Criminal Minds

Season 7 Episode 15

A Thin Line

Aired Wednesday Feb 22, 2012 on CBS

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  • Is this all we look forward to now?

    I LOVE this show and am

    Addicted to it but I feel like the season is just average I though this epesoide was good and yes there was profiling but I didn't want to receatch it or anything! I miss the first 5 seasons wear I wanted to re watch every epesoide and was excited after it and not just b4 it I kiss the old criminal minds! But the epesoide was not horrible as I said b4 and yes there was profiling ( thank god) but I didn't like the case and I thought it was terribly sad he will killing children and baby's and a baby that wasn't even born! And I didn't feel like we saw a lot of Reid ( he is my favorite character) and I like when they all get involved! And we didn't really find out any thing new from the characters other than the talk at the end( which I thaught was sweet and I did like that part!) and now my last little nit pick did anyone care that Emily got shot and yes Ik there is only do long in an epoisde but come on it would have been nice to see hotch ask of she was ok I mean he is the team leader! I mean what do u think I would give this epesoide *** 5 or 6 stars

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