Criminal Minds

Season 4 Episode 24


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 13, 2009 on CBS

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  • half arsed melodrama. . .yay. . .

    Started off well but quickly devolved.

    I found JJs drama annoying but appropriate and Emily's whole deal was odd but understandable; I guess.

    I had to lol when the super genius decided that going for an afternoon stroll in a possible anthrax lab would be a good idea but that loling turned to loathing when they started milking his 'convenient stupidity' for every drop of cheap and scummy drama that they could.
  • This is why I hate the government.

    They lie to your face. A woman with children asks if she should be concerned and they flat out lie and put her at risk. The government treats people like chumps and forget they work for us and they were never suppose to make our decisions for us.
  • one of the best

    once or twice a season criminal minds reminds me why i'm hooked (beyond just being flat out in love with half of these characters), and this episode is one of those reasons. biochemical warfare is scary as heck!
  • All in all,I think the world is safer when our governments don't tell us everything that's going on ...

    The BAU rush to Annapolis, Maryland when they learn that someone has released a new strain of deadly anthrax in a public park. There were twenty-five people affected and they are dying cruel and painful deaths. The question is, who created these deadly spores and why did they release them onto an innocent public.

    Whilst medical personel attempt to find an antidote for this previously unknown strain of one of the world's most deadly toxins, the BAU must try to track down who is responsible. Their efforts are hindered somewhat when the top guns from Fort Deitrich insist on getting involved, making things more difficult as both sides try to be the ones running the investigation.

    When a likely site for the lab is found in a house in a suburban neighbourhood, Reid and Morgan, already, like everybody else, having been given the strongest antidote available, enter the house and find what they were looking for - and a lot more besides. Such a huge pity that our beloved Dr. Reid scratched himself on a bush on the way in ...

    As Reid get's sicker, alone in the house with an open vial of anthrax all over the floor, he must race to find an antidote to use on not only himself but also the rest of the patients who are still fighting for their lives in the hospital.

    Terrific episode and really great work by Matthew Gray Gubler and Shemar Moore. You'll enjoy this one.
  • This episode was a total 'amplification' of what I thought Criminal Minds is capable of!

    I think this would have to be in the Top Five best episodes evef. It was such an amazing episode, and a very deadly one. It was also incredibly amazing to see th team respond to the threat of a biological attack.

    I found the whole episode to be immensely suspenseful. Not only did we have to fear for the safety of the whole nation from a biological attack, but a member of outr lovely team was even exposed! It was so intense and the commercial breaks were almost unbearable!

    If you have never watched Criminal Minds before, watch this episode and I guarantee you will never want to miss another episode of this show ever again!

    Keep it up Criminal Minds! I am thoroughly impressed!
  • The end blew my mind!

    In this episode of Criminal Minds, the following happens. We open this episode in a park, where we see families, playing together and a man walking. The man walking soon stops and we see him, with glove on, opening a tube and pouring a white powder into the air. We see later that same night, a mother and child who were in the park, getting sick. We then see Morgan, Emily and Reid as they get to the office and see that something major has happened as even the army are there. The team are taken into their office and are told about the case. We soon learn that it was Anthrax that was put into the air at the park. The team are all given meds to take in case they come into contact with it, although they font know if the meds will work against the strain that the team are working against. We quickly see that JJ is very worried about her son in this episode, as they can't help anyone outside of the office and JJ is feeling the strain. Should she tell her family and risk her job so that her son can be safe, or does she do nothing and hope for the best. Reid is taken to see of the victims to see what they can remember about being in the park, and if they saw anyone strange there. Soon more and more people are dying and so far 17 out of the 25 people affected have died. Soon JJ breaks down in tears in front of Hotch and he tells her that she can't tell anyone. Soon there are only 4 survivors left form the park. Soon the team believe that the Unsub is someone on the inside. They get the name of whom maybe the Unsub and when they search his home, Reid goes of wondering and soon finds his lab by accident. Reid then locks himself in side as Morgan looks on. Soon all of the team arrive at the scene.
    Reid tells Hotch that he knows he's infected and that the best thing he can do is stay in the lab and search for a cure. Also the Unsub is lying dead on the floor, and has apparently been dead for a number of days. As JJ gets more and more stressed with worry about her son, she rings home on her cell, but there is no answer and so she leaves a message. Reid calls Garcia and asks her to record a message for him, for his mother in case he doesn't make it. During this Reid starts crying, Garcia gets upset and I start to cry. Soon they find the name of a man who they believe was working with the Unsub. Soon believing that they may have found the cure, they take Reid to the hospital, but on route he starts getting worse. When the team search the 2nd Unsubs house, they find out where he may be heading and so they head there. As they get there, they spot the Unsub, but he also spots them and tries to make a run for it. Soon the Army turn up and say that they need him to help cure what he has created. But it's all a ploy and after he hands over his bag, Morgan moves in and cuffs him. At the end of the episode we see JJ on the phone to Will and we hear that everything is ok. We then see Hotch calling to speak to his son. We then see Morgan sitting by Reid's hospital bed. We then see the virus and the cure being locked up at a secret location. As the camera zooms out, we see that there are hundreds if not thousands, of viruses and cures all locked away.
  • Holy Crap!!

