Criminal Minds

Season 7 Episode 3

Dorado Falls

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 05, 2011 on CBS

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  • I love it when something comes back from the near-dead, and in this episode, "Criminal Minds" certainly did that.


    First of all, kudos to the writer for giving us some vintage "CM" to watch. It was so great to see everything falling into place the way it did in the 'old days' of Seasons 1-4. Emily being cornered by Morgan and told about her re-certification was correct, necessary and great to see that the writer remembered something like this.

    The part that really did my heart good was to see proper profiling and a proper presentation with everyone seated around the table asking appropriate questions. What was also excellent was the crime scene at the office building when the team viewed all the evidence and began profiling the crime and the unsub accurately, using proper procedures instead of jumping to conclusions. I was also delighted to see the joint press conference and Reid's "Dr. Who" reference was exactly what he WOULD sat and that was very refreshing.

    It was wonderful also to see murders which left out tons of overkill, given that we all have enough imagination to see it all without having everything pushed in our faces. Reid coming up with the answer to the unsub's condition was typical and Garcia teasing Morgan while also doing what she does best was refreshing to see.

    A terrific episode. Let us have lots more like this and again, thank you to the writer and director for great work.

  • Yeah! CM is back! Many thanks to Felix Alcala and Sharon Lee Watson for bringing genius back!


    I can only say that THIS is what I've been waiting for! A tight, intricate case, our genius team of geniuses working to their strengths and focusing on the job, an unsub that isn't explained down to the last detail within the first five minutes, AND no graphic in-your-face gore!

    Oh, old CM, how I've missed you!

    This ep reminds me of 'Distress' way back in season 2 in every good way. An unsub whose motivations are mysterious, a team that works together, and a plot that makes me sit up and pay attention! Felix knows how to keep a tight pace, how to tease and invite the viewer in to play along with the profilers, how to "show" that evil and blood is happening without smearing our faces with it. (That scene with Dolan shooting through the closet doors made me shout - "yes! this is how to do it!")

    Although we knew who the killer was right away, we had no idea exactly what he was doing or what was provoking him. The tiny hint of the injury to his forehead went a long way in provoking theories in my house, and was beautifully subtle. The way he examined each of his neighbors was so expertly done to show that something was off about him, but off in a not-obvious way. And the quick, decisive action he took at the office was startling and kinda masterful in a 'holy crap' manner.

    Reid's spouting about Dr. Who! I love a good geek reference, and, hey, that did sound like an awesome con experience! In fact, each of our profilers was more him- or herself than I've seen them act in a very, VERY long time! Of course Reid knew about this obscure disease that could rob a person from recognizing his closest loved ones. (And didn't that play out perfectly? Wouldn't a SEAL who had been in nasty, scary places he could never share be one who would lean towards paranoia and violence in this case?)

    Rossi takes charge as only a Marine would! Fantastic on the phone and confronting Dolan. Well done! And JJ worked the press conference with Morgan - and yet still has the new, shiny cojones to stand up to the Pentagon guy! Go new JJ! Hotch is fully in Team Lead mode when he takes over the FBI tech center (with Garcia!!! Yeah to the Tech!!) and shoots orders out in that commanding voice of his - great interaction with his team, as well. Yes, I'm gushing, but I missed this, I missed these characters so much!

    Two off notes: Morgan is way too controlled, way too soft and gentle with Prentiss for my taste. That convo at the end was too much sweetness and "aw" for my palate. And she's turned the tables in only a week, hasn't she? Morgan is allowed to be hurt and upset, but Reid isn't? Weird dynamic there, but I suppose maybe they're showing that it is still a bit weird between Morgan and Prentiss.

    The other off note: Garcia's banter. While I welcomed its return - she is bright and shining in this dark world - it was forced and over the top. The "whistle" line especially wasn't in any way appropriate just then. Garcia can make me smile when she is funnily awkward (like on a speakerphone with others listening) but this was a bit cringe-worthy.

    But those two winces could not in any way undo the brilliance that was this episode. High, high kudos to Mr. Alcala especially for his directing. This is how it should be done, kiddies. And to Ms. Watson for knowing who these characters are and wrapping them up in a great case to give back to the loyal fans.


  • Intriguing

    This episode is somehow unique. The suspect is rather innocent, I guess. I do find one thing a little disturbing: if the unsub is supposed to be resistant to PTSD, shouldn't it also mean he would have considerable self-conscious to realise that infiltrating an FBI building just to get his wife a little risky and inappropriate? I know he has a disease, but surely it doesn't mean he too loses his rationale considering he is still professional in his executions and cover-up? But anyway, it's a good episode.
  • Continuing the good streak!!


    Another brilliant episode of Criminal Minds.This was a wonderful plot of an ex naval seal. Initially you might think its similar to the episode "Distress" but just wait and watch it was something completely unexpected. The last scene where the unsub finally opens his eyes is just heart wrenching. The person who acted as the unsub did a brilliant job of expressions which came through and I personally thought he was well suited for that role since he could pull of looking like a naval seal. I really reallysympathized with him even though there was no justification for his killing.

    Loved that it was Reid who came up with the final answer as to what was the mental disorder that the unsub suffered, typical Reid. And Rossi totally rocked being being the ex marine in this. Prentiss and Morgan's friendship is just heart warming, and this episode is an answer to all those people who complained how Morgan got over Emily's return soquickly...well he actually hasn't. I like how every member on the team now seems to have a proper role and individual personality is showing through as compared to last season where they all just seemed to be drifting about with each having no substantial part. The direction of this episode was really well done and kept the suspense till the very end.I am glad they showed that the unsub made it all the way in, because frankly if he hadn't I would have beendisappointed since you would expect a naval seal to actually pull that sort of thing off.

    Can't wait for the next episode. Keep them coming!

  • The first half did not have me convinced, but after finishing the episode, I loved it all! (Possible spoilers ahead!)


    Like I said, I wasn't sure what to make of the first half. The first scene was just... wow - really it was well beyond words. After thant there were about 10-15 minutes which I didn't particularly enjoy. There was a tad bit of confusion at the time and it was a little bordering on boring at times.

    However, after we discover about the UnSub's disease, all the jigsaw pieces start to fit into place! From that point onwards, everything became a little clearer and the suspense level shot through the roof in the closing stages.

    I definitely think that this is one of that rare bunch of episodes that will be more enjoyable to watch the second time round! It's not often that I say that, but I really think I will enjoy this episode more the next time I watch it.

    Wasn't sure what to make of the Morgan/Prentiss banter. I wasn't particularly happy with the way in which that developed. Hoping for better hcharacter development next week, but aside from that, there is very little I would change or (replace about this episode!

    Keep it up, guys!