Criminal Minds

Season 4 Episode 14

Cold Comfort

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 11, 2009 on CBS

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  • Psychics and astrology. . .Really?

    It drives me insane when propaganda for debunked 'magic' is puked on to my screen
  • Interesting killer's pathology, marred by writer on board gives credence to psychic woo-woo.

    Although the killer had an interesting pathology, this episode was marred for me by the writer, and JJ as the writer's mouthpiece, bending over backwards to give credence to psychic woo-woo.

    JJ's desire to believe, and eventual consultation of, a psychic known to be a fraudster rather diminished my respect for her character. However, I didn't think enough of Garcia and Kevin's intelligence to be put off by their eager consumption of newspaper horoscopes. "You might be surprised", says Kevin, but he's such a poorly-written character that nothing he does surprises me.

    Rossi is chosen for the voice of reason, disdaining psychic from experience with grief vultures in his previous cases. The psychic clues are misleading at first, but the writer's heavy hand makes sure that Rossi gets his comeuppance in the end.
  • Decent Episode, worth watching but I wouldnt rewatch it anytime soon.

    Cold Comfort was a good episode, though I have to admit I would not consider it one of their best. To me, I thought it wasn't as suspenseful as others are, which is where my love for the show lays. Rossi was quite rude, he is one of my least favorite, I don't hate any character, I just don't love him as much as the others! I can understand how Rossi would not believe in the psychic, but he didn't have to so boldly state that to the mother. Perhaps drop that bomb easily at most would of been necessary!
  • Sometimes when people lose a loved one, they find it impossible to let go ...

    Four young, blonde women in Olympia, Washington have been abducted. Each abduction is several months apart. When three of the four missing girls are found dead and it is noted that they have been embalmed, the BAU profile that their killer is holding them for a reason and that he or she is reliving some kind of important fantasy.

    When the mother of the only girl not found hires a clairvoyant to help locate her daughter, the BAU (particularly Rossi) and the local police are more than a little bit skeptical but we see that the girl, Brooke (played by Mercedes McNab) is being held in order to fulfill the fantasy of a young man who was unable to cope with the loss of a beloved nanny from his childhood.

    Average episode, but great to see Mercedes McNab again after her role in "Buffy" and several guest spots. Acting good, script weak, but certainly watchable.
  • A young man mourns the loss of a loved one in a very unconvential manner...

    I enjoyed this episode. It was good to have CM back, and I am glad there will be no more breaks for at least the coming two episodes.

    The case was actually quite interesting and very sick. I was actually more freaked by the Ivan *weird surname* guy than I was by the actual unsub... Some of the things Ivan said just creeped me out.

    Also, I was glad with the mention of Holland, no matter how small! :)

    Nevertheless, I enjoyed the team's dynamics even more. I didn't particularly like Rossi's attitude... the mother obviously needed to believe her daughter was still alive, and I felt Rossi was plain hostile to her. Aren't profilers supposed to be good with emotions?
    Another thing I noticed: they said early on that the unsub could have lost a loved one, and then the detective asks "Like a girlfriend?" and Hotch says: "or a wife, or a mother."
    They knew about the necrophiliac (?) part at this point. Would anyone, no matter how twisted, actually have sex with a replica of his own mother? That's... I don't know, it seems quite impossible.
    As for the rest of the episode... Again, am I the only one to notice they always pair Hotch and Emily? (The horoscope part was hilarious, by the way!)
    Surprisingly I didn't feel very much sympathy towards JJ. Maybe because she hasn't been a big part of the show for a while, but while I enjoyed her presence, I felt like something was missing...
  • creepy...I loved it!!

    I loved the starting with Garcia and Kevin reading the horoscope and Morgan and Prentiss joining them after... I loved that JJ is finally back.
    Really good case: A guy that kidnaps and brain washes young blonde haired blue eyed woman to make them like his opair that died 15 years ago. Really creepy but great! What I found a little bit disturbing was that JJ had a new haircut that looked exactly the same of all the victims.
    I kinda hated Rossi in some moments in this chapter but at the end he explained JJ why he was behaving like that and I kinda understand...
    I liked that they didn't completely rule out that the phsychic was a fraud...
    In all a great chapter!
  • Decent Story; Unrealistic End

    Now I know this might sound morbid, but I think that Brook should have died in this one. When CM first started years ago they had some cases they won and some they lost. Recently (last season and now) they always catch the person right at the last moment, It's getting a little too melodramatic and unrealistic for me and taking away from the greatness of the show. True life sucks and people sometimes die. It's time for the writers to remember reality. That being said, I did enjoy this episode. The storyline was good and I liked the psychological aspects of it. The Gein (which Reid pronounced wring, BTW) story has always interested me and I appreciated their usage of it.
  • A young man mourns the loss of his companion by becoming a sick necrophiliac and embalmer.

    Awesome stuff. This show is great because the writers never shy from gruesome material.

    The only thing that annoys me is Rossi's character but then again Rossi has always been a jerk since day one.

    When the latest victim might be alive, he is quick to dismiss the circumstantial evidence and assumes she is dead. What can of an FBI agent is this? Not a good one.

