Criminal Minds

Season 4 Episode 14

Cold Comfort

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 11, 2009 on CBS

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  • creepy...I loved it!!

    I loved the starting with Garcia and Kevin reading the horoscope and Morgan and Prentiss joining them after... I loved that JJ is finally back.
    Really good case: A guy that kidnaps and brain washes young blonde haired blue eyed woman to make them like his opair that died 15 years ago. Really creepy but great! What I found a little bit disturbing was that JJ had a new haircut that looked exactly the same of all the victims.
    I kinda hated Rossi in some moments in this chapter but at the end he explained JJ why he was behaving like that and I kinda understand...
    I liked that they didn't completely rule out that the phsychic was a fraud...
    In all a great chapter!