Criminal Minds

Season 9 Episode 11


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 11, 2013 on CBS

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  • just the end was great

    Not a memorable episode.
  • Revenge on the bullies!

    For once the killer had a valid reason for going off at the deep end, which was refreshing, Blake and her family being central to the episode was a little boring, unless there's a reason such as a future developing storyline.
  • the final the reunion of the team was great the rest...

    no much
  • Mixed feelings

    I liked the case and the way it was handled. It was truly heartbreaking and it was rather easy to empathize with the UnSub.

    The Blake story though I wasn't so thrilled about. I found her father annoying, the non-resolution of her issues with her brother was weak and while the ending was supposed to be heartwarming, or something, I found it weird in a creepy way.
  • Bully

    So this was one that "hit home" for Alex Blake, but it turned out to be a bit too boring and predictable, and I didn't care for the forced involvement of her family. Thought this was a disappointing way for Criminal Minds to end the first half of its season.
  • Too much Blake????

    Ok that was what I thought just before I saw Garcia and the entire team together at the end... Oh my God way too much Blake... Never really warmed up to her and I still miss Emily Prentiss' character but still as an episode this was pretty good
  • review

    a good episode with a nice plot and i enjoyed learning more about Alex and her family.
  • Falling close to flawless again!

    Almost a year and a half later, Agent Blake finally came into her own today! There was character development, a lot of it, and it was actually very good! The character has just really been there for the sake of being there, but today I just loved it all!

    The case we were served up was stunning. Very sad what happened many years ago and how it triggered the cause of all these killings in the now. It's something that could've been avoided and it's a storyline happening to be all too possible...

    Nonetheless it was a brilliant show! Can't believe we have to wait over a month for the next one! But if it is as good as what Season 9 has been so far, it will well be worth the wait!