Criminal Minds

Season 1 Episode 5

Broken Mirror

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 19, 2005 on CBS

Episode Recap

Trish Davenport and her boyfriend, Jordan, are leaving a party, and arguing about who is going to drive. Trish playfully insists that Jordan is drunk, and that she should drive, and tells him to close his eyes and touch his fingers to his nose. He takes her hands, to use her fingers, and she backs away, telling him to walk a straight line. He walks towards her, grabs her, and kisses her and she relents.

Jordan kisses her hand as he drives along the dark streets, and Trish reminds him to keep his eyes on the road. Turning to look through the windshield she yells: "Jordan!" and he slams on the breaks in just enough time to avoid hitting a black pick-up in the middle of the narrow country road. They both get out to check the truck, but they find it's locked, and the windows are tinted and they cannot see inside. Trish insists just turn around and leave, and Jordan finally agrees. When they get back into the car, the keys are missing from the ignition. As they look on the floor of the car, a figure steps up to the driver's window and points a gun at Jordan. Seeing Trish's frightened reaction, Jordan stops searching and turns slowly around. The figure pulls the trigger.

In a corridor at the BAU, Morgan and Reid walk together - Reid is carrying an armload of case files. Morgan asks about Reid's recent "date" with JJ, and Reid tells him it is "top secret." A female agent gets Morgan's attention and flirts momentarily, and Reid notices as she walks away that a few other female agents are watching Morgan. "Must be tough, man," jokes Reid. "Not really," answers Morgan, although he firmly insists that he will never date within the agency even though there are no departmental rules against it. "My code of survival says never mess with a woman who carries a gun."

Elle walks past and knocks at Hotch's open office door. She waits as he speaks on the phone to his wife who has just been placed on complete bed rest due to her precarious pregnancy. After hanging up, he tells Elle that his wife's doctors have put her on bed rest for six weeks. Hotchner and Elle summon Morgan and Reid, and walk to the conference room discussing their new case: the kidnapping of Trish Davenport. The kidnapper has sent a note that gives the Davenport family until eight o'clock that night, which is less than nine hours away.

The kidnapper's note is projected onto the conference room video screen and Reid reads it out loud. There is no doubt the note was written by Trish Davenport – the handwriting is a match, and the lab found her tears on the paper. Morgan notices the kidnapper begins each of his statements with the word "You," never using "I," thereby distancing himself from the case. Elle notices another missing element: there is no instruction to not contact the authorities in the note.

Aboard the BAU jet, Reid briefs the team on Trish's father, Evan Davenport, a U.S. District Attorney, Executive Assistant in the Southern District of New York. He's a widower and a father of two, and has been assigned U.S. Marshals three times in the past 10 years due to death threats. Trish has a twin sister named Cheryl.

Evan Davenport goes over the personnel attached to his office and on his protection team with Hotchner and Gideon when the team arrives at his home. The local FBI field office has already looked into each person and has verified each one's alibi for the night Trish was kidnapped. When Mr. Davenport tells Gideon he needs reassurance that his daughter is okay, Gideon calls on Reid who tells him that if he follows the kidnapper's instructions and gives him what he wants the statistics say Trish will be fine.

Local FBI Agent Shyer has just finished a sweep for bugs, and brings in the equipment they will need to monitor, trace and record any incoming telephone calls from the kidnapper. Gideon tells Davenport that the kidnapper is angry at him – that's why every line in the letter begins with "You." He may feel that Davenport owes him; the language also tells them that he is working alone.

Elle and Morgan drive out to meet the agents who are escorting Cheryl Davenport. They find her lying in the middle of the road where her sister was kidnapped. Apparently she's trying to "feel" what happened to her sister. Morgan and Elle wait impatiently until she finally rises from the ground and says that her sister is a fighter and wouldn't have gone quietly even with a gun pointed at her. Trish "knows" that her sister is still alive.

Davenport explains to Gideon and Reid that Trish and Cheryl are mirror twins – some of Trish's organs are on the right side instead of the left. He hands a book about the condition to Reid who speed-reads it during Davenport's discussion with Gideon about the girls' self-defense training. When Davenport asks if Reid can really read that fast, the agent replies, "Our conscious minds can process 16 bits of information per second, our unconscious, however, can process 11 million." Seeing the blank look on Davenport's face he adds, "Yes, I can actually read this fast."

Davenport is concerned that the kidnapper may request that he suppress evidence in a case or stand down from his position since it's not as if he's worth millions. Gideon explains every kidnapping case is different.

