Criminal Minds

Season 8 Episode 14

All That Remains

Aired Wednesday Feb 06, 2013 on CBS

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  • Great writing, great execution!

    Very interesting and clever plot. Very believable delivery of the whole cast, especially the father. It havent happened to me in a long time, but this time I was really intrigued more by the case than by the characters. The turn of events was unexpected (I was suspecting the father then the ex-lover of the wife then the father again, but not the girl, until she came home with JJ). I liked JJ in this episode very much scenes with the dauther and her flirty act with the John" personality of the father, well done! (Usually, I am not any particular fan of her, but this path is certainly good for Only she could have waited with the search of the basement untill the team came, but nevermind:-) Developing the psychology of the unsub and his surroundings, but also uncovering the causes and letting us feel the creapy logic of his actions, the team making mistakes - this is the way CM should generally go. All the episodes cannot be so emotional and only about the characters (those I enjoy too, but it should be rare a very well done). What I hate the most is this formula: vague and predictable case, no depth, no profiling, just epiphanical hunches + saving the latest victim at the last moment + picture from the lifes of the main character in return for the average case: showing some kid or emotional problem of one of the main character which is miraculously solved at the end of the episode (or in the next one) and everybody is happy. The scenes thom the teams lifes is a great addition but it should not be the only good thing about the episode. I prefer when the problems are not that easy to solve and that they dont just go away. I prefer showing that the reality of life includes problemes and that dealing with the problem doesn t equal dissapearing of the problem. The same with the profiling more struggling and mistakes of the teams inferences, and more variety of opinions among the team members, please! Or some unfinished cases? I liked that Reid was in the background this time (even though he is my far most favourite character), so we dont know how or whether he is coping. He maybe looked too ok, but God knows, it could be some good working antidepressant medication.
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