    This episode made my heart rate just zoom. When REid was exposed to that Anthrax God. and when the killer released all that Anthrax into a park. I was so sad because there were kids there and watching a kid cough up blood and have the blood start coming out of the kids eares, mouth, and nose who could do this. This episode also brought out emotions like Revelations did to the team. NOw both these episodes have to do with REid. Now he is my favorite character so I would like more episodes that have something to do with him.
  • Okay, all I can say is Wet Reid. God he's so damn hot. Smoking hot. He's the reason for the show.

    Okay, anthrax gets sperad all over this park, symptoms within the first couple hours dead within a day. Really creepy right. Turns out that there've been three deaths before this. At a bookstore, but it was blamed on menengitis. Okay, Reid goes to bad guy's house with Morgan, Reid kinda strays... gets into alot of trouble, (When will he ever learn?)
    Prentis is uncomfortable with holding the fact that the BAU is holding the fact that anthrax is a threat again, JJ worried about little Henry. Reid plays hero and finds the cure, Go REID!There turns out to be two unsubs.He's a wimpy sientist filled with rejection, and wants to prove his worth by spreading Anthrax.They find him trying to release it in the subway, Hodgener and Morgan stop him. And Reid and Morgan enjoy Jello. Yay!
  • Very scary but also very exciting

    I most say the way this episode start.. with really high note and that kind of high climax.. it was sure it will be a major case and the whole thing with start.. the way that park.. and those all people, who have no reasons to be there or no connection with unsub.. and they all suffer.

    I loved the high stakes cases and this one was just a brilliant example of what makes Criminal Minds such a great show. Even if it was all about the case, the show does not forget the chars and I enjoyed that it was not only focused on one char - it was all about them.. Yes, Reid with being infected was on main focus, probably.. I really loved that turn for him.. the way all his past actions came hunting... like when he said this time he really screw up.. I am quite sure this was clear hint to him promising Hodge not do that anymore.. and Morris looking after him.. that older-younger protective friendship they have.. and ofcourse he refusing all pain meds.. We all know where that hinted.. But as I said, it was not about Reid only. I adored the way JJ reaction to all this was brought up - the whole thing about protocol and protecting their loved ones.. the way she really wished to run and protect her family.. not be there.. Or the way Garcia talked how she feels about team everytime they go somewhere. I think there were some really great thoughts, really deep ones what we have maybe not always seen but they have always been there.. And Emily and the whole "don't Emily me" thing..

    So, very thoughtful, really scary also (I mean the whole idea of something like that happening and how vulnerable every country is to threats like this or something like that).. but I think there were really beautiful thoughts on chars side.. and I really enjoyed that.
  • Well ….. Truly engaging. I wasn't hoping it to be this good.

    The way the season is going and the serial ,it's really mesmerizing and going to be my favorite in true sense . The episode was about how can a simple man just some name and fame can cross any limits . and Reid was really good. Question here was should people know about everything in and about all the anti-terrorist or any operations the govt. does which can create a very high level of destruction like a w.m.d . it was answered up to some extent well. Characters emotions were shown greatly here . first time I saw j.j even thinking to break a protocol . That's huge. Last to say in whole awesome.
  • What we don't know . .

