Criminal Minds

Season 6 Episode 16


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 23, 2011 on CBS

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  • Lady Lancaster please stop about Garcia we LOVE her presenting the stories just please shut up

    just saying
  • Not a favorite episode - don't like the side story re: Prentiss and her Interpol buddies.

    Prentiss has never been a favorite of mine - but this whole backstory could get interesting. The best thing about this episode was watching the way Dr. Reid operates. When he is able to copy the tune the autistic boy is playing on the piano - and tells Rossi it's nothing; playing music is just understanding math, I was really impressed. He is also the one who later deciphers the boy's drawings - recognizing the pattern of his socks, the tread of Rossi's shoe, and the hands of the clock. The message the episode attempted to send, concerning how desperate people have become in this weak economy, was not completely lost. It was an o.k., not a great episode.
  • I love Reid.

    I love Spencer Reid so much. He's always been my favorite character. He's so intuitive as well as super smart. Plus the Doctor Who comment makes me love him more:) I worry about his migraines though. MGG's hair was too long before and i was glad he got it cut but now it looks like he stuck it in a light socket :)
    Not sure how i feel about Prentiss and her side storyline. Feels like they (writers, producers) are trying to make up for axing J.J. and i don't appreicated it. Also the new girl is blonde. I'm probably reading into things but...
  • One of my favorite episodes

    i have to say, i loved this episode.

    i thought that the story line with sammi trying to tell them all along who the the person is, was really great and well constructed, and i loved how sammi kind of connected with reid. my favorite part of the episode was sammi and reid paying the piano together, that scene just sent shivers down my spine.

    then there was also the sub story line with agent prentiss that kept coming up throughout the episode, the ending was also really intense (don't want to give away any spoilers)

    overall i loved the episode, i don't think there was any part of it were i got bored, it kept me interested the entire time :)
  • I'll never forget this episode; one of my absolute favorites!

    The case was great! On the one hand it's hard to accept that what the unsub is doing is okay, but on the other hand it's easy to understand why he does it. It's wrong, but you can't help but to feel sorry for the guy.
    Of course the case becomes more interesting because of Sammy; and the difficulty of trying to understand what the autistic boy is telling them.

    I loved Reid's bonding with Sammy. It was great. If anyone can bond with someone autistic it's Reid. When they played the piano was just too adorable for words and I love how Reid figured out what Sammy was trying to tell him.

    And things are getting very dangerous for now just Prentiss, but the team too. It seems like it's time of the final showdown between Doyle and Prentiss. And I hope Prentiss kicks his @ss!
  • I really loved this case! Vrey touching!

    This was definitely the best Criminal Minds episode in a while. The case with the autistic boy was definitely a very moving one, and it was also a very unique one to watch, as they have definitely not done too many cases like this in the past, an d definitely not with an autistic child.

    The Prenitss storyline is getting exceptionally interesting, as she comes face to face with her nemesis. It is certainly a very interesting plot, and I cant wait to see how things will eventuate with this one!

    All up, a terrific episode, which I definitely recommend! I can't wait till the next episode, and I think this one gets the show back on track, because the last two were not very good.
  • An autistic boy is the key to finding his kidnapped parents while Prentiss continues to be worried about Doyle who seems to be getting even more dangerous.

    This episode has to be for me the best of the series, mainly the scene with Reid and the kid playing the piano which was just beyond amazing and almost made me cry. The boy who plays Sammy did a wonderful job playing a very interesting character that was very moving, it was great having Reid connect with him and it was nice to see more of him especially in a more emotional way .I love the two storylines of this episode it worked well together and made for an interesting episode, I was glad they continued the Prentiss/Doyle storyline and I'm eagerly looking forward to how it continues. It certainly has redeemed this season and I hope they continue in this fashion cause it was a great episode!
  • Bloody. Amazing. If you'll pardon my language. Mindblowing, exhilarating, stunning piece of an episode. Everything that once was and is Criminal Minds. In my opinion, one of the best episodes of the series and season 6.

    This episode encapsulates everything that is Criminal Minds; from the profiling, the story, to the characters own stories. After the previous few disappointing (or, so I PERSONALLY found, to each their own, of course) episode, this one is most definitely the cream of Season 6 crop so far. The profiling was AMAZING and exciting to watch, not to mention logical and wonderfully unfolded. It was as if it had regressed back to that of the previous seasons (as personally speaking, I think the profiling in Season 6 as been lacking in comparison to the previous seasons), but even more fascinating as a witness of Sammy's type is unique; the first of its kind in the series. The story, the balance of the profiling and the characters was done exquisitely. Both Reid's strategising and profiling skills and Emily's plot were incorporated without making the entire episode revolve around only them. And then we are provided a group of scenes (both at the beginning and end) where we are brought closer to the BAU characters as humans, not just FBI Agents; an insight into Hotch's juggling of Jack and his job; how he still has something to live for, something to come back to despite the scars gained form the Foyet arc, the close relationship between each and every one of the characters; Morgan and Garcia's time together, Reid getting in touch with his musical side and Seaver slowly beginning to find her place with the help of Rossi as her almost second father figure, and of course, Emily's backstory slowly beginning to unfold. I loved the juxtaposition between Emily's lone figure facing the demons of her past against the homely, human shots of the BAU team afterhours. It highlights her detachment from them, how the fight she will face is unavoidable, something that is solely hers to burden. This is further emphasized when Ian Doyle verbalises this, highlighting the fragility of her life (and character, for us fans), and all the bonds that exist within it. I'm truly excited to see how the next few episodes will unfold, and I have no doubts that they'll be just as amazing as 'Coda'.
  • A severely autistic child's parents are abducted in a dirt poor area of louisiana hit by the oil spill, the team must connect with the boy dispite communication difficulties.

