Criminal Minds

Season 4 Episode 13


Aired Wednesday Jan 21, 2009 on CBS

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  • Disgusting, ignorant, racist, and appalling!!! Shame on all who made this episode possible.

    I am an American Romani and it is hard enough trying
    to explain what that means. The closest English word
    for Romani is gypsy and because of hollywood and ridiculous ignorant propaganda such as this episode,
    I can never explain what Roma is without being stereotyped and misunderstood. There should have
    definitely been more research on the Roma people and
    culture before letting such a derogatory episode be
    aired to the public. It is ignorance like this that
    contributes to anti-Roma sentiment. Atleast google
    or wikepedia Romani culture when editing script. This
    is almost as demeaning to my people and my culture than
    the porrajmos (aka holocaust in the jewish community).
    The false information about Romani culture in this episode give ignorant people justification for such
    terrible acts such as the porrajmos and further add
    to the struggle of the Roma people. Please look into
    Romani culture and hopefully you will realize that it
    is not anything like this episode makes it out to be.
    Watching this episode totally ruined my day and has
    made me believe that all episodes of criminal minds
    will be filled with ignorant filth such as this. I was so terribly offended by this that I had to sign up
    for an account just to voice my opinion and I never
    waste time on this kind of stuff. This episode was
    almost as disgusting as the porrajmos itself!!!
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