Criminal Minds

Season 4 Episode 10

Brothers in Arms

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 10, 2008 on CBS

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  • Another sublime storyline, which was really something special!

    This was yet another amazing episode of this show, which never fails to deliver. The storyline was quite sad, with all the police officers being targeted and killed, and it became a really difficult case when the FBI didn't have the support of their colleagues in the police force.

    They certainly combined all of the elements of this episodes together quite well, and it built some serious supense. The last few minutes of the episode were terrific, with the suspect being apprehended, and later shot. That was quite a few nervous moments, when he ws following Hotchner.

    Lastly, I loved the end scenes, when Derek visited the officers' funeral and that was quite a nivce way to end it off. Definitely and episode that I would highly recommend, and it was absolutely terrific!
  • Different Agencies, One Brotherhood.

    My heart was in my throat from the beginning of this episode. I've always respected and appreciated the risks our police officers take everyday to keep the public safe. With this script and the idea that someone would intentionally target the special individuals that take the responsibility to ensure out safety just made me want to cry. Lt. Evan rubbed me the wrong way, way too cocky. It was nice to finally see him looking outside the box. Fight Club seem to be pretty dominant lately in the crime shows. I really respected how Hodge put the bull's eye on his back. I like how, as always, the two departments come together to catch the bad guy. Ultimately, I don't know if justice was served. The final scene with Derek and Sam was heartwarming.
  • Great episode!!!

    Very exciting and sad at the same time. Cop killer eps are always good and tear-jerking. The plot was good and keeps the viewers on edge about what's going to happen next. It's great that Hotch gets to be the bait and therefore the hero, becuz he doesnt get enough action lol!! Just kidding, but it's usually Morgan who does the macho kicks down door things and jumping on trains. This ep is very real in terms of how the police deparemnt handle and act when they're faced with a cop killer, very realistic and intense. Overall, a great episode to watch!!!
  • What a great episode, the cops wanting to do it their way, and the FBI doing it the way it should be done!! The clash and the alliance, a great way to show conflict in the law enforecement, and the problem on the streets.

    What a great episode, the police force trying to catch the guy the way they know how. And, at one point there's a copy cat and they think they caught the guy, but the BAU knows better, and as they dive themselves further they realize it's a person who's trying to prove himself. A scrunny guy trying to be a man, and instead of doing it the manly way he does it the way he thinks it should be done. And, for Hotch to put himself up as the target was a good way to catch the guy, kinda stupid and brave, but smart in catching the unsub.
  • Interesting input of feelings in this segment.

    It's kind of personal initially, when Morgan decided to take charge of the whole situation. But till last segment of the show, other than showing that he not only has taken in heart for the killings personally, he also kindly spent some times off to take care the feelings of a little boy who had same fate as he did which is losing his father to duty call by encouraging him.

    Very special episode, it not only concentrating on Morgan's determined to justify the right thing about the murders but also making him looks more humane and kind than usual.
  • The team clashes with the Phoenix police force in trying to hunt down a killer who shoots policemen in the throat.

    What a great episode. Every character had some terrific lines to say, and the clash between the local police and the FBI was fun to watch. The scene with Morgan with Evans and the dead cop's partner was amazing. We haven't had a Morgan-centric episode in a while, and this one made up for the wait. Huge kudos to the writers on this one, a terrific job. The back-story to the unsub was sensible and plausible, and the evolution to police officers was very interesting but again, plausible. The end was unexpected, but not surprising - gangs always have to avenge their members. Fantastic episode.
  • Another good one

    In this episode of Criminal Minds, the following happens. In Phoenix 2 police men are gunned down and so when another cop is killed, within a matter of days, the team are called in to help. We soon learn that the first victim was a single parent father who was raising two young little girls. Soon more and more cops are being killed. Soon a suspect is found, in a building, but the team do not believe that he is unsub which they are looking for. The suspect comes flying out of the window and dies, so he can not even be questioned. The police believe that they have the right man, but gives Hotch 4 hours to prove that the team may in fact be right. The team soon find an old case which links to the unsub. They soon learn about an underground fight club, which they believe the unsub which have been a part of. At the fight club, they hear about a man that matches. They manage to get a sketch of the unsub, which is released to the press. They soon get a tip of an address, and they head there. No one is there and so they head back to the police headquarters. As they start to enter we see a ma waling behind Hotch, and he has a gun in his hand. Luckily the team know what is coming and disarm the man before he has time to fire his gun. As the suspect is being taken to jail, Playboy a local gang member, pulls his gun and kills the unsub. After all the unsub did kill one of Playboys gang members.
  • Cop killer...

    A unsub is killing police officers and BAU has to deal with police who think they are intruding the investigation, false arrest and false killers

    It was a real mess team had to work trough this time but they did quite well - managed to profile the unsub quite well, find previous cases and when they got the first victim, it was easy job.

    The only thing that I did not like was the end catching sequence - it was a trick what as a viewer was very easy to see trough and with the other well written plot felt too hollow.

    And I liked the personal involvement of Morris even though this one seemed to be Hotchner's episode.
  • An unsub killing cops ... You can just tell that former police officer Derek Morgan is NOT going to be happy about that!

    Police officers are dying on the job in Phoenix, Arizona and the team are called in to help, much to the disgust of the Phoenix PD who resent the FBI's involvement. Derek Morgan is particularly involved given that he was a Chicago cop before he joined the bureau.

    The lead detective and the police in general believe that the murders are gang related but the BAU profile directly contradicts this - they feel they are dealing with just one unsub. The difference of opinion does not help the already strained relations between the two groups. The team's investigations lead them to an illegal underground 'fight club' where no names are used and people go to fight to win; they certainly aren't playing games!

    The Phoenix PD still stubbornly hold on to their theory that the officers are being killed by gang members. Are they right? Have the BAU got their profile totally wrong? Watch and see!