Criminal Minds

Season 3 Episode 16

Elephant's Memory

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Apr 16, 2008 on CBS
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The BAU is called to West Bune, a small town in Texas, to investigate what appears to be spree killings that involve a teenaged boy and his girlfriend.

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  • the beginning scene

    the agent int he scene with reid coming out of aa or what ever. he usually plays a bad guy in most things and it was nice seeing him play a charater that was a good guy. The way he played that scene I almost wonder if that's part of his real life story or he's just that good an actor. Either way it was a good scene don't get me wrong. but i'm just curious. it's one of the better ones I thought.moreless
  • The BAU investigate spree killings.

    This episode revolved around Reid and a spree killer who the BAU identified straight away and then it was just a matter of finding him and making sure he wouldn't hurt Jordan This episode has great character development between Morgan and Reid where they was talking about bullies at school Reid made the case personal when he saw the unsub was coming for Jordan when they had her in custody and if Reid said anything wrong things would have turned bad but he managed to stop a shootout but still got told off by Hotchner.moreless
  • Help!

    I love the episode it is my favorite one, but I cannot remember the name of the song, can someone help me and tell me what it is?
  • SSA Spencer Reid. Finally.

    To start I appreciate the fact that Reid's drug problem hasn't been forgotten or swept under the rug. He's aware and trying to address it. Michael Ironside was a nice addition, he's always been a favorite of mine.

    What I loved about this episode was it was Reid focused and oriented but not overly done. His profiling of Owen as well as relating to him, he possibly afraid that he could be Owen based on his family history and background. Reid seemed to want to explain or even defend him. It was obvious Reid has been in Owen's shoes. It seems that it's forgotten sometimes that as smart as Reid is, he is still very young to do the work that he does.

    The scene with Reid and Derek was pretty insightful. Derek explaining to Reid that he wasn't alone and that everyone takes away things from their past both good and bad. But he also reminded him that he wasn't alone.

    One of the things that I really appreciated was the showing of the two different sides of Owen. You have the murderer and you have the protector. They are one in the same but totally different. The script brings to light a very real problem that teenagers deal with every day.

    The final scene with Owen and Reid was incredible. The scene with Reid and Hodges on the plane was great. I loved that Hodges addressed the issue as his boss but also offered some understanding as a friend. I also loved the peak that he knew exactly what "movie" Reid was seeing, shows you he's aware and concerned.moreless
  • Finally, the focus is on Reid.

    I'm pleased that the writer's have chosen to deal with Reid's drug problem in a positive way. It was great that the writer's put a senior menber of the FBI in Reid's group. He now realizes that he doesn't have to face his addiction problem alone.

    Anyone who has suffered cruel abuse by a bully can relate to Derek's character. The writer's did an excellent job of showing a tormented soul who has the heart of a protector. I also feel that the writer's did an great job of showing just how willing adults are to turn a blind eye when it comes to bullying while the victim must deal with the problem on his or her own. The best part of the episode was when Reid and Morgan reflected on how they were the victim of bullies when they were younger. Reid suffered his torment in silence while Morgan found ways fit in and survive. I liked the ending where Reid manages get Derek to surrender without incident. While Hotch and Reid shared some differences of opinions through out the show, Hotch convincingly found a balance of being a boss and being a friend. I loved how Hotch seemed to that Reid was getting help for his addiction without sharing it with the rest of the team.moreless
Shemar Moore

Shemar Moore

SSA Derek Morgan

Kirsten Vangsness

Kirsten Vangsness

Analyst Penelope Garcia

Thomas Gibson

Thomas Gibson

Unit Chief Aaron Hotchner

Matthew Gray Gubler

Matthew Gray Gubler

SSA Dr. Spencer Reid

Paget Brewster

Paget Brewster

SSA Emily Prentiss

A.J. Cook

A.J. Cook

SSA Jennifer "JJ" Jareau

Chris Mulkey

Chris Mulkey

Sheriff Britt Hallum

Guest Star

Cody Kasch

Cody Kasch

Owen Savage

Guest Star

Lindsey Haun

Lindsey Haun

Jordan Norris

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Reid explains at the school that Owen has a learning disability with spatial problems. For example, he wouldn't be able to fill in the correct bubble on a standardized test. However, they previously talked about how the shooter had the skills to effectively use an automatic weapon and how Owen's father had taught him how to shoot because he was a Marine. Shooting well requires excellent hand-eye coordination, which Reid said he didn't have at all.

    • When Reid is speaking before the "Beltway Clean Cops" group, his hair is parted on the left. A few scenes later, his hair is parted on the right. Then the part returns to the left side before he leaves the podium.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Reid: Sorry I'm late.
      Rossi: I hope she was worth it.
      Morgan: I hope it was a she.

    • Garcia: (drinking coffee) The kid's tech savvy, sir. But fret not. I am tech savvier. Is that a word? That sounds like a word. If it is a word, I'm it.
      Prentiss: D.C. time, Garcia.
      Garcia: 11:17 a.m.
      Prentiss: D.C. decaf.

    • Sheriff Hallum: That wasn't Jordan's body that we found.
      Prentiss: Who was it?
      Sheriff Hallum: Not who. What. The remains we sent to the M.E. turned out to be three hams and a dozen bone-in ribeyes stuffed in Jordan Norris' blue jeans. So, you tell me. Is she a hostage or accomplice?

    • Rod Norris: (speaking to a creaking tree) You wake me again tonight… it'll be a chainsaw for you.

    • Prentiss: (reading text sent from Jordan's PDA) "You turned her against me."
      Reid: It's not Jordan.
      Prentiss: Somebody please tell me we didn't just get Jordan killed.

    • Hotchner: I know it's painful when the person you identify with is the bad guy.
      Reid: What's that make me?
      Hotchner: Good at the job. (long pause) I know it's none of my business, but when we land I think you should go and, uh, catch the rest of that movie.

    • Hotchner: What were you thinking?
      Reid: I was thinking that that would have been the second time a kid died in front of me.
      Hotchner: You're keeping score, just like Owen.
      Reid: It was my turn to save one.
      Hotchner: Doesn't work like that.
      Reid: It should.

    • Hotchner: (to Reid) You knowingly jeopardized your life and the lives of others, I should fire you.

    • Morgan: You know, we forget half of what they teach us in school, but when it comes to the torment and the people who inflicted it, we've all got an elephant's memory.

    • John: Here. Take this. That's my one year medallion – it took me six years to get it. For the past thirteen years I've never left home without it because I know if I forget that, I'll lose my gun, my credentials, my home, everything. Hold on to it.
      Reid: I only have 10 months.
      John: I know.
      Reid: It's your most prized possession.
      John It is.
      Reid: You're just giving it to me?
      John: No. Couple of months, when you get your year, you give it back to me.
      Reid: I really don't understand.
      John: You will.

    • Reid: "A sad soul can kill you quicker - far quicker - than a germ." John Steinbeck

    • Reid: "We cross our bridges when we come to them, and burn them behind us with nothing to show for our progress except a memory of the smell of smoke and a presumption that once our eyes watered." Tom Stoppard

    • Detective : Look, boys have ways of taking care of these things.
      Reid : Yes, and now Owen is out there taking care of things with an assault rifle.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Reid said he had a crush on Allison Lisbon in this episode. This line was possibly a reference to A.J. Cook's role as Mary Lisbon in the movie The Virgin Suicides (1999).