Criminal Minds

Season 3 Episode 16

Elephant's Memory

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 16, 2008 on CBS

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  • the beginning scene

    the agent int he scene with reid coming out of aa or what ever. he usually plays a bad guy in most things and it was nice seeing him play a charater that was a good guy. The way he played that scene I almost wonder if that's part of his real life story or he's just that good an actor. Either way it was a good scene don't get me wrong. but i'm just curious. it's one of the better ones I thought.
  • The BAU investigate spree killings.

    This episode revolved around Reid and a spree killer who the BAU identified straight away and then it was just a matter of finding him and making sure he wouldn't hurt Jordan This episode has great character development between Morgan and Reid where they was talking about bullies at school Reid made the case personal when he saw the unsub was coming for Jordan when they had her in custody and if Reid said anything wrong things would have turned bad but he managed to stop a shootout but still got told off by Hotchner.
  • Help!

    I love the episode it is my favorite one, but I cannot remember the name of the song, can someone help me and tell me what it is?
  • SSA Spencer Reid. Finally.

    To start I appreciate the fact that Reid's drug problem hasn't been forgotten or swept under the rug. He's aware and trying to address it. Michael Ironside was a nice addition, he's always been a favorite of mine.

    What I loved about this episode was it was Reid focused and oriented but not overly done. His profiling of Owen as well as relating to him, he possibly afraid that he could be Owen based on his family history and background. Reid seemed to want to explain or even defend him. It was obvious Reid has been in Owen's shoes. It seems that it's forgotten sometimes that as smart as Reid is, he is still very young to do the work that he does.

    The scene with Reid and Derek was pretty insightful. Derek explaining to Reid that he wasn't alone and that everyone takes away things from their past both good and bad. But he also reminded him that he wasn't alone.

    One of the things that I really appreciated was the showing of the two different sides of Owen. You have the murderer and you have the protector. They are one in the same but totally different. The script brings to light a very real problem that teenagers deal with every day.

    The final scene with Owen and Reid was incredible. The scene with Reid and Hodges on the plane was great. I loved that Hodges addressed the issue as his boss but also offered some understanding as a friend. I also loved the peak that he knew exactly what "movie" Reid was seeing, shows you he's aware and concerned.
  • Finally, the focus is on Reid.

    I'm pleased that the writer's have chosen to deal with Reid's drug problem in a positive way. It was great that the writer's put a senior menber of the FBI in Reid's group. He now realizes that he doesn't have to face his addiction problem alone.

    Anyone who has suffered cruel abuse by a bully can relate to Derek's character. The writer's did an excellent job of showing a tormented soul who has the heart of a protector. I also feel that the writer's did an great job of showing just how willing adults are to turn a blind eye when it comes to bullying while the victim must deal with the problem on his or her own. The best part of the episode was when Reid and Morgan reflected on how they were the victim of bullies when they were younger. Reid suffered his torment in silence while Morgan found ways fit in and survive. I liked the ending where Reid manages get Derek to surrender without incident. While Hotch and Reid shared some differences of opinions through out the show, Hotch convincingly found a balance of being a boss and being a friend. I loved how Hotch seemed to that Reid was getting help for his addiction without sharing it with the rest of the team.
  • Character development for Reid!

    Very good show as I am glad that they have focused on Reid once again as he just hasn't been shown much, due to Gideon's departure and Rossi's coming that has dominated the season three. He knew that he felt like Owen. Owen needed help despite all that he had done and ruined. So it is a good thing that Hotch didn't fire him because Hotch knew what he was going through. While Derek considers Reid like a little brother. Really his drug problem hasn't been swept under the rug as he seems to be needing help. The great but underrated Michael Ironside was here. Wished that he had more minutes. Great show and glad that they focused on Reid this time.
  • When a gunman goes on a rampage in Texas with his girlfriend,Reid has to deal with some painful moments in his past.

    I really love this episode.As someone who has been on the receiving end of bullies, I felt that it really spoke out about the problems with bullies and the harm they do.Reid identifies with a vengeful teenage gunman who was the victim of bullies and uncaring society. I liked how Reid tore the school officials a new one when he was able to see some of Owen's problems just by looking in his files a few minutes,while the teachers never diagnosed them. Even though what Owen did was extreme,of all of his victims, I only felt sorry for the old man. I loved the scene with Reid and Morgan when they both talked about being bullied. Spencer's story was horrible and Ifelt for him as he was crying with the pain of remembering. I also liked the thought that even Morgan was the victim of bullies. I read where some people thought that Reid acted like a brat, but I for one am glad that he spoke up. Maybe if more people spoke up,these kids wouldn't resort to violence.
  • A great episode with great timing and a theme that matched the timing of the episode perfectly. A great mix of school shootings and Reids personal meltdown. Kudos to the producers for having the guts to show the episode on the anniversary of

    A great episode with great timing and a theme that matched the timing of the episode perfectly. A great mix of school shootings and Reids personal meltdown. Kudos to the producers for having the guts to show the episode on the anniversary of the Virgina Tech Shootings. I loved how they went through pain staking details to show what made the killer a monster. Reid was great lashing out at a town who by apathy or appointment created this boy anew as a killing machine. The final resolution with Reid being free of his past and all self destructive behavior that would make his use drugs was done perfectly. Great episode giving us all we love about Criminal Minds.
  • This exceeded my expectation for a TV program. I am crying for youth that experience the pain of being bullied by your own classmates....huhuhuhuhu:(

    This exceeded my expectation. I really cried in this episode. The people who serve justice needs to be served with justice as well. I cry for the people who Reid is portraying because they have to experience that kind of harsh reality of life from their very own peers and classmate. School should never be a place of violence but place where a child should find peace and love and not to learn about violence nor witness violence. They should be kept away from this kind of situation. They can be kept updated but not be the victim of it especially coming from their own schoolmates.
  • A couple go on a killing spree.... or do they?

