Criminal Minds

Season 8 Episode 15


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 20, 2013 on CBS

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  • 18:22

    This was a fairly good episode where the BAU track a homosexual killer who is suffering from an identity crisis and he becomes more dangerous when he realizes he will always be the same which will put more people he knows in danger As I guessed Reid was able to figure out the significance of the times on the watches which leads to a camp which needed to be shut down The highlight of the episode is when it shown the Replicator watching a video of Blake's class from the beginning which shows he was in the class and he was shown looking at other killers victims from the season I can't wait to see what he is planning.
  • Bizarre case but brilliant all the same!

    This case was definitely an unusual one in that the motives of the killer were something that we had not seen before on Criminal Minds, which is of course nice to see.

    The storyline was actually very weell worked and it was full of great moments. There were a lot of horrible people in this episode - don't know who I hate more. The father... the camp place... it's just gruesome.

    And I can't believe the Replicator is in Blake's lecture! OMG, can't wait for more on that front! And I KNEW the Replicator was gonna do the Marionette case! I called it in one of my previous reviewws! :P

    A great episode! Can't wait for mroe!
  • Once again a great episode!

    This episode was one like many before where you just wanna jump in to the TV and slap someone of those narrow-minded people around! I know we should all be nice and so on, but sometimes people just need a slap to the face.

    Anyway, I feel sorry for the killer Paul, but also, he killed innocent victims, it makes it hard to sympathize one hundred percent with him, but given his history it's not strange that the killed people for the reasons that he did.

  • Broken was heart breaking

    Another outstanding episode of my favorite show. This one was compelling from start to finish. I think my jaw dropped at least twice. Shedding light on the darkness of so-called "fix 'em" camps gets this episode a 10 from me. Along with the terrific job of the writing and all of the cast.

    I must say I'm ready to know who this person is that's watching them all the time and what evil that Blake lady is exposing the team to. I'm already not that fond of her, so if anybody's got to be hurt, I volunteer her. LOL!

    @Dec1964 The song at the end was Madness by Muse. I was intrigued by it too and saw it mentioned on the CBS boards.
  • Right on with the time Reid!!! Broken - Criminal Minds

    Wow, just a great episode! Loved it how Reid figured it out with the watches/time! Well done! Most of this seasons episodes are good, but not all of them. It must be hard for the writers to come up with great stories. So I give this episode a score of 9! It would have been a 10 if Prentiss was back and Alex Blake was gone!! And JJ go back as a liaison. I still don't like Alex being on the show (sorry for the fans!). But is mostly about the stories! And I hope to see more Reid and/of Morgan episodes!! Still a good episode! And the suspense is killing me, who is that stalker?? Will it be revealed in next episode??! I hope so!!