Criminal Minds

Season 7 Episode 14

Closing Time

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 15, 2012 on CBS

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  • gooid

  • This has go t to be the worst episode ever.

    This is the fisrt time in my life that I have fallen asleep while watching a new episode of Criminal Minds, albeit I was drifting in and out of sleep really.

    I have to say that this episode was the wors t one they've ever done, and that by a long shot. The storyline and plot were extremely gruesome, plus there was zero suspense, mystery or intrigue and the storyline was very much a been there, done that kind of scenario.

    There was just nothing fresh and nothing unique about this one. It looked promising after the first scene, but I have to write a bad review of a CM episode for the first time ever.

    This one left me severely disappointed. Get your act together, guys, and I hope this was very much a one-off.
  • Not bad, but not particularly good either. I think I'm undecided.

    This one took a hell of a long time to get going and I'm a person who gets bored very easily so I was close to switching it off. When things finally started to happen I was pleased but not thrilled. I almost wondered what it was when I saw some actual profiling. Quite amazed actually, given that it so rarely happens.

    The whole Hotch/Beth thing has me worried, but not for the usual reasons. My main problem is that the actress in question couldn't actually act if her life depended on it. I like believable acting just as much as believable plots and this actress doesn't deliver for me. Nice to see a bit of real smiling from SSA Unit Chief Hotchner though. We don't see a lot of that. I just hope that if the writers continue along this line that they don't forget that Jack exists and that he may have feelings about the matter. (Chuck Cunningham disappeared, never to be seen again, let this NOT happen to that gorgeous little boy.)

    The unsub bored me. I'm not sure WHY so much bores me from CM these days, but it does. There are some superb bits, usually courtesy of Reid, but there are many which make me cringe as well. Having said that, well done J.J. in that excellent scene.
  • Bad Extras, Ok Plot

    Where in the hell did they get these extras? Only the main cast and the unsub can act. The rest are stilted and almost awkward.
  • i think it has ..... idk

    i think that this episode was good but in a way it sucked
  • Not terrible! Who would have thought?!

    Sheesh, what has CM come to when faint praise like that is all that you can hope for?

    There's a too long boring build up to the teens stumbling over the first body(ies) that had my finger itching to change the channel to something more exciting. Perhaps a rerun on the Food Network. Or the Paint Drying Channel. Teenagers, bonfire, yadda, yadda, "you'll forget about me at college, *sniffle*. Then of course we segue to groping under the lifeguard shack and the drippy blood clues us in that all is not right in SoCa.

    A boring opening wouldn't get me pulling me hair out except I kept wondering about how these kids or college was tied in to the murders. Color me a dummy - they weren't. Huh. So what's with the slow, and did I mention boring?, scene?

    Anywho, things picked up quickly from there.

    I will admit that the whole Beth/Hotch thing isn't as horrible as I expected it to be. They've ramped down the 'stalker-esque' qualities of her character until it all feels fairly normal and how a man should perhaps move on in his life. And watching TG smile and show some emotion rather than angst and anger is fantastic to say the least. That said, where is Jack in all this? Is he going to be one of those television children who just sort of disappear? I certainly hope not! I love every scene Hotch and son have together - they have more chemistry that Hotch and Beth every will IMO. So I can happily see Beth now moved to the sidelines as Will and Kevin have been, becoming a character that Morgan and especially Rossi tease Hotch about. (Great elevator scene between Rossi and Hotch. Rossi seems eager for Hotch to 'make a new friend' if only to get '45 minutes, all to myself!' - extra points for those who get the movie reference.)

    Watching the team sit around a conference table and actually discuss a case, do some real profiling - that is what made the ep for me. No magic fairy dust (well, Garcia still finds things out like that none of the victims spent money on alcohol before they died - really?) profiling or leaping to crazy conclusions. Profiling that makes sense and shows these people doing what they do best! Finally!

    Again we have a not so 'un'sub thrown in our faces from the get-go, but, can I admit I liked that he seemed so milk-toasty and frumpy and kinda Everyman? No pretty-boy actors trying to play a down-on-his-luck-and-sanity killer, just a guy who would fit in in any semi-sleazy bar in town.

    What can I say about BAMF JJ?? (Well, first I can ask what the heck she thought she was doing with the tackling and not waiting for back-up and other real lifey things, but, hey, I'm flexible!) She ROCKED that fight scene! I'm sure all the pent up 'my character has nothing to do!' feelings got utilized here. And her little talk with Reid and Morgan afterward was cute and awesome.

    So, good job, Dunkle! This is why I liked you in the first place! Fire the acid-in-eyes chick and get on with it!