Criminal Minds

Season 9 Episode 24


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 14, 2014 on CBS

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  • Standard episode

    Standard episode, not one I'd rate good enough to be a season finale.
  • Criminal Minds

    I love
  • Darkness

    Why are all the relevant scenes are all in the dark, "Demons" is a good example, the shoot outs we all very hard to see what was happening, am I the only one that thinks that??

  • one of the best episode of season 9

    I like this great acting. Not so much JJ. either. Garcia amazing. Agree:, the black queen, Gabby, Route 66 and Damons are the best of this season. I didn't enjoy 200 and persuasion at all. I going to miss Blake...
  • great episode , it's not all about JJ more Reid Garcia Rossi and Hotch

    Enjoy this episode: the actors : great. the the scenes between Garcia and Reid, even JJ wasn't the center of almost every scenes. I will miss the team job, And i Miss flirtation between Garcia and Morgan. Inapropiate behavior? Love this show because Garcia and the rest of the characters are great. She may be a little be unproffesional accdordng to somebody but sorry i enjoy that a real life we need some comic relief to easy a hard work, and CM get brighter with love emotions and humor. same thing: profilers don't talk to unsurbs and don't arrest them. just assit. But i like that too. my favorite episodes of this season: route 66, the black queen and Demons.
  • Demons, Gabby and The Black queen the best episode of this season by far

    except for the fun moments every episode has, this episode was good. Intense, emotive, nobody could expect Garcia shoot a were in tension. Great job, and JJ was not in every single scene I was hopping Blake din't have to leave, not that she seems to interact with the cast not just Rossi or Reid
  • intense one of the best episode of this season, sorry Thebanof we love Garcia and we are fans from season 1

    Great episode. I always enjoy watching criminal minds the psychological side of the show more than graphic scenes of torture. Agree, this season it's too much of JJ, i like her but not this icy character she have now pairing all the time wiith Morgan. But she wasn't in almost every scene and she interact more with the rest of the team this time And I love and enjoy Garcia scenes from season one This episode was special i watch the cast working like a team helping each other. love Garcia and Reid scenes. I like criminal minds and i love the cast, if i want to see a plain case of a crime i would watch History Channel A@E or another tv report. And i admit i miss Morgan and Garcia flirting and how she used to make Hotch laught. Glad i watch more of Hotch I'll miss Blake character she is grate but fans never watch too much of her like a part of a team, and in a show this is important
  • Demons

    I am sure longtime fans of Criminal Minds loved this episode for the development and interaction of the characters. For me it just came across as boring and a letdown from the dramatic shootout that capped last week's show.
  • 8.5
    Too bad about Blake. Only two seasons. I was actually starting to like her character. It didn't really like her that well during last season.
  • Could have been better.

    It was exciting to watch superficially, but when you stand back and think about it, it was littered with flaws. Morgan getting up after 3 rounds to the Kevlar without needing to catch a breath defied belief. I couldn't get over why Cruz didn't call in major back up sooner once they realised it was a web of corruption. The action scenes were much too badly lit - a lot of the time it was just a bunch of people running round shooting in the dark! I was majorly cheated not to see Rossi and Blake escape from the bad cops who had them cornered. Whoever edited this out to make room for what seemed like hours of JJ and Morgan running and shooting in the dark should be FIRED!

    And woah there - someone tot up the JJ time! Once again she pretty much dominated the episode. I really wish it had been JJ that left and not Blake who always presented as a believable agent and it was a shame they failed to utilise her properly. I wish Jeanne well for the future though and her exit was as quiet and dignified as she has been.

    I truly do hope they replace her as otherwise Season 10 will be The Adventures of Super Agent JJ with supporting cast.

    I did like the Reid/Blake scenes, I even thought Garcia was tolerable in this and competently saved Reid's life even if she fluttered excessively over shooting a gun. I'm glad Hotch had a big fight scene, albeit a very dark one, as so much of this season he has been "Wheels up and I'll co-ordinate at the station". I liked the premise of the corrupt cops and others in the town but it could have been written better - it was all very choppy and not explained well. I liked the tense hospital scenes best as they had the best edge of the seat moments.

    All in all though, despite its many flaws, it was a much, much better finale than the last three finales,which let's face it were simply appalling, and I am very glad none of the team was killed off. Hopefully next season we can get past this inexplicable and annoying fixation with JJ and actually have some proper team profiling throughout. Season 9 had about 5 decent episodes but most of the season had far too much JJ and not enough team. And we won't talk about the worst Criminal Minds episode ever made ("200"!!).
  • Action and emotions!

    An another brilliant episode after a while! Not really very profiling-based episode, but this time it doesn't bother me as far as it is very well done in the other aspects - action and emotions!!! The most notable highlights for me were: (1) Alex Blake. The acting was just perfect, natural and brought so much emotions from the very beginning till the end. Now I don't want her to leave, now, when I' ve grown this emotional connection with her, and since I've seen this great acting from Jeanne. (2) The emotions stemming from the plot: the team surrounded by currupted cops who don't hesitate to kill even federal agents. I felt anxiety as hell! Rossi and Blake in the car the moment they realized the cops were after them.. (3) Action. The action scenes were pretty well done, quick and believable, thrilling. Hotch fighting! Morgan the super-pro! This time, JJ didn't bother me as she normally does this season, not at all, she was great as well. (4) Wounded Reid!!! It looked he was about to bleed out after the shootout, it looked pretty scary.. he was resiliant though, trying so hard to stay awake. I hope he' s gonna recover and no painkillers. I was really afraid he was the one leaving the show, and I am so happy he's not. If Reid ever leaves the show, there will be so many different way more intersting ways to leave (mental condition), not a stupit bullet would. (5) Garcia! She was the hero of the episode. She was brilliant.

    All in all, it was very powerfull goodbye to Blake, she left at her very best, she'll be remembered this way. But again, the one who was left hurt at the scene was Reid - with an other wound to his collection. Alone sad and painful from his injury and an other heart breaking story, another friend leaving (probably because of him). Did you noticed that he is still carrying the book from Meave? Although he said that mildly optimistic phrase about the future, he's probably still somehow caught up in the past.. Doesn't look good for him... But interesting.
  • Review

    An amazing finale even if i'm so sad Blake's leaving the show. Anyway, this season has been one of the best so far despite the fact that JJ's been really annoying in these last few episode, finale excluded. Good job.
  • What an amazing end to the season

    This has been one of the best episodes, amazing emotions and Garcia role in this episode was just wow.
  • Reakky enjoyed it.

    Well I was admittedly a bit on the fence after part one, but I really liked the second part and I think in hindsight maybe I was a little harsh with my score of part one now that I have seen the storyline as a whole.

    THe best happenings of the episode were Garcia on fire and quite literally at that - she is spectacular and she played a different role than usual today. I loved it!

    I also quite grew closer to Alex Blake after her little story with Reid at the end. It was really touching and I feel like they finally developed the character.

    Only thing I am disappointed aout is that there is no cliffhanger again - we haven't had a suspenseful end to a season since like Season 5 or something, and I would like a suspenseful finish to keep me hooked over the off season. Sadly there was none of that. At all.

    Aside from that though, the episode was great now and I can't wait until Season 10! Double digits!
  • Criminal Minds Tonight

    Lost tv access tonight - help! What happened?
  • Best Show In World

    SO can't wait to see this episode :)