Criminal Minds

Season 1 Episode 5

Broken Mirror

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 19, 2005 on CBS

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  • A kidnapping becomes something more.

    A kidnapping of a girl turned into something more when he is really after her sister and he is throughout the episode always close to her because the kidnapper is an FBI agent who is there.The FBI agent when speaking on the phone to Gideon definitely underestimated the team bur proved costly in the end.I thought he was just a stalker nothing more compared to some of the killers who is out there.
  • When one of a local D.A.'s identical twin daughters is kidnapped, the team must help negotiate with the kidnapper for delivery of the ransom and the safe return of the girl, but things are not as they seem.

    A District Attorney from New Haven, Connecticut needs the help of the BAU when Trish, one of his identical twin daughters, is kidnapped and her boyfriend murdered. Evan Davenport has made a lot of enemies over the years and he is worried that the abduction is somehow connected to his work.

    When the abductor calls, the team are there to help the distraught father deal with his demands. When the unsub demands to speak on the telephone with Trish's twin, Cheryl, the BAU correctly surmise that the kidnapper wants both girls and they must try to find him before Trish is harmed.

    This one was ok. Not stellar, but ok and very watchable. Unfortunately, it was also very predictable and that is where I believe the writers let us down a little. Having said that, it's still entertaining and the cast are very skilled actors.
  • What's the difference between Cheryl lying in the middle of the road and Morgan role-playing?

    Well, for one thing, Morgan is an experienced profiler who may be able to use his skill and knowledge to figure out why an unsub does what an unsub does. He looks at a crime scene for those particulars that might not make it into the photos. Cheryl? She’s just weird. When you find out your sister is kidnapped, do you go lie in the road? This was just one strange and bizarre scene in an otherwise pretty good episode.

    Strange and bizarre #2 and #3– why is the BAU team running off to the kitchen to make jokes and eat oranges? Yes, theirs is a stressful job, full of blood and gore and severely messed up people doing bad things. I’m sure they have to blow off steam every once in a while, but should they be doing it in the family’s kitchen where they might be overheard by the devastated father and sister?

    I liked the plot, the twist, hearing about the character flaws of the team members from the mouth of an unsub. Even the delusion of the unsub was well-done, although you usually get more allusions to actual serial crimes in an episode of CM. Elle’s very compelling “interrogation” of the unsub was especially satisfying. But file this episode under “not quite” for me.
  • Review

    The only reason this episode scores so high is for the amazing scene with Gideon as he continued to cut the kidnapper off for about a grand total of three minutes of air time. While it seemed like a boring scene to watch, it was acted brillantly be all members involved. Between the confidance and patience of Gideon and the reaction of the father and other daughter when they thought that his plan was going to wind up killing the kidnapped girl. I thought the episode was pretty slow moving, and the twist at the end that it was a cop wasnt one of the best that they have done so far this season. It seemed a little forced and a little filler type quality for the show - but there were still parts of it that were entertaining enough for me to give it an 8.8. There still hasnt really been an episode that has completly let me down, always in the upper tier as far as the ratings go.
  • I guessed the ending in the first 5 minutes.

    The kidnapper was annoying, not scary. The twin thing was ok, but you knew when the girl and her boyfriend stopped in the middle of the road someone was going to die. I guessed at the very beginning it was one of the police/fbi people responsible for the kidnapping and murder.
  • quickly becoming best profiler show

    The group dynamic is getting better and better.

    The collector as an FBI agent? Great. OF course the pshycological screening system is flawed, (to let the guy even become an agent) but other than that, it was great how he went through the list of character flaws for each character.

    This show rules over CSI, Law and Order and the rest as the one character's seeingly limitless archive of benign and wierd information isn't the linch-pin for every plot.

    The group contributes and not a single character rules the show. GIdeon is great, (M.P. is a super choice) but he is only the leader. Doesn't solve all the problems.

    Great show
  • And Twins!

    This was a great one. I liked the part where Cheryl Davenport is lying on the dirt road. Kept you guessing the whole time. Classic. Still not sure what the reason was that Gideon said, \"He told us where he was\" when Shyer was talking to him on the phone...
  • Don't mess with one's family!

    Messing with someone is another thing but when you mess
    With their family then it gets personal as the father
    Of two twins, he is a federal prosecutor, has one of
    His girls kidnapped. But there is a hitch to this as
    The kidnapper isn't after money but after not the twin that
    He kidnapped. But the twin that isn't kidnapped as this is suspenseful but yet rather good!
  • Perfect Flow

    The flow and rhythm of this episode is exquisite. Once again the team is faced with people who are skeptical about profilers, believing it's all just a guessing game. It does seem like it takes agent Morgan longer than it should to figure out the kidnappers true motive. From that point on Gideon masterfully manipulates the unsub into telling them everything they need to know.

    The guest star playing the unsub does an excellent job of modifying his behavior the way the unsub needs to to protect himself. He is able to use his voice to convey meaning and depth to a character who is primarily dealt with over the phone.
  • Twins..

    I liked the story on this one - twins. One is kidnapped and the other is used for to get the ransom in order to free her sister - but it is all just a play in order to get the second twin.. And it all gets even more fascinating when they realize that the man has to be very close - he knows everything about them. He knows exactly on the moment thing is happening, what is happening..

    I think the most exciting part was to figure out who, and after that.. the question of bound between sisters.. the way the second sister was lying on the ground, trying to figure out what happened.. the whole way they put her to talk with him.. great emotions..
  • Fantastic! Phenomenal! Suspenseful! I really think this episode speaks for itself!

    This episode was highly enjoyable and amazing! Ithought it was probably the best one to date, closely contested by 'Won't Get Fooled Again'.

    The suspens in this episode was heavy and it was certainly carried right throughout the episode! The unsub turned out to be an insider, which really caught me off guard, and I really enjoyed that aspect of the episode!

    I really enjoyed the scene where Gideon repeatedly hung up the telephone on the unsub. I enjoyed seeing his frustration increase, and it was smart tactics by Gideon to prove that the unsub was an inside man.

    I think this episode is just sensational and immaculate! Really, this is a must see episode and I would recommend it remarkabely highly! Keep it up, guys, because this is one great show and one great episode!
  • Every show has twins, eventually.

    The US District Attorney has twin daughters. One of them is kidnapped and the team is called in.
    Somehow, the kidnapper knows everything that is happening in the house, even though the local FBI guys cleared it for bugs.
    The kidnapper demands that the other twin deliver the ransom. Luckily the team figures out that it is not a delivery drop but another attempted kidnapping.
    Of course, it is not until they take the un kidnapped twin to a safe house does it occur to them that one of the local FBI guys has to be the kidnapper. My thought was don't they psychologically profile these guys before giving them guns and badges?
    It was enjoyable none the less and an interesting installment to this freshman show. If they last for a sophomore season, they will survive.