Criminal Minds

Season 7 Episode 15

A Thin Line

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 22, 2012 on CBS

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  • sadly a very prescient episode

    A racist and shady real estate guy who runs for office based on inflammatory racist rhetoric and spouting unfounded lies about crime and minorities? His opponent a woman named Hilary? This was almost too depressing to watch. But at least this guy doesn't win the office and ends up in jail...
  • Manipulation at its scariest

    This episode has always stood out in my mind not because of the unsub himself, but the unsub's "hero". The politician ruined the unsub's life, then pretends to be his savior so he can use him for later. The unsub himself can be seen as a victim, being manipulated into killing entire families (the youngest victim being a baby) because he thinks he's doing the right thing. Just like Charles Manson, the politician orchestrates the massacre of innocent people without being present. Can you imagine the devastation he would cause if he became mayor? The guy is scary because he's a closet psychopath; no one is aware of what he really is. I actually found it annoying that he completely denied any involvement when Hotch and Rossi arrested him, but that's how psychopaths are; they like to put the blame on others. I'd like to know his sentencing, whether it would be death or life without parole. Given the motive behind the crime, he'll probably get the death penalty just like Charles Manson was originally sentenced to before California's death penalty was temporarily eliminated. Anyway, I like how the suspenseful atmosphere ended with Prentiss' joke to Morgan at the end.
  • VERy good episode! Huge improvement on the garbage episode last week!!!

    I really liked this episode! The storyline had many different elements that were combined very well. It wasn't predictable and it was definitely a uinque one, in the way the story developed and the methodology of the Unsub.

    Ther e was also great suspense in the final scenes when Emily got hit, and some great humour too on the place! All up, I have to say that I really enjoyed this one, and it's a huge step up from last weeek's rubbish episode! Not flawless, but an extremely huge improvement! Keep it up, Criminal Minds!!!
  • And now for something completely different ...

    Well, if I have to say that I enjoyed the opening sequence until it started getting convoluted with the whole 'who shot who and why' thing. Like so many politicians, the politician in question had plenty to say and very quickly brought up the idea of black gangs etc. The story itself bordered on the very dull far too many times for my liking. I enjoy proper profiling and common sense conclusions. Once again, they were lacking. The writers need to do a lot more research and a lot more work to come up with good scripts. Of course there are racists everywhere and we all know it, but we don't need to have an entire episode dedicated to someone's personal feelings about blacks, immigrants etc. Even when told, the politician still didn't want to hear that his comments were unwelcome and unsatisfactory. He was lucky Morgan didn't knock him senseless when he told him how 'impressed' he was by his ability to get into the FBI. Morgan can be difficult, and he also has a hair trigger temper. Not a good combination. Using the unsub to commit crimes and help him to get elected as mayor is certainly indicative of his desire for power and control, which makes him very like an unsub himself, regardless of whether he is pulling the strings or actually doing something wrong or illegal himself.

    Not a good episode my a long shot, in my opinion. I have seen much better, and hope to again.
  • a thin line episode

    i think that they are doing a good job with all the episodes... i cant wait until tonight's episode... i think it was weird when Morgan was in that girls shower it was weird when they just started talking up again in the next episode... i think that those two should end up together... sorry if i offended anybody
  • SOS {Save Our Show}

    I know this season has new producers n writers but these new ones have been kind of corny. I love jj and prentiss but I wish they would've brought jj back as the liasion and got things jus back to "normal". Jus bc they're back shouldn't mean the others get less camera time. Some1 needs to go back to the drawing board on this 1. I've seen every single ep and can even quote some of them. Where's all the celebrity guest stars?? This show is getting average I agree and I used to look forward to wed. nights. I love this show and jus think they need a few tweeks to get back to where they used to be.
  • Ok but not fantastic

    I think season 7 has been quite good so far but not great. I don't like JJ as a profiler. It just isn't right. How on earth has she become a profiler and a kick-ass fighter while working full time at the Pentagon? I know that Paget is leaving the show so I'm hoping for som great episodes when she leaves. I hope the bring in a new character next season to shake things up a bit. I agree with one of the other reviewer who thinks the Morgan character is like a caricature. I have to agree there. It is also time for more Reid!
  • A Thin Line

    We have been avid Criminal Minds fans for years . . . in spite of the Derek Morgan character; but enough is finally too much! Must he prove in every episode that he is an NWA? Must he flaunt the "racial chip on his shoulder" in every episode?

    Virtually all of the other characters are brilliantly written and acted, and authentic; with the possible exception of Penelope; but at least she is endearing. The Derek Morgan character, however, is a grotesque caricature; and his behavior and attitude would never be tolerated in the Bureau.

    Respectfully submitted, Robert C. Porter
  • Is this all we look forward to now?

    I LOVE this show and am

    Addicted to it but I feel like the season is just average I though this epesoide was good and yes there was profiling but I didn't want to receatch it or anything! I miss the first 5 seasons wear I wanted to re watch every epesoide and was excited after it and not just b4 it I kiss the old criminal minds! But the epesoide was not horrible as I said b4 and yes there was profiling ( thank god) but I didn't like the case and I thought it was terribly sad he will killing children and baby's and a baby that wasn't even born! And I didn't feel like we saw a lot of Reid ( he is my favorite character) and I like when they all get involved! And we didn't really find out any thing new from the characters other than the talk at the end( which I thaught was sweet and I did like that part!) and now my last little nit pick did anyone care that Emily got shot and yes Ik there is only do long in an epoisde but come on it would have been nice to see hotch ask of she was ok I mean he is the team leader! I mean what do u think I would give this epesoide *** 5 or 6 stars

  • snake eyes i like

    I like criminal minds