Criminal Minds

Season 8 Episode 20


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 01, 2013 on CBS

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  • Dreamlike reality and reality-like dream

    With its extra dose of mysterious, horror and dreamy atmosphere, the episode reminded me in a way the atmosphere of Twin Peaks. Especially with the emphasis on dreams which are interwoven with reality so closely that are almost undistiguishable: the drug induced horror dreams of the victims, the delusion/ live dream of Tess about punishing her ex, Reid being afraid of his dreams because they evoke too much real feelings. Feelings and emotions felt in a dream having the same strenght as the ones in reality, questions about where reality begins and where it ends, those are very interesting issues for me and I liked the rendition of the episode, it really corresponded to this idea. The only draw back of the episode is the format not suiting to this genre, which would deserve more than 40 minutes and it seemed a little bit rushed. I loved some beautiful visual moments purely from the artistic point of view. I loved the Rossi-Reid talk, very believable. Rossi was very cool. The final scene was a touchdown for my feelings, both happy and sad, but I don t know if the Rossi s advise was wise: releasing his fantasies which hes so afraid of (being too real) may not be a good idea. In this context I am not sure if this was the "first and the last dance", from the psychological point of view, it was the first one which more likely triggered something new (their purely intelectual relationship became also a sensual one) rather than the unrealistic and cliche-like "saying goodbye" non-sense. When you feel something that strong you cannot just let go because you want to. Goodbye does not go with a planned desicion and single gesture but with a gradual forgetting and fading away of the lost person. So I am afraid he has just immerged himself into his fantasies and he started escaping from reality to his dreams (there is an indication from his past: his vivid dreams - . season 1, season 4 /Instincts/). Eventhough he may seem more OK and steady for now, this is very dangerous (especially considering his possible schizo genes or at least childhood with his psycho mother, history of using, neverending flow of stress and the world of mutilated bodies) - too much involvement in his fantasy, being happy only in his dreams, mixing up real and unreal, that does not look good.
  • Very good case.

    This case was a really good one, with some interesting developments a nd certainly a bizarre series of events in that hotel or motel. It was a little bizarre with the hallucinations that were occurring and all. :P

    I agree with one of the previous reviewers about the horror thing to an extent. I don't like the episodes that are too horror-filled, but I feel that this episode does not fall into that category. Despite the fact that the opening scenes looked quite scary, the episode redeemed itself for mine, and it ended up finishing superbly with a great case!

    Overall, a great case! I wonder when we will get more info on the copyct guy though!
  • I like Reid

    this chapter was good.

    I like the direction of MGG.

    the ending was sad and cute at the same time, and when they hugged, well, I don't know how to describe what I felt, I just wish that it had happened in truth and not in a dream.
  • Thumbs down for horror

    I don't like horror films, and this episode was too close to that genre for me. It was well done, but definitely not my style. Also I'm surprised it's Rossi talking to Reid about the loss of Maeve and not Hotch, given the way Haley died. And there was one piece of the plot that didn't quite fit together for me. They had just figured out that the unsub must work at a hotel, and then Amber's body turns up and they figure she somehow got in the way, and no one says, "Where did she work?" If they had, they would have been able to figure out right away where to go. Seems kind of illogical to me that they didn't look at that.
  • Memorable because of Reid

    I didn't get the WOW factor for this episode, it's mainly memorable because of Reid and his dealing wtih loss of Mave. I like that Rossi told him about Uncle Sal and is trying to help Reid.

    And the dream Reid had in the end was very cute. I'm still pissed that the writers killed Mave as it was about damn time that Reid had a love interest, and for once someone who was a perfect match in every way.

    Anyway, the murders were brutal of course, I liked the idea of using a drug to make the victims see horrible things and be able to subdue them. Yet, something was missing inregards to the unsub and the murders.