did a far better job during the press conference at the beginning than he did near the end when Prentiss was interviewing him. Unfortunately too, the real killer was very obvious in this one, but I suppose they can't hide who it is all the time.
  • Wow! What a twist!

    This was definitiely one of my favorit episodes of Criminal Minds, because it was quite unpredicatble and very intersting. I thought that the case was wrapped up literally within 20 minutes, but it changed significantly and dramatically, which really boosted my opinions of the episode.

    I thought the idea of a child sociopath was very innovative and quite different. I didn't see this end outcome coming, and I really enjoyed it taking place!

    Certainly a very good episode, and in my opinion, it is very underrated, compared to the previous episode, which wasn't as good.

    I'd highly recommend this one, and I hope Criminal Minds continues to deliver such great shows!.
  • That was cruel..

    I think when I started to watch the episode, the sheriff of local law enforcement officer was my number one suspect and everything was going the way I thought - third case not connected, something else going on and I was already thinking - maybe the show has lost it's twist.. but hey.. I was making conclusions too early - this episode had a brilliant twist, brilliant writing and great score.. specially the piece playing in the end..

    But with all that brilliant turn in the end.. I still felt the episode was maybe little bit unequal - the start was very raw and clear, nothing surprising, maybe slow.. and little off what we usually expect and then the turning point - when Emily gets.. the family is in it.. and that moment gave away the son. but.. then step by step we learn what really happen, they bring out the horror of so young boy.. how he did it.. and how he told it to Emily.. Really great reality break, great writing and I think the contrasts between the start and the end of the episode added even more.
  • Something Scarier.....

    I find episodes that have the cases involving children extremely difficult, maybe because unfortunately children are susceptible to predators. As with these cases you felt the intensity from the beginning. I had my doubts about Lancaster from the beginning but Rollins just made my stomach roll but that you give credit to John Billingsley. I loved the challenge and the twists within Kyle's abduction making it just different enough to raise flags. I loved seeing the team switch gears turning their focus elsewhere. You could feel the disgust from the team at the stories that are being told and hearing nothing but the truth. But as in most cases truth comes out and it's a scary then the pieces fall into place. As a fan of the show as well as a parent I appreciated the graphic nature of the crime being left to the imagination.
  • Really creepy...

    Two boys have been found dead in the woods and another one is missing. The BAU team helps the local police to find that boy that was kidnapped from his own house. They quite quickly found a suspect that turn out to be the killer of the first two boys but after a couple of tough interrogations ends admitting that the other boy was too young for his taste. Then the focus of the team turns to the family and the lead detective on the case that is a close friend. They found the boy dead in the woods too, but they suspect that they are framing this death to look similar to the others boys. After some more investigation Prentiss realises that the parents are protecting each other and not blaming the other as it happens in all the families that loose some child. Prentiss stays with the brother of the boy who ends up confessing that he killed his brother and that he is not gonna miss him. Really creepy how the brother was so calm and showed no remorse about what he did.
    I liked it! It was scary to meet a unsub that is just 9 years old but I guess you are never too young to be a sociopath....
  • Really creepy episode

    In this episode of Criminal Minds, the following happens. We open with a boy, Kyle who has been kidnapped from his bed during the night. He is the 3rd one so far. And so the BAU team are called in to investigate. The team soon have a suspect, and when they go to question him he runs. They find child pornography on his computer, and children's toys, but there is no sign of Kyle at the house. The suspect is taken back to the police headquarters, as are some items found in the house, and so the father of Kyle and the parents of one of the other victims are taken to see the man who took their sons, behind glass. The suspect says that he will tell them where Kyle is if he can have a deal. They promise him a deal and so she says that he threw him into the river, which Hotch realises, is a lie. When Rossi and Reid search Kyle's room, they go into his brother's room which is connected. Soon they realise that Kyle slept in his brother's bedroom the night he was taken. And so the question is, why was the other room thrashed? Possibly to make it look like the other crime scenes. Soon the body of Kyle is found in the woods. When Kyle is found, they realise that the body wasn't dumped in the same way as the 1st two victims. And so now the team believe that he did kill the first two victims, but not Kyle. Soon the team believe that the lead detective on the case, who is a friend of Kyle's parents, maybe involved in the case, as he knew the details about the 1st two boys. Emily goes back round to see Kyle's parents and realises that they keep holding hands, which is unusual for couple's whose child has just been murdered. When pressure is put on the lead detective, he admits that he killed Kyle. When Hotch questions the parents, Emily is left alone with their other son, Danny. We soon see that Danny gets angry very easily and soon admits to Emily that he hurt his brother. Soon we learn from the parents that Danny killed Kyle because Kyle killed his plane. They called Bill, the lead detective and asked him for his help. When the autopsy results come back we learn that Danny stuffed model plane parts down Kyle's throat.