Criminal Minds

Season 4 Episode 20


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 08, 2009 on CBS

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  • The murders of young college boys leads Agent Hotchner and the BAU team to entertain the possibility of a male and female serial killing team, such as Raymond Fernandez and Martha Beck,but instead they uncover something entirely unexpected ...

    At the beginning of the episode, we see a young woman, in shadow, being interviwed by Dr. Reid. Reid tells the woman that he would 'like to talk about Adam', whom we learn is 'still missing.' Reid appears greatly troubled by this. The woman informs Reid that, in her opinion, 'Just because you caught me, doesn't mean you'll find him ... you're not that smart.'

    We then read that it is 'Seven Days Earlier' and the traditional fun and frivolity of Spring Break on South Padre Island is overshadowed by a series of rapes and murders - of young men. The BAU are called in to help solve the crimes. After questioning Julie, the manager of the hotel where the second body was found, and ascertaining that she had not noticed anything unusual, Rossi,Morgan and Reid then question Adam Jackson, (played by Jackson Rathbone from 'Twilight') the young hotel employee who found the second body. Adam, like Julie, appears to know nothing.

    Profiling the un-sub the next day,the team come to the conclusion that they may in fact be dealing with a 'killer couple' - a male and female, with the woman luring the victims and the male raping and murdering them. After learning more about Adam and Julie, and the fact that they both have a somewhat colourful past,the team feel they may have caught their killers, however, when they both pass lie detector tests, this belief is tested. As usual, it is Reid who sorts things out by theorizing that their 'two killers' scenario may be incorrect, that, in fact, Adam may be BOTH killers; a multiple personality with an alter-ego who committed the crimes.

    Meanwhile,Julie finds some incriminating evidence which links Adam to the crimes, but when she goes to the hotel roof and presses him about it, she is confronted by 'Amanda', a 'woman' with a strong Texan accent, who is clearly the 'real' killer. Amanda is not at all pleased and pushes Julie off the roof. Barely breathing, she tells the BAU team what has happened when they arrive at the hotel. Reid correctly concludes that Adam/Amanda has gone to find the real source of the trouble - the abuser from his childhood. As the young killer holds a knife to the throat of his abuser, we learn that Adam was made to wear dresses and suffer other unimagineable abuse. 'Amanda' finally releases her hostage but refuses to allow Adam to come back. She has decided to protect him fromany further harm. This puts us right back where we were at the beginning of the episode, where Reid is again speaking not to a woman as we first thought, but to Adam, with 'Amanda'firmly in control and intending to stay that way.

    This was a great episode, yet another one not to be missed with excellent performances by all, particularly Jackson Rathbone who did a very convincing job in the dual role.