Criminal Minds

Season 4 Episode 21

A Shade of Gray

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 22, 2009 on CBS

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  • Creepy, but slightly predictable.

    This episode was creepy. Not as creepy as other episodes have been, but still makes my heartbeat beat slightly faster after watching.

    The episode starts off with throwing us straight into the crime. the BAU are already involved, and a press conference is being held. SLightly different than than the usual start. A boy, Kyle Murphy, has supposedly been kidnapped and the BAU are lead to believe that it's the third victim in a serial child molester/murderer case. After a walk through of the crime scene and an interview with the parents, they narrow down hundreds of sex offenders that live in the area to one based on type, preference and as such. I thought it was weird that during the interview with the parents, Prentiss didn't notice the behavior of Danny, Kyle's older brother. It was kind of obvious he had no reaction whatsoever to the situation, like he was bored. Prentiss would have caught that.

    But the suspect they catch didn't 'kidnap' Kyle. He did kidnap and murder the first two boys though. Soon, the BAU realize this and the suspects are the detective, Bill, and the parents, until Prentiss, who's sitting with Danny, realizes that Danny must have been the one. Turns put the parents and the detective knew too and tried to cover it up. It was a slight twist, but it was kind of obvious from the beginning. Oh and Danny? He's a sociopath. Creeps me out that a boy that age can already be a sociopath.
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