Criminal Minds

Season 4 Episode 5

Catching Out

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 29, 2008 on CBS

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  • The music interlude was not confusing but why have all the talking and just music, confusing and it seems the producers were saying yada,yada,yada like they didn't care.

    The music interlude was not confusing but why have all the talking and just music, confusing and it seems the producers were saying yada,yada,yada like they didn't care. The music interlude was not confusing but why have all the talking and just music, confusing and it seems the producers were saying yada,yada,yada like they didn't care.
    The music interlude was not confusing but why have all the talking and just music, confusing and it seems the producers were saying yada,yada,yada like they didn't care.
    The music interlude was not confusing but why have all the talking and just music, confusing and it seems the producers were saying yada,yada,yada like they didn't care.
  • Victims abound in Central California as a killer murders people in their homes and then decides to stay a while.

    Derek 'Ladies Man' Morgan runs into a woman in the coffee shop and, as he often does, begins to flirt with her. He is therefore surprised when she knows who he is. Turns out that that is because she is to be JJ's temporary replacement at the BAU while she (JJ) goes off to have her baby.

    The BAU are called to California where a series of brutal homicides are taking place along Highway 99. People are being murdered in their homes after which the unsub sticks around and wears their clothes, eats their food and sleeps in their beds. Given the fact that the crimes are taking place over a radius of more than 400 miles, the team profile that the killer travels as a part of his work. When it is found that travelling by train is the link, the team learn more about why the crimes are being committed and what the causal link is in time to move in to stop him.
  • Definitely one of my least preferred episodes.

    This was a slighly disappointing episode, if you ask me. I thought the storyline was extremely disappointing and highly unoriginal. It seemed quite uncreative, and I thought there was a lack of effort put into this one.

    However, being a great show, even its weak episodes are terrific. This one was quite suspenseful, and I highly enjoyed the cahase scenes at the end. I loved that ending!

    Great to see J.J. nearly getting ready to have a baby, but I wonder how the replacement will fit in!

    Overall, one of my least favorite episodes of this show. Not one that I would recommend, but this is a terrific show, and even its weak episodes are worthwhile!
  • The profilers are trying to catch a killer nicknamed the Highway 99 Killer, but they make them withdraw the name because it limits their choices. Later, they find that the killer is hoping trains.

    I like trains. I live in Bakersfield. When they started naming the cities where the murders occured, I remembered going through those cities by train. Modesto, Fresno, Bakersfield... When the agent made the local police withdraw their nickname of the Highway 99 Killer, it made sense to me, because while Highway 99 runs parallel to the train tracks, the name would draw attention away from looking at the trains as a possibility.

    My grandparents lived near train tracks and sometimes when I'd sleep over at their house, I would hear the train whistles at night. Such a lonesome sound. They used the sound on Criminal Minds and it brought back those memories. I also liked the hobo jungles, and the signs they drew on houses with secret meanings so other hobos would know where to get a hand out. I have seen those signs drawn on my grandparents house and wondered about them.

    There was one loose end on this episode that I wondered about: The black agent with the shaved head was trying to pick up a woman in a coffee house, but not only did she observe that he poured his coffee out in order to get back in line behind her, she also knew his name. Just when I thought that they had dropped the thread, she shows up as a new agent who will be working on the team.
  • an unsub who's motivated to kill in order to escape the reality of his poverty - that's creepy

    Viewers will all definitely feel indignant of criminals who commit murder as they ransack their victims' homes. What's unusual about this unsub though is that he chooses to do so not just to rob and kill. He wants to pretend that he had a nice home and bed for the night - even if the fantasy will just last for a few hours. That's so pathetic. His half-brother chose to work as a lowly farm worker in order to earn his living. I think it's a good thing that the show mentioned the story of the half-brother of the unsub. This way, the story won't turn into a racist plot to undermine the lifestyle of poor Hispanics in California. This is purely the work of a deranged man who doesn't want to sweat his way out of poverty.
  • Very Complex.

