Criminal Minds

Season 1 Episode 20

Charm and Harm

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 19, 2006 on CBS

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  • A master of disguise

    A serial killer of disguise and master of manipulation kills around 7 people in the episode and Gideon and his team find themselves running around the US just to try and catch up with this killer while dealing with the fact that he might not look the same.Which was a really good episode it results in Gideon catching up to the killer while he is about to kill another victim and Morgan shoots him just in time.
  • Phenomaenal episode! Perhaps the best one of the season!

    This was prehaps the best episode of 'Criminal Minds' of the season. A case turned into a rat race around the United States, as a killer went on a spree through several states, workign from Sarasota, Florida, all the way into Tennessee, via Georgia and South Carolina.

    It was almost turning into a race to beat the killer and get one step ahead of him, and it made things very interesting!

    Furthermore, the scenes where the killer and his last cvictim battled it out were very interesting and tense!

    This was a phenomenal five star episode! I would recommend this episode exceptionally highly, and I am thoroughl impressed by the calibre of thi s episode! Please keep it up, Criminal Minds! Terrific work!
  • A great episode that was full of excitement!!!!

    The team is looking for a serial killer that is drowning his victims. This killer woos his victims, and then he tortures them by emersing them in water. The reason it's so tough to capture him, is he changed his appearance, but he is starting to get sloppy. With one victim he acts like he is a helpless man who needs help with his groceries, and he kidnaps the girl in broad daylight, and throws her into a hotel pool. He is seen doing this and acts like his wife tried to drown and he vanishes, while the hotel clerk tries to revive the victim. The victim is able to id her attacker, and that brings the team one step closer to capturing this man.

    It is realized the reason the man is the way he is because of his father. The killer is doing what his father could not, and it is revealed that he may be the reason his mother is dead. This was an awesome episode, and the scene where the woman is fighting for her life had me sitting on the edge of my seat!!! I really liked they had her wanting to fight back instead of being the helpless victim!!! I really like this show and hope it keeps getting better.
  • Nice to see Robert Pine back on the screen again - and yes, the villain was CREEEEEEEE-PY... I'll be watching every person who comes to my door or tries to help me in the airport for awhile now...

    LOL - poor Hotch, he just doesn't know what to make of Garcia and her double-entendres (or the straight-out single ones, for that matter). She's better flirting with Morgan or embarrasing Reid... ;-)

    One thing I liked as well, and have liked over the last few eps, is watching Reid and Gideon paired up - admittedly, the rookie/veteran is a staple, but last night it was really interesting to watch as an almost-role reversal took place. "You DO realize he's not the killer?" That one line really caught me, even though Gideon follwed it right up with a very logical, sensible reasoning for his outburst.

    Reid's a geek, yes (lol, the whole thing at the beginning about the corn kernels was hilarious)... but he's not stuck in his own little world, as is often the stereotype. He's very observant, and isn't afraid to speak up when something bothers him.
  • A serial killer who is also a master of disguise is on the loose, and the BAU team must find him before he continues to lure women to their deaths!

    Criminal minds continues to surprise me as one of the best new shows this year. There are alot of crime dramas floating around out there, but this one is my personal favourite. I love how each case is very different and how there are constant comparisons to real life serial killers. This weeks episode had me on the edge of my seat once again, as this serial killer worked his way across the country killing women. The death toll in this episode was much higher than it usually is with there having been 3 deaths before the BAU team is called and another 4 or 5 while they're tracking the guy.

    I give this episode 9.1 out of 10. (Awesome show with awesome actors like Mandy Patinkin!)
  • Why I watch the show a lot!

    Very scary show indeed as a serial killer is on
    The loose and the team needs to get there before
    That Ted Bundy wannabe will go out and kill more women
    Very scary but that is the reason why I watch the
    Show as the team is one of the best new shows
    On tv these days IMO and that with good writing and acting
    Makes it must see!
  • Psycho with a history going back to his pre-teens goes on a killing spree, killing woman after women by drowning them.

    This guy turned out to be a lot of means. In this case, that meant a lot of trouble for police because he could keep moving, keep traveling, keep changing his appearance, keep changing superficial aspects of his attacks.

    All his victims were women though; that did not change.

    A very good episode, though for this series that is typical.

    The women on the team get their digs into the tall, dark man on their team in the relatively few jokes in this episode.

    Hard to see how someone so well off in life could become so dysfunctional and self destructive. That guy had every advantage and success and then just thew it away.

    His dad was some piece of work and maybe in some way responsible - but not in the way you would expect.

    Interesting show this time overall.
  • Review

    I thought during the first two minutes of the episode I was going to hate the episode a lot. I generally tend to favor episodes where you dont know the killer until the end of the episode and they use the profile technique more. But the used the profile very well in this episode and it quickly became one of my favorite episodes of all time. The action at the end of the episode was also one of my favorite scenes in history. The foot race to see if they were going to be able to catch the killer before he drowned his final victim (thats the impression that I got when he went back to try and drown her in the same place anyways). Regardless, the first season is ending on a high note, with only the last episode before this one being somewhat of a letdown. This episode was one of my favorite of the first season, certainly in the top 7.
  • What turn him on that rode?

    This episode starts surprisingly - we knew who the man is. So the question is what BAU can do? The man got away and now they are looking for him and team has to figure out this path and while doing it, they try to get to the bottom of his story - what made him to kill, torture and drown those woman. Is it his marriage what only last three weeks? His mother who died in car crash? This episode had really intense atmosphere, great movement - always something happening, a really great divers for some lower episode we have had.
  • Florida is the scene for this terrific episode where Mark Gregory, a master of disguise, is murdering women by drowning them and then moving at increasing speed to another victim.

    When several women are found murdered in Florida after being drowned, the BAU know that the man they are seeking is Mark Gregory, the problem is, Gregory not only has access to a plethora of fake IDs, he is also capable of changing his appearance from everything to an airline pilot or a disabled man with a pronounced limp.

    Gregory picks up a woman, takes her to a luxury hotel, holds her captive and then drowns her in the bathtub. Later, his method of killing remains the same but as pressure escalates, any form of water will do the trick, as long as they are dead.

    A visit to Gregory's father informs the team that his son's mother died in a car accident when they boy was ten and this leads the profilers to believe that he may have suffered a lot of psychological trauma as a result. It is noted that there are no photographs of the late Mrs. Gregory around the house but his father explains it away as his belief that seeing photographs of his dead mother would be too much for the young boy.

    As Gregory's killing spree continues, Garcia uncovers the fact that the car accident was in fact a drowning and that young Mark was in the car with his mother at the time she died. Another visit to his father confirms this and it is also uncovered that Mrs. Gregory was an unfaithful wife, hence the lack of photographs of her. It is now certain that Mark drowned his mother and that he is reliving her death every time he drowns another victim. It then becomes a race against time to catch him before the latest abductee also dies.

    Terrific episode and some great acting by regular and guest cast members.