    Anyhow, the killer was morbid but you do understand why he does what he does especially once you learn about the terrible father he had.

    The actress playing the last victim "Brook" was great. They do find decent actresses for this show.

    It's a sad episode when I think about it more not easily dismiss as your normal serial killer episode.
  • A strange case even for the BAU

    In this episode of Criminal Minds, the following happens. The team are called in to investigate the disappearance and murder of young women in Washington. JJ is also back in this episode. We also learn that the killer is embalming the victims, and he is taken a victim roughly every three months. Soon a second body is found and then a third body is found. Now only one victim is left with the killer, her name is Brooke and she has been missing for about 4 days. We learn from the M.E. that the killer is cutting their hair, double piercing their ears and he also has sex with them after they have died. Then a 911 called is placed and the person on the phone claims to be the missing girl, Brooke. The team soon track down a woman named Abby who died, and when they go to see the family she worked for, they find the killers family. She worked as their au pair and for their only son. We soon learn that the son is the killer, and he has been making them look like his dead au pair. The team soon get a location as to where the killer and Brooke are and so they head there. Just as he is about to cut her in order to embalm her, the team turn up and he is arrested. The paramedics are called in and then we see that Brooke is still alive.
  • Pretty good episode. The BAU must track down someone who is embalming young women alive.

    The local police call in the BAU to help located several women that have been abducted. Right off the bat they find 3 of the 4 young women dead and embalmed. Autopsy confirms that the women were embalmed alive and that there is a presence of semen that was deposited after death. There is still one young woman still alive and the authorities must use everything to help find her. The mother of the young woman is consulting a psychic to look for her. Agent Rossi is very against using this man but the mother insists. They find a suspect who is a real sicko, but not the guy they are looking for. He is into the shoes of some news personality that had died. This makes Reid remember a grave that had been disturbed a year earlier and the items taken are the ones that the current killer is using on his victims; 2 pair of earrings. They find out who was buried there and that she had died in 1985, so they go to where she had worked and found that she was the Nanny for the couple's son. They give the BAU a picture and the last letter they had received from their son Roderick Gless. They say he had dropped out of contact and liquidated his trust fund. It is later found that the father was sending him money each year. JJ lets the psychic see the letter and he tells her there is running water near a rocky coast. The BAU get a location on Roderick from his parents and they save the young woman at the last minute. She was being held at a warehouse type building. During the rescue the rain was pouring outside and when they pulled something off of the window in the room, there was a mural of a rock coast line one the wall of the building next door. The psychic had been sort of right after all.

    This episode marked the return of JJ after having her baby.
  • Not my favorite episode, but still a good one!

    This episode lacked that killer edge that we usually associate with a 'Criminal Minds' episode. The storyline was a n interesting and different one, and the idea of embalming really shocked me and horrified me. Very awful!

    I thought that there was a lack of suspense throughout the episode, as we never saw any victims being abducted, and most of the episode was centredaround the efforts of the team.

    I wnjoyed the idea of the unsub pretending that the girls were someone welse through his hallucinations, but I don't think the episode stood out and the lack of supense took away something from the episode.

    Decent episode, but definitely a forgetful on.Good, but definitely not great.
  • I missed that show..

    Oh.. it was two- three weeks without new episode and to be honest, it felt so long.. And that why it was such a special feeling when that episode started. I felt like I am not believing myself - I am watching it.. this Wednesday there is a new episode.

    The story itself shows how twisted and corrupted mind of a man can be.. the way the story develops and in the end we realize what it all was about - to think about it.. 9 year old boy home alone with a corpse.. I think that can be really shocking but to get into the level he got and the way he tried to live in his illusion.

    But I think somehow more than the story it was about JJ return and the way she feels how hard it gets.. how it affects her..
  • A killer that personificates a lost love one with his victims...

    Finally a new episode, these 2 weeks have been eternal for me. I was so happy to see J.J back, with a new hair style and looking fresh and beautiful. But I got to say I was disappointed not to see Reid or Morgan participate more in this episode. For me Reid makes the show special and unique and Morgan toughs everything up.
    As for the episode it was pretty twisted and would've never seen that end coming, but to be honest I have seen much better episodes, more elaborate scripts and a much better distribution of the cast participation. Also I didn't like Rossi's attitude towards the psychic and most of all towards the mom in the need of hope, but as always at the end we knew the cause of his actions and he was right to act that way.

    Anyways I love this show and no matter what I never miss an episode.
    Hope we get to catch more suspense next week.
    Thanks :)
  • Absolutely Twisted.

    Our JJ returns. Thank Goodness. But her first case back for the BAU is just plain bizarre. I thought they've deal with some sick case before just this was just gross. A man that is mentally distrubed, who's obsessed with beloved nanny and her untimely death, ends up kidnapping women and attempts to turn them into the nanny. I thought the episode was was excellently written as twisted as it was. I really liked watching Rossi go up against the psychic as to a degree JJ. But I was a little disappointed with the brief screen time of Cybill Shepard in her chilly portrayal of the mother. I understand the restrictions of the plot and script, but I really would have loved to see what she could have done with it.