Criminal Minds

Season 8 Episode 16

Carbon Copy

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 27, 2013 on CBS

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  • love the ongoing story line!

    A really gripping exciting episode that has got me so so excited for the next few to come! Brilliant performance from them all and this is actually one of my favourite story lines in ages!
  • What for??

    Awsome i like all of them because of More. He is the most awsomes person that i have ever seen play in a crime movie like this one. Quick question for all of u which epsode inall. I like the one were Morgan and Reeds play softball.
  • Weird

    I don't know why but since they started this, I have leaned to the idea that it was going to be Elle or Jason as they both became disillusioned and cold to the world and their team, it makes sense it has to be someone who knows the team well enough, can profile and knows the crimes well enough as the murdered woman at the end her murder was very similar to Walter Kern (Unfinished Business) with the flex cuffs and plastic bag over the head

  • I Wasn't Thrilled

    This episode wasn't that thrilling for me. I knew they had the wrong unsub from the beginning and all the Jason Gideon name dropping was disturbing because I do not want to believe this show would even try to go there. I would not like that, at all. The detective's attitude when they first arrived was interesting though, as was his conversation with Morgan.
  • Zugzwang.

    This is the episode I have been waiting for and it didn't disappoint The Replicator returns and he is smarter than I ever thought he would be because I believed that Bidwell could be the Replicator when he was shown throughout the episode killing but it was all a game to the real Replicator who obviously set him up and the team was too focused on Bidwell to see what was really going on I haven't saw too many killers get away on Criminal Minds but the Replicator is making it look easy and because of that all he has to say to the team he has been obsessively stalking is Zugzwang.
  • One of the best!

    Love it, love it, love it! Great from the very beginning, the action, the whole idea to make us think it was Bidwell that was the replicator. And then the real replicator turns out to still be out there and he or she is obviously moving up to the point of his final draw against the team. This has got to be connected to the season finale and oh my, my expectations are high!

    One of the best things about this episode was how the writers managed to make it feel like almost the whole episode had gone by when they arrested Bidwell and instead it turns out only half has passed. Very well done!

  • No Replication Here!

    Yes - I know the episode was about the replicator, but I am referring to the this episode! What a fantastic episode. Superbly executed by all the cast and crew. Excellent writing. It kept me on the edge of my seat from start to end. The twists and turn were completely unpredictable. And the cliffhanger was awesome!
  • This is just AMAZING!

    OMG I have no idea where to start with this one! I have been dying for this episode with the Replicator storyline for weeks if not months now! And this one did not disappoint!

    At first I thought it was pretty boring how it kept replicating the same crime and again and again instead of going to some different ones.

    But there were so many twists that changed that perception of mine! The storyline was just intense and amazing!

    Although the one part I did not like was that it did not seem praticularly believable that they would leave a suspect in an interrogation room with a bottle full of pills. Surely they would have taken the bottle away and left just one there?

    Aside from that minor glitch, the rest of the episode was just flawless! There is no other word for it! Perfect!

    I LOVED the last scene and was expected an explosion or trap of some sort. There was another body but I can't seem to recognise the methodology from any cases the team has solved this season... I'll probably need to go back and see what case that one was from.

    Now I can't wait to see what the Replicator's next trick will be! Maybe they'll do this as the season final with some sort of cliffhanger? Or maybe we'll hear more sooner... Either way, I can't wait to see it!
  • A Philly Cop Named Rizzo

    Lots of history with Philly Cops & the Rizzo Brothers Frank (former cheif of Police & 2 x Mayor) and his brother Joe (Fire Cheif)... maybe only people from the Philly area got a chuckle when they introduced Detective Rizzo. I did.
  • Lackluster

    Another run of the mill episode. I knew Bidwell was not the replicator within the first 20 minutes... Sorry but with the vast number of serial killers throughout history and in the FBI files, the replicator is like watching a Pink Floyd tribute only thing left is to wait for the "cliffhanger" and see which of the team will be in jeopardy and might be killed expected more and was greatly they appear to be copying from Fox Network
  • Really outstanding episode and one that can get people who never watch Criminal Minds to watch and become fans

    Typically after eight seasons the episodes start to get stale and reviewers start implying it is time for the series to move to the great studio in the sky, but this episode resets Criminal Minds back to season 1! Honestly, if I wasn't already a fan I would want to start watching each episode (and go back and watch those I missed).

