Criminal Minds

Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 23, 2005 on CBS

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  • Elle held hostage

    Elle is held hostage on a train by a man who thinks that the government is following him and have put tracking devices in him.Obviously not true he thinks this and when he sees Elle reading a case file he holds everyone on the train hostage.A brilliant episode that is well worth watching.
  • “Could at least one of you look like you're going to see me again?" - REID

    I will really add Reid as one of my personal favorite TV characters. He is becoming more and more attractive. I like how he acts very encyclopedic person. From a very eccentric boy genius to a man who wants to see the world and let the world know that being a genius is not something special but just a norm. His team babied him (asking never to remove his bullet proof jacket, Morgan trying to go with him as his enters the danger zone, etc) but in this episode he really showed that he is worth his position.
  • Highly enjoyable and suspenseful episode!

    This episode was a higly captivating one, and I really enjoyed it. The case was very cool, as it involved a hostage situation, and one of the hostages was indeed a team member.

    My favorite part of the episode was the 'magic trick' that Reid had to perform when he went into the train. It was really well done, and it created a lot of interesting moments as the episode carried through.

    I liked the idea of everyone being government agents, and Rreid did really well in the train to help eventually save them all!

    This was a really great episode, especially when considering how early it still is in the show's history and lifespan. Keep it up, Criminal Minds, and I would highly recommend this episode!
  • Review

    I actually think that this is a very overrated episode. There was no mystery - there was simply a profile that needed to be explored as carefully as possible so that no one on the train got hurt. I like the Criminal Minds epioosdes with a sense of mystery to them - a sense of not knowing who the bad guy is until the last ten minutes of the episode. In this episode it starts off with the little flashbacks of why everyone is on the train and then just like that the killer among everyone on the train is exposed. I thought this episode itself was written okay, it just wasnt one of my favorite storylines because of the general non-mystery factor that I have grown so used to seeing.
  • Little too slow

    Oh.. this time Greenaway ends up in being a hostage in a train what makes emergency stop as someone was hit by the train but that is not their biggest problem - there is lunatic who thinks he has something on him and wants it off, suspects everyone is against him.. and has two guns.

    So, the episode is about trying to get everyone out safely. Maybe it was that they did not had to figure out who was behind it that made it slower, or just as there was nothing they could do and we knew they won't solve it before the end.. so I think little too much time wasting.
  • When Elle Greenaway is one of several passengers held hostage by a paranoid schizophrenic on a train, Gideon must play the man's game and try to rescue the hostages without bloodshed and Spencer Reid turns out to be of invaluable assistance.

    Agent Elle Greenaway is on a train in Texas when a paranoid schizophrenic, former psychiatrist Teddy Bryar, hearing voices in his head which give him instructions, decides to take everyone hostage. The man is convinced that the government is monitoring him via a microchip implanted under his skin and he is determined to get it out.

    Gideon knows how dangerous the sick man is and he also knows that in order to free the hostages, it will be necessary to play along with his delusions as much as possible. Refusing to speak to anyone except the person in who is the Highest Authority, Gideon assures him that he IS speaking to the highest authority and that they will help him have the microchip removed at once. It is here that Reid comes into his own when he volunteers to use a magic trick requiring a skilled manouver in order to make Bryars believe that he has removed the offending 'tracking device'.

    Knowing that himself, Elle and the others on the train are in great danger, Reid nervously but successfully removes the chip, but will that satisfy Teddy Bryars when Leo, the persistant voice in his head, tells him that he has been tricked?

    Watch this one and enjoy the ending. The episode, overall is a little slow and somewhat predictable but Matthew Grey Gubler does a fantastic job and it's worth watching for that alone.
  • One of the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Elle and several others are taken hostage by a paranoid psychopath on a train to Texas. Just hearing that you've got to know its a great episode. Everything was so cleverly plotted and planned out. Just when you thought one thing was going to happen, the opposite did.

    One of my favorite parts is when Morgan calls Garcia to initially inform her about the train. She seems all wacky and funny, but as soon as he said "Penelope, Elle is one of the hostages" she immediatly becomes serious and says "I'm on it" That shows how much they care for each other. Bravo to CBS!
  • Elle uses her job even off duty!

    Elle is held hostage with a paranoid man who is
    Diagnosed with what John Nash, the whiz mathamatican has and
    That even off duty she must put her FBI skills to
    Good use in order to save those people on the train's lives
    And to help be cool, calm, and collected amid pressure!
    Great show and great acting again!
  • Excellent episode, and we learned about a hidden talent that Reid has.

    This was an excellent episode. They had Elle on her way to talk to a convicted murder, and then she and the other passengers on the train she is on are taken hostage by a psychiatric patient, who is hearing a voice noone else can. The others are worried when they realize that Elle is among the hostages. It shows that they are not just coworkers, but they are friends (and possibly like family to one another). Unfortunately for the hostages they are in Dallas, Texas in the middle of summer, so the inside of the train quickly starts to resemble that of an oven. Morgan calls Garcia on the way from the airport to the place where the train was stopped to get her to use face recognition software to find out who everyone is on a video feed that they sent to her. He tells her the gravity of the situation when he let's her know that Elle is among the hostages. Reid gets show that he has a talent with sleight-of-hand, and uses it to get himself on the train and trick the unsub that everything is alright. The unsub won't let him leave, and as he starts rambling (seemingly to himself), Reid begins to understand what the manner of psychosis this man is suffering from. Using this information, Reid is able to starrt to talk unsub down, when the unsub seems to start to lose it. He makes to shoot someone, but one of the other hostages shoots him first.
  • Once again the writers demonstrate a thourough understanding of delusional behavior and perception.

