Criminal Minds

Season 10 Episode 2


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 08, 2014 on CBS

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  • It's wasn't Garcia's self redemption, but mine...

    I've stopped watching Criminal Minds like I used to. I felt it lost its old charm. Yes, I would still say that it's not as lovely as it was before. But I don't blame the writers or anyone because every show, especially crime ones, are not easy to have the same awesomeness from beginning till the end.

    I wouldn't rate any episode 8 in the recent seasons. But this one made me, not because of the unsub's story but because of Garcia.

    You know something? I usually feel guilty, creeped out by my interest in watching such criminal psychology, serial killer blah blah shows, whereas my friends don't like such stuff. I never really had anyone who loves criminal minds as much as I do. I thought maybe I have a strong stomach or something like I'm a weirdo? Do you guys think that too?

    But this episode as Garcia went on her trip, I felt her. I felt the feelings of Greg. When the man was on his dead bed, (ofcourse we knew Garcia was gonna be there), yet once I saw her face and he said "thank you", I cried. It made me feel human. It made me realize that though I might watch all these kinds of show with interest doesn't mean I'm some kind of weirdo at all. I feel sad for the victims. I often wonder what a man thinks when he is on death row. I'm a human who is trying to understand how such kind of people (serial killers, etc) exist. That doesn't mean I would become one. When Derek hugged Garcia, I felt secure.

    I have to give it to both Kristen and Potsch Boyd for their amazing acting.

    The reason I would still peek on our lovely CM show would only be because of our love towards the characters. It's like the CM team is a part of our family. I love it :) .
  • two people asked for the music at the end of Burn

    The Gilded Hand by Radical Face. It was haunting at the end of the story. You can get it free on YouTube and it's beautiful.
  • This has to be the stupidest storyline ever written

    Garcia suddenly feels guilty that she helped catch a serial killer who tried to kill her and Reed, now he's on death row about to be executed and she feels sorry for him. She even writes to try and get a stay of execution and goes to visit him. This has to be the stupidest storyline ever written, it's not like this killer had exceptional circumstances like others have in the past, no, this guy is just a plain average killer like the ones they put away every week. As for the main case, that was just boring.
  • to MH222

    Replacing Garcia? she is very professional too. Melodramatic? i love her storyline. It wasn't a ridiculuos story
  • Burn - Episode 2

    I wish they used Vince Masuka a little better than they did here. Just another outrageous story that made little to no sense and wasn't even entertaining.
  • One of the worst episodes

    I haven't been excited by CM in quite some time now, but this episode was really just boring. The case itself felt as though we have seen it time and again - nothing new. And Garcia? Her whining really starts to get on my nerves. Was this supposed to be some episode about the death penalty? If so, CM did a much better rendition in season 1's "Riding the Lightning". And I didn't really get the speed of the execution - after all, the shooting which led to it was in the ultimate episode of last season, so even if this guy pled guilty on all charges, it's still awfully fast. And Reid and his memories about the LDSK in season 1? The point of that case was that that nurse *didn't* kill his victims but wounded them so that he could play hero as a nurse. If at all, only 1 person died IIRC, so there weren't any victims (plural) that could have given Reid solace.

    Please, Criminal Minds, get back on track fast!!
  • depth spisode

    sometimes i don't like a story line and a subpl. Garcia was brillant, but she forced a little be her manneris, a lot of people don't understand,the victims nightmares KV is a great performer, I was distracted between the story a and story b. story that is very depth( the anguish of somebody against dead penalty) and her diema needs more than a few scenes to understand that. And this is not the appropiate serie to do that. Anyways great job. But appart from that i prefere that Garcia perky funny, hilarious, always supporting the team. I don't mind a character centric episode as soon as the TEAM is there, helping each other. Great ending. i also think that Garcia and Reid needs better scripts and lines lately. Love them both
  • Great!

    I thought the episode was great. I loved the idea of a killer using the nince circles of hell when he killed his victims. However, I would have liked the see more of Reid's genious during this episode.

    And I didn't like the Garcia story-line. It's not often, if ever, that I complain about Garcia, but this time it just wasn't good. I thinkher story line took too much time from the other one and although I can understand why she is so emotional right now, it was a teeny-weeny bit annoying to see her cry so easily.

    Thankfully she and Morgan became friends again in the end!

  • Gracia is such Cry Baby!!

    Gracia is such cry baby though I do understand criminal minds where all about the bad guys in the past and their MO's but now its about each other life. Given 10 season they had together and seen enough victims by now Gracia would have a little stomach to stand execution. Gosh! writers what were you thinking off!!! Criminal minds is getting BORING!!!!

    Does anybody here knows the song that was played towards the end of the serial???
  • Great episode,

    Actually felt a bit sorry for the guy on death row. I thought the story was done very well.

    The actual case was good. I wish reid was more involved in cases though.
  • Solid episode!

    This was an interesting episode with a really good case. I think the case was better than last week's, which was also really strong. I loved the idea of the Inferno and the nine different MOs that were planned - one of those clever storylines where there is a real method to the madness.

    The side story with Garcia was a little... weird. It was kinda strange and a little forecd but at the same time, Garcia is weird and that's why we love her, so I can appreciate it and it fit her character, trying to make everything better.

    Absolutely LOVED the girl that Garcia was talking to towards the beginning while waiting at a bus stop or somewhere - such a firey personality!

    Great episode - loving Jenifer Love Hewitt and loving the new season so far!
  • Ridiculous and melodramatic subplot

    The case itself was pretty good although yet again we saw the unsub early on and fairly unnecessarily. The team were all involved, there was some profiling, Hotch kicked down a door and Reid's intelligence made some key breakthroughs. Also good that JJ was scaled back. The part the college kid played in it was rather choppily done and not explained well. Overall a good case. But the Garcia subplot - ridiculous. Unbelievable timeframe for the execution, Garcia was so melodramatic she could have been in an old time silent movie and it is really time they made her grow up instead of getting ever more cartoonish and childish. In fact I really appreciated Kevin in this - he was so mature and professional and I wish Garcia would move to a less traumatic job and we could have this Kevin at the BAU. He at least has grown up since we first saw him. This Garcia story is one for the children who watch the show and post on social media but not for the grown ups.
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt Not Right For The Job

    I don't like Jennifer love Hewitt on the show criminal minds . She is a awesome actress in many other shows and movies .My mother and i have been watching criminal minds since the first season , its been like our little tradition :) its our bonding time . My mother and I don't believe she is right for the show and I don't want to lose interest in the show but I feel like I will If she continues to be on it . she is not a detective/profilier and she can't pull it off .