    I'm so glad the chase continues because it means we'll get more exciting criminal activities and wonderful BAU work. More importantly, though -- as a fan over the last 8 seasons, we'll get to learn more about the team and see stronger character development. My only hope is the final unsub isn't someone simple or caught in a quickly wrapped up episode. I really look forward to this being a wonderfully long succulent 5 or more course meals, and we're only just finishing course 2 with this episode. We could see him caught in course 4 and finally the desert is an episode or two presenting how the arc ends up affecting the team members as a whole and individually, and maybe even the FBI, itself.

    I am grateful the unsub is NOT framing the individual members for his crimes. Yes, that plot mechanism does provide drama, honestly though, it turns me off. I can appreciate seeing the heroes in danger, chased, captured, but really dislike episodes attacking their honor (well for characters who do have honor, as all of our Criminal Mind heroes possess).

    One question I think the team should be asking themselves. Why is the unsub going after this specific BAU team. They can't be the only BAU team, right? So, why them and not another team OR even a mixture of agents crossing multiple BAU teams.

    Come to think of it crossing multiple teams would have been a lot more interesting, plus, would have been a great way to judge if another spin-off is possible. We could become invested in more than just our heroes. Sigh, it isn't to be. Maybe they considered it or maybe it never crossed their minds, we'll just never know.

    Bottom line, though, this is a outstanding arc and I'll be sorry to see it end, but end before season 9 it should for a cliff hanger isn't fair -- unless you know you'll be back in the fall.
  • Maybe Rizzo or...

    Jason Gideon's back folks!!

    He is obsessed with the team and a chess term, he called Reid first to prevent the death of Maeve.
  • Could it be? (Spoilers Ahead)

    A great ep from CM. They started off the season a little sluggish but have really hit their stride the last 8 to 10 eps. It was great to see the team being the team we know & love. The writing was pretty strong. Scott Grimes (the voice of Steve Smith from American Dad!) was good in his role, I like Strauss and it good seeing her again trying to work through her 12-step program with Alex. My ONLY beef was with Bidwell's medication being left in the interview room. As soon as I saw that, I knew he wasn't our killer and that he was going to kill himself. Kinda obvious plotting and sloppy writing. Nothing like that should be left behind with a suspect all by themselves...

    The premise of The Replicator kind of reminds me of The Reaper/George Foyet from season 4, who ultimately ended up going after Hotchner's family, with tragic results. That was a terrific plot line and I've been waiting for another serial killer with a personal vendetta against the BAU to come along. The Replicator doesn't disappoint...

    And I have a sneaky suspicion that Detective Rizzo is the Replicator. After he commented to Derek that 5 years ago his partner was killed while working with the FBI... It's a solid red herring but it stood out to me since the Replicator is/may be someone with a vendetta against the FBI... Still, a strong ep and after simply tagging along with CM this season, I'm now primed & excited for how this story is going to end...
  • Best Line of the Night

    Rossi to Rizzo "Hey what's with you, you need a hug or something?"

    Very good episode.

  • Back to CM Glory

    Now this is what I remember of CM from the past, solid writing and smooth flow, the team cohesive in it's mission, scary "hold your breathe" stuff, all members being true to character, from Garcia's Wendy's bloomer comment, to Morgan's tough cuffing the first unsub, to Rossi's candid "the team is just fine" as said to Strauss, and Hotch's strong leadership overall. Left you begging for a conclusion, and planning to be there for the next ep. Even having us guessing at "Who?". Detective Rizzo, maybe Anderson, etc. etc. The detail was right on, loved Strauss asking "Aaron" his opinion about the team's status.
  • To "The Following" writing crew

    This is HOW YOU DO IT, people!!

    I'm not a big criminal minds aficionado, but this episode had it all, the thrill, the gore, the brain, the suspens, the twist in the plot. A mastermind psycho orchestrating everything and having lackeys taking the fall.
  • the game has changed

    Great episode, can't believe I have to wait for practically a month to see what happens next but this new unsub is a really confident guy telling the team zugzwang practically telling them that he's got the winning hand and their next move better come with a miracle or they lose so due to it being sent to Reid at first I think it's probably gideon due to the zugzwang thing and that reid always lost to him maybe now he's blaming the team for what happened with the frank guy and why his GF was murdered and adding the guilt that he sent a guy to his death after being wrong the first time
  • Creepy

    An excellent episode. Very tense all the way through because of the little things. Little things that in previous episodes signal someone in the team is about to get hurt, like Rossi mentioning coffee and Garcia being at home alone. I had a thought about during this episode... imagine if the Replicator was Gideon (WHAT!!). HaHa probably not but still... imagine. Very good lead up to the room playing jazz and the multitude of team photos. That really was creepy.