Criminal Minds

Season 9 Episode 20

Blood Relations

Aired Wednesday Apr 02, 2014 on CBS

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  • 2 warring families

    The team investigate when members of 2 warring families that have been fighting for generations are murdered.
  • disappointing is what im feeling

    I cannot watch the videos? How come? I am so disappointed.
  • could be better

    an ok episode
  • Blood Relations

    Finally a little bit of long overdue intensity on a Criminal Minds episode. I also liked the Hatfield and McCoys style storyline with the feuding families.
  • don't need the graphic scenes

    The plot was interesting, the psychology and the story. But need more of a team job and less of JJ
  • Bravo :)

    Really really enjoyed this episode, again I found myself totally immersed in the brutal main story and I loved the cliffhanger ending. Seeing this guy on the loose could be interesting. Good to see Blake in the action as she still hasn't really made much of an impression on me so far, although I do like the relationship between her and Reid. Was a bit of a sloppy "yeah he's dead" approach but am hoping they make it worth our while. Still for me a cracking good episode.
  • brutal killer

    What a brutal killer! Especially when he used the car to decapitate the woman. I like brutal killers though. And I guess he could have swam away far enough for the bullets not to him hit, he was under the water with Blake for quite some time.

    But to kill the last guy over some car keys is doesn't seem like him, it has nothing to do with the families and why he was left with another woman as a baby.

    Like the episode very much!
  • Twisted yet clever

    I don't know what really is the issue of others to hate this episode but for me, this is a very exceptional episode. The story is twisted as well as well-established. I like how the killer develop such motives and skills in killing. I like the way that it ended in a cliffhanger because I am very curious of what will happen to such guy outside his area of comfort and away from his original targets. I am anticipating a good episode.
  • blood relations

    Painful to watch like most of season 9. Was done after the first 15 very weird and stupid
  • review

    Finally a really great episode, creepy and where JJ and Morgan weren't the only one on screen. I love MGG's episode. They always have a good plot and endings. Blake had her share of action in that one and that's good.
  • Point of view

    I always get the creeps from Matthew Gray Gubler's episodes.

    I liked the way Reid tells the story about mountain man and the reference about "Jeroboam" that Hotch answered calmly
  • Just meh.

    There were both positives and negatives about this episode, and I think it's best if I address them separately. Let's start with the positives, shall we?

    The storyline was interesting, the incest was just wow and I loved how the heads of the two families were actually siblings. That was all very well and interetsing.

    There were some negatives too. Firstly, it seems like this is a case that will continue and have at least one more episode dedicated to it. Ouat of a million brilliant unsubs and intriguing charactrs we have had in recent momory, this is seriously the one they chose for an extended story on!?!?!? I don't really want to be lookeing at deformed bodies all day - I think it's fine for one episode, but why on earth - out of all the brilliant cases they could have chosen - did they decide to make this one into another part? I don't get it and I don't like it.

    The other negative is the end made no sense. How on earth was he not shot in that lake? I mean they emptied their guns into there - something would have hit him. Aside from all that, is the FBI seriously gonna be like "yeah, he's prolly dead bye" and just leave without the body? That seems highly unbelievable.

    It is just very easy to poke holes at this episode. And that's not a good thing at all.

    I just hope they get this over and done with - I want to get back to a better storyline.
  • Boring

    The story was complicated and very difficult to understand for someone who's not american. The Unsub is very flat, he has no personality, nothing to hold my attention. The all episode is confused, but not in the "wow, they're smarter the me" kind of way. No interaction among the characters (we hardly see them!) Blake's trauma is not developed to create empathy. I'm very disappointed, because I LOVE criminal minds and the episodes before this one were very interesting and captivating. Thumbs down!
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