Back at the crime scene, Morgan tries to get a sense of the kidnapper through his behavior. He looks around, wondering why the kidnapper shot the boyfriend in the face, which indicates the killing was personal. He concludes the kidnapper wanted to remove the boyfriend from the picture – Jordan was somehow standing between the kidnapper and Trish. Reid explains the telephone equipment to Davenport, and Agent Shyer tells him he will leave and supervise the trace through the field office. In the kitchen, Reid comes upon Elle and Morgan discussing Cheryl's claims to "feel" what was happening to her sister. Reid explains twin phenomena to the two, exactly duplicated DNA and some theories about shared physiological pain as they shake their heads. Reid reminds Morgan that he doesn't know everything, even though Morgan seems to think he does. The clock reads one minute to eight, and the team gathers around the telephone and Mr. Davenport to await the kidnapper's call. Gideon reminds Davenport to remain calm and agree with everything the kidnapper says. When the phone rings, several agents don headphones, and Gideon tells Davenport to try to keep the kidnapper talking. The kidnapper's voice is slightly distorted, and he tells Davenport not to ask questions, and that he doesn't want to talk to him, he wants to talk with his other daughter, Cheryl. Everyone is caught by surprise.

Gideon presses the mute button, and the team discusses this new twist. Hotchner, Morgan and Gideon don't want Cheryl to talk with the kidnapper. Elle disagrees, maintaining the more they can get the kidnapper to say, the more he will reveal about himself. Gideon is adamant, although Cheryl is willing. Gideon has Elle speak to the kidnapper, pretending to be Cheryl. The kidnapper is not fooled by this, since he knows what Cheryl's twin sister sounds like. The kidnapper gives them 60 seconds to put Cheryl on the phone, or he will hang up and they will never hear from Trish again. As he counts down the seconds, Elle hurriedly preps Cheryl, telling her to use her sister's name, to talk about her and not to veer off-topic. She tells her to empathize with the kidnapper, allowing him to believe this was all a mistake. Just as the time is up, Cheryl speaks: "Hello? This is Cheryl."

The kidnapper says Cheryl must have a lot of empathy – that she cares about others – repeating the word "empathy" a few times. He wants to know all about Cheryl, to talk with her, to find out her wants and wishes. Cheryl insists that she wants to talk with Trish, and the kidnapper finally puts Trish on the phone. Trish's voice is weak and she sounds drugged when she tells Cheryl that she can "see the moon." The kidnapper breaks in and tells the Davenports to have $500,000 ready and to wait by the phone in 15 minutes. Cheryl runs out of the room in tears, and her father follows. Reid was unable to trace the call – it is probably from a disposable cell phone which would make it impossible to trace. The team knows that, if Trish wasn't blindfolded, the kidnapper will likely kill her as soon as he gets the money if she's seen his face.

Quickly analyzing the kidnapper's words, the team notices his request for money sounded scripted, but he was at his most relaxed just talking with Cheryl. Maybe he already knew her before the kidnapping. Gideon tells Davenport to get the money together. In the kitchen, Elle takes a glass of wine away from Cheryl, reminding her she must be at her best when the kidnapper calls back. When Cheryl asks Elle how she can handle a job like this, Elle responds that the men she hunts are cowards who target the weakest members of society and there's nothing she'd rather do than put them in jail.

When the phone rings again, the kidnapper gives his instructions, insisting that Cheryl do everything – she will be the only one to touch the money, and make the drop. She isn't to be wired, and no one is to follow her. He's going to give directions to Cheryl over her cell phone when she gets to the first destination. Hotchner won't let Cheryl go alone – he and Morgan will follow her in a dark car with tinted windows. On the phone with Morgan, Reid tells him Cheryl's car has GPS so they can track her. Morgan disagrees – telling Reid the first thing the kidnapper will do is have Cheryl switch cars – especially since the first stop the kidnapper's given her is a rental car lot.

Cheryl's yellow VW Beetle pulls into the car lot, and Hotchner and Morgan watch from across the street. Hotchner notices Morgan is restless. Morgan thinks they are missing something – the ransom call was way too simple. The kidnapper didn't tell them not to involve the police or media, he wasn't specific about the types of bills to include and he didn't insist on no tracking devices in the money bag. As they watch Cheryl get out of her car, listening to her cell phone and carrying the money bag, they realize that this isn't a ransom drop – it's an attempt at a second kidnapping.

Morgan and Hotch jump out of the car and call to Cheryl just as someone in a dark sedan begins to get out of his car. The figure slams the door shut and zooms off into the night. The two agents bring Cheryl and the money back to the house just as the phone begins ringing again. The kidnapper sounds winded and excited, and asks for Cheryl, but Morgan won't let her speak. The voice goes on to say that, if the FBI hadn't been there he would have had both twins – "a matching pair." He says Cheryl and Trish asked for this with their glances, with everything they did. Morgan insists she not talk to him, but Cheryl takes the phone off of mute and shouts, "What do you want?" The kidnapper says he wants her and they will be together.

