Criminal Minds

Season 6 Episode 4

Compromising Positions

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 13, 2010 on CBS

Episode Recap

In Akron, Ohio, a nude couple embraces in the back of a minivan. The unsub is watching from the front seat and kills them.

At the BAU, it is determined that the man and woman in the van had been the second couple killed in two weeks. The unsub's M.O. is to give the handcuffed men heavy doses of Viagra, force the couples to have sex, and then shoot the husband and stab the wife. Before the team leaves for Ohio, Garcia enters Hotch's office and tells him she wants to help out now that JJ's gone. She has created the program to present cases. Hotch tells her she isn't trained for certain aspects of the job, but Garcia tells him she will learn and will tone down her wardrobe. On the jet, she has transformed herself with a professional and polished look. Gone are her trendy clothes, glasses and untamed hairstyle - replaced with contact lenses and business-like coif.

Abraham Lincoln said, "Whatever you are, be a good one."

In Akron, Garcia meets with Detective Crowley, and introduces him to Hotch and the rest of the team. When she is nearly duped by a reporter, Hotch tells her he will handle press and is to come to him if she needs help.

Reid and Rossi learn from the victims' families that the men were overachieving alpha males. Alpha males attack other alpha males. As Morgan and Prentiss visit the crime scenes, they realize the unsub had set a certain mood in both places with music and ambience. The team concludes the romantic fantasy arouses the unsub because Viagra no longer works for him. The issue of why he forces the men to wear condoms is unresolved.

The unsub attacks a third couple, the Wilsons, but a handcuffed Paul Wilson wrestles him before being shot. In an attempt to save her own life, Paul's wife, Debra, entices the unsub as requested. He then shoots her rather than stabbing her, which alters his routine. Reid and Rossi determine from the many bruises on Paul's legs and feet in autopsy photos that he frequented a fitness club and most likely so did the other victims.

Prentiss and Morgan surmise that the use of condoms could mean the unsub is a swinger and the murdered couples could be the unsub's former sex partners.

As Hotch, Rossi and Reid give the profile, Morgan and Prentiss chat with the heads of the Fabulous, Fun and Over 40 swing club. They learn the unsub is married and his sex fantasy involves two men and one woman. He isn't concerned with second man because he is married and chooses the partner for his wife, and is aroused by consensual cheating. His impotence has forced him to recreate the liaisons and kill.

Meanwhile, the decompensating unsub visits a swinging party where Leslie, an old partner, greets him at the front door. She calls him James and asks where his wife, Maryann, is – he isn't allowed to join the party as a single person. He enters the room anyway and becomes enraged as he glances around the room at romantic couples. He brings out two guns and begins firing at everyone. Leslie had locked herself in the play room when he broke in and shot her. Reid and Rossi examine the deadbolt lock on the play room door and figure out James is a locksmith because the lock had not been forced open. They determine James had stolen information on his victims at fitness clubs as the men showered.

Hotch asks Garcia to gather information on locksmiths, but she is growing frustrated as she tries to do two jobs. She asks Hotch if she can ask Kevin Lynch for help. Morgan enters the room and tells her to stop trying to replace JJ because she's irreplaceable. He tells her she should play to her strengths and go back to OG - Original Garcia – with her glasses, outlandish costumes and everything else that makes Garcia who she is. As her original self, she is able to obtain all the necessary background information on James, and learns his prostate had been removed last year due to dysplasia.

The team and SWAT go to his apartment. They learn James isn't there, but a pregnant Maryann is. She insists her husband is the father of her unborn child and will not reveal his whereabouts to Rossi and Morgan. Reid wants to talk to her because he's not an alpha male like Morgan and Rossi are and she won't feel threatened. He shows her files of recent unsolved murders and tells her James killed the man who got her pregnant and she needs to identify him and prove to herself that James is responsible for the current murder spree. She cries out when she sees a familiar face and tells Reid and Prentiss that she and James used to pick her up at a bar, Dunley's, where they would role-play.

The team rush to Dunley's, where Prentiss volunteers to act as a diversion and try to pick up James. She tells him that she and her "ex-boyfriend Brian" were an old swinging couple of theirs. James humors her before telling her that his system with Maryann had stipulated husbands only - no boyfriends. In the background, Morgan, Hotch and the SWAT team circle the bar and prepare to fire on James, but Prentiss shoots James with the gun hidden in her purse. He falls to the ground and asks Prentiss to tell Maryann that he loves her before he dies.

"We all wear masks, and the times comes when we cannot remove them without removing our own skin." Andre Berthiaume

Back at Quantico, Hotch takes Garcia aside and tells her that he had taken on too much after Gideon left and realized he needed to do what he's good at, so Garcia should do the same. He has decided to split up JJ's job and Garcia will continue with technical back-up while he handles in the media in field. He also tells her that he knew she was unique when he received her resume on homemade pink stationery. He smiles as he says, "I wouldn't want you to change that."