Criminal Minds

Season 3 Episode 6

About Face

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 31, 2007 on CBS

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  • Masks. Creepy. I rest my case.

    I really liked About Face as an introduction of Rossi! And I like Rossi :)
    It's just that I only know Mantegna clean-shaven; I think that looks good on him – and maybe it also fits a bit better with the "no longer retired, back at the BAU" look?
    But well, it's only a beard, if he keeps it, I'll get used to it. I think.
    I do really like his bit in the leader with him pushing the sunglasses up his nose and looking over the edge.

    I thought the case with the masks was good (not to mention – creepy!) but it ended quite abruptly when they found/ID'd and killed the unsub within 5 minutes or so? Overall the episode went really fast – it was over before I knew it, normally my internal clock knows when it's about to end (/ when the 45 minutes have past), but this time I thought I had about 15 more minutes to go. But I guess in real life there isn't always a long "hunt" chasing after the unsub either.
    Maybe it's just that in general on CM it doesn't go like that, so I didn't expect it?

    F. and I spent ages Googling one of the cases Rossi/Reid referred to by the way. (Scarsdale Skinner). We came up with nothing so far. Maybe they made this one up?
    Still, it's a LOT of fun looking these references up online...a bit creepy, but fun (so far no trouble sleeping *lol - those who know me know why this is funny*). It was good to see the Halloween stuff (*1*), with the team goofing around a little and handing out candy - but I think overall the focus was a bit more on Rossi. Which because it was his introduction I didn't mind at all. If it wasn't his intro episode I think I would have liked it better if they stretched the whole profiling/catching the unsub out a little more over the episode, but now it was great this way. In general I think CM has been going very strong, I thought Season 1 was good, but it kept getting better and better and now with S2 and S3 it's turned from just "good/don't want to miss it" into "really great/unplug the phone" kind of good.

    (*1*) Halloween – we don't have it here so I'm not at all in "halloween-mode".
    Resulting in a "Halloween overdose" feeling on TV this week, but that's what the fast forward button is for. (We do have Sint Maarten, but that's on November 11th. No dress up, and for kids up to age 12/13. They go door-to-door with lanterns, sing a song, and collect the candy. No tricks)
  • The BAU gets a new member sort of.

    I thought that this was a great episode of Criminal Minds. I thought that the creator or who ever chooses the cast choose a great actor to join the show. I think that Joe Mantegna did a wonderful job with his new character in this episode. I just wonder why he has that braclet and why he wanted that file. I thought that it was a disturbing storyling just because the unsub used pictures of the vitums on a missing person flyer before he kidnaped them. I thought that Dave made the right choice by trying to draw the unsub out in the open but he should have told the team about it.
  • Great episode this is the one where we meet Rossi and the legacy of Gideon is put to rest. Rossi who hasn't been a profiler let alone on the job in ten years. Comes in pretty much like you'd expect. He doesn't have the team dynamic

    Great episode this is the one where we meet Rossi and the legacy of Gideon is put to rest. Rossi who hasn't been a profiler let alone on the job in ten years. Comes in pretty much like you'd expect. He doesn't have the team dynamic agents worked their own cases back then and he isn't aware of the newest technology to aid in the job. Other than that he was pretty good. Hotch quickly got onto him about his lone wolf attitude and his actions threw the team off and push the unsub into a rage that could've endangered more people. I think Rossi will fit well after a few more dust ups and as much as I miss and don't understand why Gideon has to leave I think Rossi will be a good replacement.
  • Good episode and a bit of a Halloween treat.

    I thought this was a pretty good episode. The whole idea was really creative in my opinion. That would just be sooo creepy to come home and find flyers of yourself everywhere.

    I don't particularly like David Rossi. I know there are a lot of fans out there, but his character just didn't have much of a like-factor for me. I know they wanted to put someone in the show that contrasts greatly with the other characters and they're doing a great job with that.

