Criminal Minds

Season 3 Episode 11


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 12, 2007 on CBS

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  • "Don't let it get to 22

    The crime itself was very interesting and a great twist to who the UnSub was (like many others, I believed it was the first victims son Also quite believable as to why the man would take up where the first UnSub left off.

    Best part about this episode though (as a huge Rossi fan) was the story between the old sheriff and Rossi. We find out the significance of the bracelet that Rossi carries with him (first seen in the episode where Rossi makes his debut. At the end when Rossi tells the Sheriff it's been 21 years, the Sheriff tells him "Don't let it get to 22" That leads beautifully into the upcoming episode "Damaged"

    Anything to do with Rossi is golden with me :)
  • More criminals with crazy minds to figure out and this definatly was one of those crazy episodes.

    Two sons with a crazy dad who in the past was doing horrible things to females and one of them was able to get away from that crazy dude and live on with a son she recieved through rape. The guys dies and later in the episode we find out that the dudes wife was the one who killed him. Now the BAU are on a new case with simiular past issues that that town has seen involved in before. The BAU quickly make the link to the children that was left behid by the dude and solve there case. I just was watching and glad to see that it wasn't both sons that was crazy but besides that another solved case for the BAU.
  • Really shows you what kind of minds are twisted!

    This shows you what kind of minds are twisted out there as we see that the minds of serial killers are very sickened. As the BAU tries to stop murders that occur about 27 years ago. And that these two sons have a twisted dad who mutliated and brutally killed scores of people. This kind of reminds me of what Ted Bundy did. But fortunately, the BAU team stops the killings before they get anymore worse than they are. Glad to see them work with law enforcement and become a team. OK, Rossi is doing his best to become a team player. Though IMHO, he does have a long way to go I think. Sorry to see Hotch get served with divorce papers. Makes you feel for him as a human.
  • Great story.

    Girls are being abducted and then the first one missing if found in pieces. The killer may be a guy that has already killed in the past.

    JJ has some kind of relation/problem with this case.

    I missed penelope in this episode.

    Overall was a pretty nice episode, drama, suspense, the whole thing.

    The story was nice, killer dad, killer kid, not happened in both ways.

    Was a very nice episode, like most of criminal minds, but i was hoping for a more exciting one, like that one from the adoptive brothers, that was an amazing episode, that one i will take a long time to forget.
  • An ok episode not special and really most of the promise it could've had was wasted. A wonderful story of a serial killer/rapist son who grows up to follow in his footsteps.

    An ok episode not special and really most of the promise it could've had was wasted. A wonderful story of a serial killer/rapist son who grows up to follow in his footsteps. Made all the more odd by the fact that the killer never knew his father. This was a perfect opportunity to argue nature vs nurture but sadly it was let go. The episode turned into a typical find the psycho case and it's cast of odd characters. The promised JJ meltdown was nothing but at least we got some updates on Hotch's marital problems. A watchable episode but in all honesty a great premise that was allowed to fall flat.
  • Another good one!

    The team travels to Virgina for the abduction of 3 young women after they found the body of the first that was abducted. They found the same MO as another killer 27 years ago. For this they use the help of a retired cop that worked in the first murders cases.
    Very lilte Garcia. The other characters have a relevant presence. JJ is very affected for the case and had some intersting moments but I can't really understand why this case is special for her... The final resolution is great. The actual killer is the son of the murderer of 27 years before and they both ended killed by his pregnant wifes...The story repeats!
    Good one!
  • Little Extreme

    I thought it was a little bit too much of a jump the shark considering that little to nothing was ever realeased about the case yet somehow the copy cat was able to do everything just like his father. The ending kind of took me by surprise - both the case and the Hotchner situation. The case ending was another soon to be pregnant mom killing the killer that was killing everyone in town. I understand the idea of creating a mimic who is doing the same thing, but for everything to be the same including that the person was killed by his wife? I thought it was a bit extreme. I thought Rossi's conversation with the older man who had't solved the earlier case in 27 years was very good. We got some more background on why Rossi carries around that necklace with him. It reminds him of a case he was not able to solve and I hope one day he does in fact get around to solving it. I think it will be this season, but we will have to wait and see on that. Haley files for divorce at the last second of the episode, but the last time we saw anything with those two it was when Hotchner went to go visit his son after a case that one night. Wasn't a big fan of that ending because Haley actually did look happy to see him a couple of episodes back. Overall, ranks below in the bottom five somewhere this season. Didn't really care for this one that much.
  • Everything repeating everything...

    I do not know - in the end, when I had watched it I tried to make some sense - the son did everything his father did. Can it be possible? I think noone has proven that genetics will give forward something that makes children a killer.. specially when his father was dead when he born and he never knew it. That just sounds little unbelievable.

    Story was brutal, the different thing here was that we saw quite many victims why they were hold and the way they gave the information forward - the one who had been captured longer knew she will soon be killed..