    One of the only decent episodes so far this season, this gives us more of a team dynamic and new case then any of the other rehashes we have seen previously. Instead of just copying an old case, they put in some new twists, and true to the origonal premise, manages to have us see the perp as having reasons and feelings, something that made the earlier seasons so much difforent from other crime shows, say CSI or L&O and brought be to be a fan. Plus, the show was the only this season in which the team seemed to each play a part, and the only one in which Seaver was not annoyingly incompetent and feel like a wanna-be J.J.
  • An autistic boy is the key witness to the shooting of his father and abduction of his mother whilst playing the piano, and is lost in his own special world. Meanwhile, Prentiss is still effectively on the run from Ian Doyle who seems immune to capture.

    The plot was certainly something different. An autistic child whose parents are abducted whilst he plays some glorious music on the piano is one that I haven't seen on CM before. Having had a lot to do with autistic children, Sammy walking to school, even with an empty lunch box, and in spite of being covered in blood, makes perfect sense as these children almost always need to run their lives by a set routine, depending on their level of functioning.

    I was annoyed once again that so much precious screen time was wasted in showing us Prentiss's back story. We have seen it three times already and enough is enough. Her conversation with her former colleagues where she stated that she 'didn't trust anybody' would have been quite a kick in the face for the BAU, had any of them heard the exchange. If she would only TELL her work colleagues what she is facing, she wouldn't HAVE to be facing it! Of course, as Emily appears about to leave us permanently, having her protected would ruin the whole story arc, such as it is. I have said before, but I will say again, a popular and interesting character deserves a far better send off than this weakly thought out sub-plot. It's almost amusing to watch whilst being sad in the sense that it almost certainly spells the end for Agent Prentiss.

    Speaking of agents, exactly who does Seaver think she is treating Reid the way she did on the plane when he was trying to explain something about Dr. Who to her? Her dismissal of him was rude, arrogant and, quite obviously hurtful to a much-loved character. I didn't think it was called for or even mildly funny and judging by the look on his face, I don't think Reid did either. I'm not exactly sure what she thinks she has that makes her superior to our boy genius, but if the writers want her to be in any way accepted by the fans, then they could at least write her dialogue properly and make her just a BIT (well, a lot) more likeable. Having her be unpleasant to Reid isn't going to achieve anything.

    It seems that every episode of Season 6 has had the team doing as little profiling as possible whilst jumping to incredible conclusions without the slightest bit of evidence to back it up. "The unsub is a man who has possibly lost everything during the oil spill and he is doing what he is doing to feed his family" (not verbatim). I don't even want to know how they jumped to that conclusion because it defies all logic. Nothing they had seen or heard could have sent them there. Nothing.

    I have missed SSA Jason Gideon ever since Mandy Patinkin left the show. I miss him more and more now. He always knew what was SUPPOSED to be in a profile and never jumped to conclusions without having solid facts to back him up. With Hotch barely visible in the last few episodes, I'd love Gideon back even more. I know, I can dream ... The parrallels between Sammy and Jack Hotchner were poignant and it's nice to see Hotch with his son. It would also be nice if he were there leading his team.

    And somebody PLEASE stop Garcia giving the presentations! That is not and has never been her job due to a total lack of training. It would, perhaps be a little more bearable if she didn't keep making flippant and unsavoury remarks when talking about the victims. I can't imagine Gideon standing for that and I can't see why Hotch does, either. Of course, the writers have no interest in anything the fans have to say, they proved that in spades during the Summer. When A.J. Cook comes back two episodes from now, I hope somebody gets down on bended knee and begs her to return so that we can have some type of common sense and continuity.

    Seaver being so 'helpful' with the profile annoyed the heck out of me. Helping to GIVE the profile annoyed me more. Obviously, qualifications count for nothing anymore, not on any level. What a shame.

    As for Ian Doyle, the man has half the Intelligence communities and law enforcement agencies across the globe looking for him and yet, he is still very comfortably eluding all of them. Makes the law look like a right fool. Of course, Prentiss COULD gain some extra help with finding him by asking for a profile or two ... Poor Paget. She must be cringing at how her character is being treated with these awful scripts, I know I would be. And why not just shoot Doyle and be done with it? Elle got away with shooting someone so why not have Emily give it a try? Can't get much worse.

    I am going to be petulant and say I want 'Criminal Minds', Season 2 back again. At least I could watch that happily without covering my eyes in embarrassment.

    This one gets a six for having a different plot for a change and for the two sweet little boys who were so charming. It definitely isn't for writing and decent plots.