    Rossi has something going on and I it kind of puts me on edge with his character. I wonder what it is?

    Hopefully they are not going to make everyother episode centered around him, even though this time it was fine since it was his first big appearance.

    I loved the part at the end when the team was handing out candy to the kids. It just makes you smile and it brightens the morbidness of the show. I loved the contrast. Shows that never have anything to make you laugh or smile are just depressing!
  • The team travels to Texas to profile a killer who is posting 'missing' flyers of his victims before he kidnaps them. Meanwhile, David Rossi joins the team, and his inability to work in a group setting causes problems.

    When Mandy Patinkin abruptly quit this hit CBS show, everyone was startled. How would Criminal Minds recover? Would the quality of episodes decrease to the point of cancellation? Who would replace Patinkin? All these questions were given satisfying answers in the episode, "About Face."

    The introduction of Rossi could have been very awkward, but it most certainly was not. The producers handled the transition beautifully. Rossi was not forced on the viewers. He was not used to the way the team worked and that came across on screen. The strangeness of the situation brought the realism factor to the episode, something vital in reaching your fan base. The character of Rossi was allowed to make mistakes, he did not come right on board and save the day. This made him more relatable and easier of the viewers to come to like, which was important given that he was becoming a main character. In addition to all of this, the episode had a wonderful finish with a confrontation between Hotch and Rossi, showing the fans that Hotch was not afraid to get in his mentor's face, and the final, official removal of Gideon from the BAU, transfering the power to Rossi.

    The case itself was very original, and made great use of the role plays the show is known for, where the profilers take on the roles on the people involved on the night in question. The upset of the team dynamic was shown to not be completely abolished as the profilers handed out Halloween candy to the little children upon solving the case, and their discussion of the holiday prior. Through this episode we learned that it is going to take a lot more than a cast shuffle to get rid of the excellence this show can offer.
  • David Rossi joins the BAU.

    New episode with a new character, David Rossi, who had retired 10 years and now back to BAU to work. At first I thought he is sick for having his 10 years spending alone. Then later, it is revealed that he has an unsolved 20 years old case. Why would want to remember a 20 years old case? Why did he take it personally? Personally, I don't like this character (not the actor). And this episode kinds of suck, boring storyline, the writer can do much better to this. To me, this is just an average episode. Hopefully the next episode is better than this.
  • David Rossi Joins The Team...

    Rossi comes across as a giant prick to be perfectly honest. I don't know if he has some kind of past history with Erin that caused him to act the way that he did during the beginning of the episode, but it was a huge letdown to see him talk to her that way. I always liked Jason. Some people watching the show aren't going to know everything that went down with Jason leaving the show and I'm sure this made the 'casual viewer' get with this guy on a bad foot. He's going to be stepping into the lead role now, kind of taking over where Jason left off. He knows the most as he has been retired for quite some time. The other thing I didn't like about his character was the fact that he was very team non-oriented. He seemed like he wanted to do everything by himself, including trying to solve this case by himself. If he does that from here on out that will be very annoying. I want him to learn the team The case itself was interesting, I liked the "Have you seen me" ploy, it was something that we hadn't really seen before which led to an interesting profile of someone who feels overlooking in every aspect of his life. Overall - shaky start for Rossi but I'm very excited to see that one case that seems to still haunt him to this very day.
  • Man without a face...

    Women come home and see a posters "Have you seen me?" with their face on and soon they go missing. It looks pretty straight forward from there - they find some maskes and the description they get is that the guy is avarage. Weird to think that someone goes so out of himself because he is too avarage but I think it can happen.. and by being avarage, he feels noone notice him and he need attention, crying out for it by killing those woman..

    I think more than the case, this was about change. So important char like Gideon is replaced with new senior member and everyone seems to be mystified why that man returned when he was long retired.. I think there can be quite interesting storyline coming..
  • Ladies and gentlemen, meet SSA David Rossi, a former agent who comes out of retirement after a ten year break to fill the gap in BAU (and, therefore, to replace Jason Gideon) and assist them in solving cases.