    But still.. how those events reflected everything done past - wife kills husband soon after/before their baby is born.. the husband adopts woman in same way.. werid..
  • They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but surely that doesn't extend to murder as well?

    The team are called to Virginia to investigate the disappearance of some young female college students. All are abducted from public places and the body of the first victim is found with several cigarette burns. The MO is familiar as a similar spate of crimes occurred in the 1980s and the team profile that they either have a copycat or that the same unsub is killing again. But is this possible given that the original unsub died soon after the 1980 killings. What does this mean then? Does the current killer know a lot about the previous crimes or perhaps the connection between the two sets of killings is even closer than was first suspected?

    I didn't enjoy this one very much. I like to be surprised and entertained and I didn't feel that either really happened here given that the unsub was obviously connected to the first killer. I won't say anymore in case I spoil it for those who haven't seen it but I have certainly seen far better 'Criminal Minds' episodes than this.
  • Brilliant episode!

    This was anothr great Criminal Minds episode, and very much an improvement on its predecessor! The case was unusual, because it involved a 27 year gap in between the killings, and this because the obiginal has died.

    The episode took loads of unexpected turns, ehich kept me hooked on for every moment. Nothing in this episode was predictable, and I actually really enjoyed the way they decided to end this episode!

    I think this was a really great one, and I do think that it is somewhat underrated over here.

    I would highly recommend it, and I hope Criminal Minds continues this calibre of episodes! Great job, and keep it up!
  • Mutilation murders that mimic murders from years ago in the same town have the members of the BAU wondering how a serial killer (who would have to be somewhat elderly by now) could possibly stop for that long and then start up again.

    Once again, I'm impressed with the new Rossi character. The way he is written and the acting both. He has a way of cutting right to the chase and questioning witnesses or people who have the answers the BAU needs locked inside them. He knows what questions to ask because he knows people well enough to know what any given individual's subconscious reservations probably are.

    In this case, he knew the sheriff didn't want to believe the murderer was someone from that community. So Rossi went right for the gusto, not asking the sheriff, but telling him that he knew who the serial killer was after giving him the BAU's profile. Sure enough the sheriff "instinctively" spit out a name - the name of the original murderer who had been killed years ealier in an accident on his farm - exactly when the original murders stopped.

    Once they get some pieces of the puzzle to work with, then the BAU goes to work putting the truth together. Before it is over, we learn that genetics can cause a predisposition and that coupled with environmental factors can form a serial killer. The original murderer had two sons. One son was the product of rape, but although he is not perfect, he is not a murderer. The other son is not a product of rape, but he has found his father's diary and is indeed modeling after dear old dad.

    I felt like we needed a little more laughter or silliness out of our resident comedian (Penelope) - something to lighten things up a bit. It's got to be hard to write anything light hearted into a script dealing with such heavy, horrible, tragic material, but a few moments here and there help. I may be asking for mission impossible, but I'm asking anyway.

    Most of us when we go through divorces manage to crack jokes or even go out and "celebrate" our new found freedom, but when the marrige falls apart because the wife is not willing to sacrifice a good percentage of a normal family life to help her husband protect society from the worst of the worst, it's hard to - well hell - c'mon. Divorce in and of itself is painful and there's always at least one victim, and it's helpful to laugh in the face of adversity so after the intial shock is over, even that can be humorous although it is out of character for Hotchner to joke around. That's Penelope's job I guess.
  • A generation of serial killers?

    This was a good solid episode with a well thought out story line and some good character development. I like how they moved along Montegna's character in this story and how we learn a bit more about the team's newest addition. The casting was excellent, and the acting was very well done. The team is up to their usual excellent work. I have always felt that this show's strongest aspect is the cast, and this episode does not let me down. Enough twists and turns in the case to make it interesting without becoming too confusing. The suspense was just right, and the violence was not too high this time around, which can detract from the show. I would reccommend this episode for anyone who wants to check the show out for the first time.
  • The story of My Two Sons.

    I knew this episode was going to be different, we start in JJ's office. She obviously shaken. I liked how Hodges called her on it and let her know that it was okay. Rossi and Sheriff Caulfied was revealing as well as interesting. The Sheriff and Rossi pretty much determined who committed the crimes 27 year prior. Interesting enough there are two sons. Steven & Charlie, but which is the murderer. It was the team's job to determine which one. Steven is obviously hurt by his mother's lack of faith and trust but claims innocence. The teams not ruling him out. Charlie is no where to be found. Neither are his latest victims. Through Karen Foley the pieces of the puzzle and a little help from Mary. Charlie's wife puts the pieces together and puts an end to the killings. Again we finish with a heart to heart between JJ and Hodges and Rossi getting a piece of advice from Sheriff and Hodge being served. It will be interesting to see where the team goes from here.