Criminal Minds

Season 1 Episode 11

Blood Hungry

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 14, 2005 on CBS

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    I thought that this was the worst episode of Criminal Minds to date. I didn't really care for the two crazy guy profiles, but I did think that the acting that the both of them did in the episode was some of the best acting that I have ever seen. Either way - The show has really taken a huge decline since the first four to five episodes of the season. I think the writers paniced a little and started to give some stories that were farfetched and a little too much of a reach. I thought that the "GPS" system locator at the end of the episode they used to find the missing boy was one of the worst plot twists to the end of an episode that they could have had. Overall, didn't like the episode overall and think the show really needs to begin to pick it up as soon as possible, because they are on the verge of losing me.
  • Blood..

    Oh, this episode goes to the list where they have very brutal and very unpleasant stories - and the unpleasantness of the story gets even to level you just feel it ruins the viewing..

    Anyway - this time on a little town there are many murders and they are all very brutal - and soon they discover that victims blood and some organs are taken and it all leads to - you know.. drink blood, eat flesh.

    They catch the bad guy quite easily but I most say I did not get very well what drive him to it - yes, his mum was controlive and he studied religious but.. I do not know.. the backstory was little weird.

    But in the middle of this - that song.. what the boy sang.. it was so beautiful.
  • This show continues to impress me with how well written and well researched it is.

    I can tell the writers know a lot about real criminal profiling and the killers as well as the main characters are well developed and interesting. This realism and attention to detail, as well as the many interesting allusions to real cases and profiling methods, continue to make "Criminal Minds" one of the most realistic, innovative and well-plotted series on TV.
  • Gideon has to stay in Seattle, because he's on crutches, while the rest of the team has to find a murderer who eviscerates his victims.

    The casefile in this episode was very shocking and cruel. I'm glad that for once we didn't get as much to see of the victims as it seems to be common these days.

    I rated this episode with an 8.5, but that might be a bit too flattering for it. Still I enjoyed it, although I couldn't quite make head or tails of it. In the other episodes we generally could see some character development, but in this episode - nada. The writers built up on the information we already had about the characters and concentrated on the casefile - which was well-done, but the few moments of new character interaction wasn't enough in my eyes.

    Still, there were several well-done things I want to point out. First, the interaction between Gideon and Garcia was hilarious. The poor girl must've suffered greatly. Second, the casefile wasn't as predictable as some of the other episodes had been.

    All in all: a solid episode, but not one of the highlights.
  • garcia cracks me up!

    ok, so first of all i loved that gideon was stuck back in the office with garcia, or maybe she was stuck in the office with him...but anyway, it was fun. i am so glad garcia is gonna be on the show for good, they need to give the girl more credit. who doesn't love the way she interacts with the rest of the crew? i like to see hotchner actually leading, so it was nice to see him not so overshadowed by gideon. basically, i think every week the charecters get better, the plots get better, and this show gets better. i hope it is running for a long time.
  • Great show and acting!

    Again the show is very good with acting and writing
    Wished that Gideon was in the show as he is the
    Main Center but Hotch is good enough. Hotch is really
    Warming up on me as I kind of didn't like his cold and distant character!
    Garcia cracks me up as she can be the comic relief to the show. Thanks writers for letting her be full-time!
  • With Gideon temporarily stuck in the office following a minor accident, Hotch must lead the team to a small Tennessee town where two homicides have occurred in just two days - the first the town has seen in over sixty years.

    Garcia and Gideon are having problems dealing with close proximity in the office where Gideon is stuck following a minor accident but that is nothing compared to what Hotch and the others team members are dealing with when they travel to Tennessee to investigate two murders which have taken place in the space of forty-eight hours.

    It appears at first as though the two murders may be unrelated but that is considered unlikely given the size of the town. Frustrated at being stuck at the office, (just as frustrated as poor Garcia is at having him poking around!)Gideon believes that the second murder, which involved a lot of mutilation and where some circular blood stains were found at the scene is the most telling of the two crimes. Another killing convinces him that he is right. A young boy who is missing in freezing temperatures adds to the pressure that the team is under when they must search for a child who may or may not have some connection to the killings whilst still hunting the killer himself.

    Excellence, as always. Some great acting in this episode and I loved the scenes between Gideon and Garcia. Watch and enjoy.
  • Not one for the light-hearted, that's for sure.

    While this episode featured a really interesting case, I found the fact that the case involved cannibalism to be quite vile. The concept is just gruesome in my opinion, but it did create a really good episode.

    Once again, the killer has a disease of some sort, which is becoming a little repetitive, but it was still highly enjoyable. I didn't like the ending too much, as I thought they probably could've made a better ending than what we were given.

    However, I also should mention how brilliant and hilarious the character of Garcia is! She provides a great bit of comic relief between the somewhat terrifying scenes! I really enjoy her character!

    Keep it up, Criminal Minds! This was a good episode, but I wouldn't recommend it as highly as a majority of its predecessors.