Gideon and Reid discuss what they've learned about the kidnapper with Cheryl and her father in his study. Cheryl explains that Jordan was Trish's first real love – and they had just gotten engaged. Gideon believes that was the unsub's "stressor." Reid explains "the de Clerambault Syndrome" also known as "erotomania" where a person believes that someone of a higher social is in love with him. People with this type of disorder believe the objects of their obsession are projecting their love with gestures and looks – just like the kidnapper said over the phone. He is obsessed with the girls and "is the most determined kind of criminal."

Morgan – the team's specialist in obsessional crimes – suggests Hotchner take another look at everyone Davenport works with on any kind of regular basis. They are looking for someone narcissistic, with an inflated sense of self-worth and a history of bad relationships. He's probably a white male with a pretentious speech pattern. Morgan suggests they apply some pressure and make the unsub sweat. Gideon remarks "there's only one way to do that."

When the phone rings again, Gideon is in charge. He begins playing the unsub – letting the phone ring and ring, then quickly cutting the connection. He answers the phone, and then hangs up. He answers, and then tells the caller he has the wrong number. The team tries to keep Davenport and his daughter calm, but they grow more and more hysterical, thinking the kidnapper is going to kill Trish. "Have a little faith," Gideon remarks. At last, when the kidnapper calls back and asks for Cheryl, Gideon tells him he won't be speaking to her anymore and the kidnapper snaps. He begins raving about the BAU, talking about each one personally, and insulting each one. He tells Gideon he is arrogant and didactic, that Hotchner is ambitious and will step on Gideon to get an advance, and that his "sick pregnant wife" can't get him to stay home, that Reid is autistic and insecure and should make money counting cards in Vegas, that Elle was promoted too soon and isn't a threat to anyone, and, finally that Morgan is only a pumped up side of beef. He hangs up, claiming that he knows how they think and knows what to do next. Gideon and the team are relieved that the unsub has told them so much about himself, and, ultimately, how to find him.

Davenport is still unsettled and upset, wondering why the BAU is standing around talking instead of out finding his daughter. Agent Shyer has returned, and pulls Davenport away from Gideon and tries to calm him. The team knows that the unsub must be an agent – that's the only way he knows so much about the members of the team. Hotchner is going to have Garcia run a check of the FBI New Haven Field Office, and Reid mentions that there are 700 agents in New Haven, and another 70 in satellite offices in the area, and Davenport knows many of them. Cheryl can't stay in the house because the kidnapper has access and weapons – they must take her to a safe house and limit the number of agents with whom she has contact. Elle, Morgan, Shyer and another agent escort Cheryl to a safe house a few miles away. Shyer and his partner go out to walk the perimeter, while Elle escorts Cheryl upstairs. Back at the Davenport home, Mr. Davenport apologizes for his attitude with the agents – he explains that he does not like waiting. Elle calls Reid to talk about the bug sweep that had been done, and that the kidnapper still seemed to know all about them. "How can he be holding Trish prisoner, and still know exactly what we're talking about?" she asks. The local FBI office swept the room, but then they brought in their own equipment. Reid searches the telephone equipment cases and finds transmitters. When Gideon asks Davenport, he admits to knowing Agent Shyer's father, and to having met socially on occasion with the agent.

Agent Shyer enters Cheryl's room and tells her how nice it is to finally get her alone.

Gideon calls Morgan to warn him, but Morgan is unconscious in the living room of the safe house.

Agent Shyer pulls out a knife as he talks to Cheryl about how long he's known and loved both her and her sister. He approaches her on the bed, but Elle steps out of the shadows with her gun drawn. Shyer tries to explain his relationship with the girls, and then attacks her, but Elle knocks him to the floor. Standing over him with her gun, Elle places one foot on Shyer's crotch and demands to know where Trish is.

The team escorts a relieved Cheryl and Mr. Davenport to Trish's location, where they thank Agent Gideon before riding with a groggy Trish to the hospital. As they walk away, Reid peppers Gideon with questions about the case, but Gideon brushes him off, telling him he might try not to ask so many questions, but that he should enjoy the moment.

Later that night at a very empty BAU headquarters, Morgan is awkwardly changing the dressing on his side where he took the TASER hit. Elle approaches and tells him no one expects him to finish the Davenport file that night, but he tells her it is fresh in his mind. He knows he's lucky Shyer didn't use the knife on him while he was unconscious. Morgan reminds Elle that Shyer didn't see her as a threat to him – and that was his mistake. Elle agrees to help Morgan out by taking half of his files.