    The team has a unique challenge in an Anthrax attack. I loved there was a much bigger challenge in getting the information for a profile for this case. I also appreciated the conflict, especially within Prentiss, in keeping a media blackout. Essentially, it was lying to the public but in some perspectives, justified. The addition of Wentworth into the mix brings tension and conflict to the investigation based on his lack of faith in the team. Placing Reid in harms way was an interesting twist but I loved how he handled himself. One of the angles that the script addressed was the team on personal levels, not being able to warn their families. I thought this was nicely done.
  • A great episode dealing with the threats of a bio-attack.

    I had high expectations of this episode, and my expectations were definitely exceeded.

    The case, about a deadly strain of anthrax that has been released in a park, was interesting and I think quite realistic. I wasn't around with the anthrax attack in 2001 in the USA, but I can imagine how much impact it had and I am glad Criminal Minds used this concept to give us a great episode.

    I thought they did a great job displaying the case both on a professional and on a personal level. To see JJ so scared for her family was very well acted on AJ Cook's part and, again, very realistic. It must be very hard to have to hide such things when your loved ones are in danger. I loved how we saw the personal aspects of this case in almost every team member (I say almost, because we didn't see a lot of Rossi. Not that I really minded - maybe it would have been too much if all characters had been shown). Something like what happened in this episode is big and it can't NOT affect people. I also really liked the little bonding moments between JJ and Hotch. I'm not a shipper of them, but I like seeing them bond, as they are both parents. Reid's sacrifice was exactly something he would do... or any other member of the team, come to think of it. I was pretty scared when he got sick, even though I knew 99% sure it would end well. Still, I held my breath when he started coughing. All in all, I loved this episode. I think it is one of the best of this season, and I hope they will continue this way. This episode showed that they CAN do it!
  • One of my favourite episodes of the season and one which made me think about all the dangers out there. Life is dangerous, isn't it?

    A virus kills some people in a public park and the BAU is called to investigate. The plot is interesting because the topic of the viruses is something we heard almost everyday on the news. That's why I say this episode made me think because it's really scary to think about of the dangers of life.

    But anyway, dangers appart, in this episode I finally discovered Dave Rossi is an important character on the show, at least because many times he acts as Emily's confidant. I love the conversation they had in the end because of "the Emily thing". But, why is Reid the one who is always kidnapped, beaten or infected? Poor Spencer. A very good one to watch.
  • Scary...

    25 people infected with some toxic that had spreed in a park. They are all fast dying. They suspect it could be anthrax but an updated form that kills faster. The BAU is called to help the authorities and the army to profile the person that created that product and let it out in the park. After some investigations they are able to give a profile and with some help they identify the possible author. Once in the insubs house Reid gets infected by the anthrax and locks himself in the house to protect Morgan and the other agents. Even getting worse by the sickness he manages to find that the unsub had an accomplice. Reid gives the clue to find the cure too... After getting the bad guy that was about to expose a whole subway train to the toxine, Reid is brought to the hospital where he is getting better thanks to his findings and that the 4 survivors are improving too thanks to him.
    Nice and touching chapter. We see all the characters dealing with the fact to lie to their families to not let the panic spred.
    Really scary the last image with Morgan sentence 'Who knows what else is there?'.
    Good chapter!:)
  • Woah!!!

    A psycho releases the anthrax toxin at a park.And it slowly(but surely) kills 21 people!! AHHH!
    It attacks the brain,lungs and leaves skin lesions on its victim its one scary virus!!!but the team is working fast on finding who is responsible.They soon find out it was a guy....I think he worked in the CIA??He also had a partner. J.J is worried about her baby and wants to warn them (him and his babysitter) to not go on their daily walk,but shes is not allowed for panic might break within the city.Later,Reid and Morgan go to the mans house to see whats up and OMFG!!! Reid freakin gets anthrax!!Morgan gets worried (well duh)and they search to find a cure before its too late. In Conclusion,This episode was fantastic!!I specially love the end!