    Joe Mantegna, in his first appearance as David Rossi joins the team as they travel to Texas to track down an unsub who leaves a particular brand of calling card - BEFORE he commits the crime?

    How would you feel if you were to come home and find a photograph of yourself on a flyer that says 'Have You Seen Me?' as though you were a missing dog? Well, this is what is happening to several people in a small Texan town. Soon after, they DO disappear and their homes or near the abduction sites are papered with dozens of these same flyers.

    As the team try to work the case, Rossi tries to jump forward ten years and join the 21st century because things have certainly changed from the days when he was a BAU member himself and the adjustment is obviously hard for him AND the team, who find his methods a little antiquated for their tastes but the man started it all and wrote most of the books so they have his respect. The fact that Hotch knows him well and trusts him helps the others to accept his presence as well although it is somewhat amusing watching him try to understand the need for Media Liaisons and Technical Analysts!

    Hotch and Rossi have an intense 'discussion' when Rossi, without Hotch's approval, releases a fact about the case to the media which Hotch feels may put even more lives in danger. Meanwhile, Rossi seems obsessed by an old case from his past which was never solved and he semms determined to change that.

    Not the world's best episode, but not the worst. Even though fans obviously miss Mandy Patinkin in his role as Jason Gideon, I think that Joe Mantegna was a good choice to bring in and no doubt the viewers will soon get used to him.
  • Halloween episode, as the BAU meets its newest member.

    This was another great Criminal Minds episode. I didn't think it was quite as good as many of the others this season, particularly its direct predecessor, but nevertheless, it was still a very enjoyable episode.

    Today we also meet SSA David Rossi, who comes out of retirement to assist the BAU. Trouble is - he has some unfinished business of his own, and that is his primry reason for coming out of retirement.

    The case in this episode was very different - which is something I like. The posters of the 'missing' people were really quite spooky, and it made for some interesting scenes.

    However, I didn't particularly enjoye the ending too much.

    Still, this was a great episode, and I'd highly recommend it!
  • new guy....

    I'm so happy that Criminal Minds is shaking things up. They've introduced a new character, Rossi, and it's hard to tell if he'll be around for long or not. He has a past that looks like it'll be interesting to learn about and it's great to see how he doesn't really fit in with the others. The case was pretty good also. A man was kidnapping women and cutting off their faces. He placed "Have you seen me" flyers around with their pictures. They caught him in the end. Overall, great episode because of the introduction of a new character and a great case.
  • This episode brings in a new character that is bound to stir things up a bit.

    Joe Mantengna joins the cast as SSA David Rossi. After a ten year retirement from the BAU, he steps back in to fill the void left by Gideon's departure. Rossi, being one of the original BAU agents, brings with him much experience, but also a tendency to want to act on his own, the way it was done when he was with the BAU the first time.

    As he meets the rest of the team, it becomes apparent that they already have a great deal of respect for him, having heard about his prior career with the unit. He, on the other hand, seems somewhat taken aback by the team. Used to working on his own, he doesn't share his plans or ideas about the unsub with them, leading to Hotch informing Rossi that, "there is no i in team". How Rossi will fit in with the team, only time will tell, but it was an interesting start. This episode, featuring an unsub that put up fliers of the women he was about to abduct and murder was creepy in the fact that the unsub stalked these women without them being at all aware of him. Over all a good episode with the introduction of the new team member with an unknown agenda of his own.
  • WARNING: Pet Peeve Rant...

    I loved Joe Mantegna, but why do they always screw up a Texas accent? The majority of north Texans speak with a generic mid-western accent. FEW Texans speak with the ridiculously over-the-top 'Suthurn Twaaangs' heard in this episode. I wish they'd spent more money on the dialect coach.

