Criminal Minds

Season 4 Episode 24


Aired Wednesday May 13, 2009 on CBS

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  • The end blew my mind!

    In this episode of Criminal Minds, the following happens. We open this episode in a park, where we see families, playing together and a man walking. The man walking soon stops and we see him, with glove on, opening a tube and pouring a white powder into the air. We see later that same night, a mother and child who were in the park, getting sick. We then see Morgan, Emily and Reid as they get to the office and see that something major has happened as even the army are there. The team are taken into their office and are told about the case. We soon learn that it was Anthrax that was put into the air at the park. The team are all given meds to take in case they come into contact with it, although they font know if the meds will work against the strain that the team are working against. We quickly see that JJ is very worried about her son in this episode, as they can't help anyone outside of the office and JJ is feeling the strain. Should she tell her family and risk her job so that her son can be safe, or does she do nothing and hope for the best. Reid is taken to see of the victims to see what they can remember about being in the park, and if they saw anyone strange there. Soon more and more people are dying and so far 17 out of the 25 people affected have died. Soon JJ breaks down in tears in front of Hotch and he tells her that she can't tell anyone. Soon there are only 4 survivors left form the park. Soon the team believe that the Unsub is someone on the inside. They get the name of whom maybe the Unsub and when they search his home, Reid goes of wondering and soon finds his lab by accident. Reid then locks himself in side as Morgan looks on. Soon all of the team arrive at the scene.
    Reid tells Hotch that he knows he's infected and that the best thing he can do is stay in the lab and search for a cure. Also the Unsub is lying dead on the floor, and has apparently been dead for a number of days. As JJ gets more and more stressed with worry about her son, she rings home on her cell, but there is no answer and so she leaves a message. Reid calls Garcia and asks her to record a message for him, for his mother in case he doesn't make it. During this Reid starts crying, Garcia gets upset and I start to cry. Soon they find the name of a man who they believe was working with the Unsub. Soon believing that they may have found the cure, they take Reid to the hospital, but on route he starts getting worse. When the team search the 2nd Unsubs house, they find out where he may be heading and so they head there. As they get there, they spot the Unsub, but he also spots them and tries to make a run for it. Soon the Army turn up and say that they need him to help cure what he has created. But it's all a ploy and after he hands over his bag, Morgan moves in and cuffs him. At the end of the episode we see JJ on the phone to Will and we hear that everything is ok. We then see Hotch calling to speak to his son. We then see Morgan sitting by Reid's hospital bed. We then see the virus and the cure being locked up at a secret location. As the camera zooms out, we see that there are hundreds if not thousands, of viruses and cures all locked away.
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