    Hodges' job is made more difficult from the onset with Detective Liman. Linman not liking being edge out Liman gives attitude only to be shown exactly why the BAU at good at what they do. The case overall was gruesome and complex. The migrant farm worker who hops trains and works crops along the train route all the while he's murdering people while they sleep. Reid feeling JJ's baby kick was cute and funny as well as Reid 's awkwardness when Prentiss questions his desire for kids. The introduction of Jordan Todd as JJ fill in while she's on maternity leave. I like her already for calling Derek to the mat.
  • Good episode overall, but I guess I was expecting more and there really wasn't much.

    I'm a huge fan of the show, and I was hoping it would be more of an exciting episode than it was, but it seemed to lack substance, I mean they pulled it off well, but it just didn't have the suspense like the previous episodes had this season so far. I guess all shows go through that, I'm sure they'll make it up next week, that looks like it will be a killer episode!! But, in closing this episode was good, but not the best CM I've seen. This episode was more for the hard core fans of the show, definitely not one that will give new viewers interest for the show.
  • Some real changes are on the way

    I live next to Vacaville CA. It was very strange to be so included in one of my favorite shows.

    The show started with Derek being profiled in a coffee shop. That freaked him out and it was very funny.

    The case involved a killer who traveled up and down the Central Valley by train, murdering people in their homes, then living there for a few hours, taking the man's clothes and replacing them with his own, then ransacking the house. Nothing makes sense but the team does piece together the case and comes up with a profile.

    I was delighted to see Hotch take over the investigation with his usual efficiency, but not in insulting nor degrading way. I loved how Morgan and Rossi got to decipher the codes the hobos who jumped railroad cars used.

    JJ letting Reid feel the baby kick was very sweet. I know he does not forget anything he reads, but I cannot think he would ever have needed to know anything about babies until now. I am convinced he studied about them because of JJ.
  • A train serial killer on the loose.

    I liked this episode. And think that this episode is really is haunting. As a killer who seems to live on the tracks. Is haunting people, killing them, then living in their house for a few hours. And taking men's clothes, while replacing their clothes, with his clothes. Really freaks me out. Also JJ is really showing. It is awesome to see that Reid, who is a sweetheart in himself. Is touching her stomach. I admit, I am not the biggest Hotch fan that much. But taking over the investigation in a efficient but polite way. Rossi I am getting used to by now. As he really is developing. Derek got freaked out when he was being profiled. Priceless!
  • A serial killer is on the loose

    In this episode of Criminal Minds, the following happens. The team are called in, when 6 victims have all been killed, and in all of the homes the same DNA has been found, leading everyone to believe that a serial killer is in play. We soon learn that the killer is going between towns and using trains to do so. They also soon believe that he is homeless. We learn that in 6 weeks he has killed 8 people. They soon learn from the DNA that he has also killed in 3 small towns. Morgan and Rossi learn that the way the killer is identifying his victims is through symbols which all of the homeless people use and write on walls with. The team soon discover a man who claims that the killer is his half brother. We see the killer as he is about to enter another hose, but the woman owner awakes, and screams, which scares him and he runs off. The team get word of this and head straight to the nearest train tracks to find him. Morgan soon finds the killer and chases after him. Hotch manages to shot and kill him. At the end we learn that the woman who will be replacing JJ while she is on maternity leave is the same woman who Morgan flirted with that same morning.
  • Trains... and changes

    Different kind of unsub and that's only great but sadly this was not enough to make it stunning.

    A man who has never had his own home and bed, jumps trains, gets where he needs, kills people in night and then plays home.. I think the case really had up that in the first it was thought that he uses highway but noone found now mean of transportation.. And how the team said that by naming the killer as they did, they limited their view.. and I think it was great thought.

    Also it was great to have the whole team interaction - JJ soon in maternity leave and her replacement coming...