    Aside from this, I definitely enjoyed the episode. I'm glad Mandy Patinkin left. I enjoy his performances, but the man has no loyalty. Every fan of "Dead Like Me" will concur. I've always been a fan of the FBI's profiling skills and am very glad they took a shot at producing a show based on their techniques.
  • David Rossi is introduced!

    After being retired for ten years we see Joe Mantenga's character of SSA David Rossi introduced. As the team doesn't want him as they still miss Gideon. But at least, now they are welcoming him even though not with open arms. I will admit that Rossi was and never will be Gideon as that will be a very tough act to follow. As he wanted to do it on his own. Hotch however tells him that "There is no I in team!" Because Rossi is old school as the viewer can tell. They must stop a killer from killing women in which he is passing out fliers of dead women. It was nice to see Reid pass out candy with children and Prentiss and Morgan joining in.
  • Mandy Who?

    I had been beside myself waiting for the "new guy" to come on board at the BAU. Not so much for seeing what the new guy was all about...but how he fit into the team and what kind of new direction the show was likely to go in. I really liked what Joe Mantegna did with his role. As far as I am concerned, David Rossi is already far more interesting a character than Gideon ever was. David has his secrets, and his own way of doing things and he made me interested in all of it. He took off in a "non-team" direction, but imagine that he will come to realize just how the group works. The plot was fasinating and I felt this was really an excellent episode. I love this show and want it to go on and on.
  • The senior supervisory special agent David Rossi is supposed to work under Unit Chief Hotcher, but he walked in and literally took over unlike Gideon who was either humble enough or naive enough to allow Hotchner to lead.

    At first, I was taken back by the way the mega-experienced Special Agent David Rossi (who just came back from retirement) just barged in and took over, but really maybe someone needed to. Turns out that even though he told the press about the mask that Hotchner and everyone else were trying to keep to themselves, it was the right move. Hotchner didn't disagree with that. He just didn't like the way he forced his bosses'(Hotchner's) hand without getting permission or group agreement first. Rossi had a point about "group think" too. I also caught myself rolling my eyes when Hotchner told Rossi what he did was very reckless. Rossi would have to get up pretty early in the morning to outdo Hotchner's recklessness (when he sent Elle home knowing the unsub knew where all of the BAU members lived).

    The question is, does David Rossi mistrust Hotchner's judgment and leadership abilities or is Rossi just an egotistical control freak? Fact that he wrote books and has made himself famous as a retired profiler makes one wonder about a possible oversized ego. Only time will tell.

    Had to laugh though at the scene -- (after Hotchner and the rest of the team, using thorough investigation, had narrowed down the place both victims worked and thus figured out the unsub must be in that building), because it was more than a little corny when Rossi said, "He's here right now. Can you feel it?"

    Duh? Yea, you locked the whole building down with all the employees still in it. And everyone in the building was in the lobby by then. "Logically," he was probably there. No need at that point to pretend you can read a crystal ball.

    If Rossi had some kind of "radar" that went off whenever an unsub was around, then they could just let him follow his radar and follow him around while he lead them to all the weirdos. Gideon was very intuitive. Intuitive is believable. Psychic NOT believeable.

    Hopefully if Hotchner were to walk in and say to Rossi, "I just sent Elle" home right after Rossi had a decapitated head delivered to him at his private cabin and they found out the computer with all the personal info in it had been hacked, Rossi (unlike Gideon) would say, "Have you lost your marbles, Hotchner? Get her back in here, right now! She can sleep on the couch, the floor, anywhere, but for crying out loud, do not send her home!" Hotchner is human and capable of big, huge boo boos and the stakes are too high to put as much confidence in him as Gideon did. But in spite of his experience Rossi is capable of big boo boo's too. So a sometimes adversarial relationship is not necessarilly bad. Probably wouldn't be a good thing if they each trusted the other's judgement implicitly. Let them second guess each other, and fuss and fight when necessary.