    When the BAU get's called in to assisst with a hostage situation on a train in Texas Gideon realizes that one of the hostages is agent Greenaway. The tensions is high as a brilliant, but schizephrenic, physicist takes control of the train and demands that the government remove the chip they implanted in his arm. Agent Greenaway along with the unsubs psychiatrist must try to keep the other hostages from making the situation worse.

    Chris Bauer does a superb job of playing the complex part of a paranoid delusional mind. Agent Reid is able to understand and empathize with the unsubs delusion, and eventually get him to lower his guard. In talking with the unsub Reid alludes a feeling he expresses in Season 2 Episode 11; Sex, Birth, Death; where he says 'I know what it's like to be afraid of your own mind'.
  • Awesome episode

    WOW! Now im not a fan of elle but felt sorry for her. She might have died :D. The guy telling Bryer everything creeped me out. The whole story line of this episode was great. There was the annoying dude, elle, the doctor and the guy with the glasses. I was especially on edge when Reid was mixed in. When he kept on droppong the chip before, i was thinking it wasnt going to work :D. his reaction to the rest of the team outside-looking all gloomy and sad, 'can at least one of you look like your going to see me agin' BRILLIANT :P. The effects with the string theory were good as well, string reid made me giggle. When the shot went off i though at first that reod accidently shot Bryer, but the breifcase guy did my jaw dropped :D. I love the quotes they do at the beginning and end of the show, and the ones they had this episode were good. 10/10!
  • Elle is kept as a hostage in a train by a paranoid. It's time to Reid to show his value and courage.

    I think this is one of the best episodes. I like Reid very much and I think that he is a very interesting character. I "LDSK" he showed his (let's call it this way) perfect shooting aim...
    The episode in general is gorgeous. The plot, the characters, the event... everything is connected.
    I really had a bad time watching it because I didn't know what was going to happen in the end (although I do confide in writers, you never know for sure...)so it keeps the stress until the final second of the episode.
    I recommend everybody who likes scientific cop series to watch this one. it is gorgeous, not only cops running and shooting!!
  • I think this was a veary cool episode.

    IO think it was revealing because you find out that reid dose have other ways to get inside the head of a cycodic. it was cool that you find that leo wasn\'t realy their although he is shown in the pitcers the ot her people can\'t see him. I think it was sop cool that reid was able to get inside the guys head and bring him down by saying he knows what it\'s like was almost like he actuly knew what it was like. It was diffrent that you actully knew who the unsub was and it wasn\'t realy a mystary what was going to happen. You find that reid is veary stuborn because he wouldn\'t let morgan try and do it for him.
  • loved this one!

    ok, so first of all, i loved it when i found out elle was going to be at the center of this episode. i hope the show continues to devote sections to each of the lead charecters so we can get to know all of them better. i loved the drunk guy, it seems like there is always that buttmonkey out there to ruin what should be happening and putting everyone else at greater risk. ok, and let's admit that reid was adorable as a magician, and totally convincing as an emotionally hurt genius. who's willing to be he wasn't lieing when he was talking about the voices?
  • One of the best character development episodes.

    I thought this was (and still is) one of the best episodes for overall character development. Having JJ and Reid directly involved in the situation really allowed for not only the actors to show how talented they are but the writers did a great job of grabbing the viewer's attention.

    I found myself almost on the edge of my seat hoping that nothing bad would happen to JJ or Reid, and then at the end hoping that something would come of their work together.

    It's episodes like these that keep me watching regularly. Since this episode has aired I've seen several others that provide some character expansion but nothing to the scale this one had.
  • The whole cast gets to add to this episode and Gideon release some control. Reid shines and controls the situation with more confedience than he has let on.

    This episode finally let Reid play to his strengths. The magic act was great and done so well that the suspect never had a clue. It was nice to see Gideon letting his people take the lead and each giving their experience to figure out how to handle the situation. The use of an actor as opposed to a voice in the head of the patient was done very well and came across as believable. It took me a while to realize only the patient saw him and no one else. When Reid clued into the and used it to gain the guy\'s trust it was amazing. For Reid to be able to function so well in a tense and deadly situation and appear to be in control, irregardless how he felt, was great to watch. Not many shows are interesting these days and Criminal Minds is one of the few.
  • One of the profilers is part of a group of hostages held by a paranoid schizophrenic.

    This was, on the whole, a good episode. It kept my attention, it was fast paced, it was different. The only thing that they probably could have done better would be regarding the imaginary person that the paranoid schizophrenic was seeing. It would have been cool if at first there was some doubt over whether or not he actually existed instead of having it clearly expressed that this person wasn't real.
  • This episode was pretty good. Each episode of this show seems to be getting better.

    I am not sure if it's due to my coming to understand/like the characters more with each show or if it's actually getting tighter and better with each episode. Either way, when I first started watching this series, it was one of the 'middle of the pack' series I was watching; it is climbing the 'ladder' now however and I find myself looking forward more and more to it each week.