    The episode opens with a man going home and his house exploding. Two police men turn up, but just as they put the call through that they are going to need back-up, they are both gunned down. We then fast forward to see Spencer in a meeting, for clean cops. Kind of like a AA meeting, but for cops (who have all sorts of problems such as drink and drugs). We learn that it's been 10 months since he stopped using drugs. He then gets a call, and leaves the meeting. He explains at the meeting that started using, because a kid was killed in front of him and all he wants is for the images to go away.

    The team discover that the man and the 2 cops weren't the only casualties as another victim was found believed to be his daughter. The team learn from the cops that she went to Special Ed, for being little bit slow. The Sherriff believes that the daughter's boyfriend may have had something to do with the murders. They find Owen's (the daughter's boyfriend) car and another victim. Victim number 5.The body they thought was Jordan turns out not to be, it was actually a set up, by Jordan and Owen. The team ask a simple question: - is she a hostage or an accomplice. This is soon answered in the next scene and seems like she is an accomplice. When we see .Jordan we learn that she does not know that her father is dead and we also learn that he used to hit her. The fifth victim is a boy name Kyle. We soon discover that he took advantage of Jordan when she was a freshman and he told everyone about it. Garcia finds a new clip about the boys on the school network and watches as the boys who were mean to Owen and Jordan are gunned down. The owner of the house they are staying in comes home early and Owen simply kills him with a knife. Reid reveals when he was younger he was stripped and tied to a goal post in school. Reid's mother had one of her episodes that night and didn't even notice that he wasn't home (when he returned after midnight!)They have to convince one of Jordan's friends to text her and explain to her the truth of the situation. She has no idea what danger she is in. She soon discovers that it is true when she sees Owen burying the owner of the house that they are in.

    The team believe that they may have gotten Jordan killed when they get a message from Owen "You turned her against me" But, just at that moment, she walks in to the police station. When they track down where they were staying Owen has already left and left them a note saying that he was returning the necklace to her. In the background is a song called Hurt by Johnny Cash. They think that he's going to the graveyard to visit his mother, but Reid figures out that he's going to where Jordan is. Where they are. Reid sees him approaching and tries to talks him down. Reid manages to talk him down and saves the day. The team the arrest Owen. As they fly home Reid & Hotch talk.
  • A member of the BAU acts out on a case.

    I'm never a fan when someone in this line of work acts out and receives little to no punishment for it. Reid identified with the kid better then anyone, but he let it get to him like Agent Rossi did a couple of episodes ago and took things into his own hands and allowed his emotions to get the better of him when he was helping the team to give a profile. He continues this behavior throughout the episode, which was another thing. If your the unit cheif why not send Reid home? He's clearly not acting the way that he's supposed to be acting and is being little to no help for the entire team. The case itself was also not the ebst for me. I never like the desert like scenery, though it didn't bother me as much in this case like it has in past cases. The boyfriend and the girlfriend had a couple of scenes together that lasted a little longer then I would have liked them too. This episode had us trying to feel bad for the boy who had been through so much in his life, but I always looked at it as why he couldn't overcome his problems.
  • Emotional story..

    I do not know but this one hurt me really bad - emotionally. Even in the most brutal cases, I will not end up crying in the end as I did on this. Maybe it was the song - "Hurt" what is one really magnificent masterpiece and with all that going on this episode, it really felt powerful. Maybe it was the case - who of us in not bullied at school and we wonder why noone never stop those other kids.. Maybe it was the way Reid got involved - there are now and then cases when some member gets more involved than others, and that usually adds much to the episode.

    A really good one.
  • More Reid -centric character development and excellent interaction between Reid and Morgan, proving once again that Morgan is the supportive big brother Reid never had.

    This episode was nicely done on many levels. For one, it gave the readers something they had pretty much given up on, and that is some semblance of on-screen resolution to Reid's drug addiction storyline. It's about time!!!

    What was great too about this episode was the the trauma of past events STILL has the ability to effect Reid. What he did was completely understandable. Matthew's performance was stellar! It was actually painful to sit there and listen to him reveal his shameful childhood incident to Morgan. But as usual, Morgan was right there with compassion and understanding. Lastly, and unashamedly controversial - I cringed when Reid was teased about being out with some girl. WHEN are the writers going to get up the guts and bring this character out of the closet?? This is 2009 for goodness sake. People are NOT going to stop watching because you allow this character to be what he is.
  • trying to make amends

    this episode was great. Reid was, is and shall remain one of my favorite characters (besides Garcia). he is faced with an unsub who went through the cruel "rites of passage" of high-school life. what is really irritating - these things go on in high-schools throughout the country and i'm sure the measures taken are very weak. bullying is always a part of this chapter of a person's life and nobody will put an end to it. they say it's a "part of life", that "it will make you stronger". how does that make you stronger? when you feel humiliated in front of everybody, in front of your so-called friends. Until the end i wanted to believe that Owen was innocent, but that wasn't the case. I don't want to claim that he was right, violence and murder are never the answer, but unless bullying and these rites of passage end, or nobody will take measures simply because they want to avoid problems, these kind of actions will take place.
  • Great start, good episode, but something just let me down.

    This was a very interesting episode, and quite a memorable one fo me, as it was quite out there and quite unique from what we hav seen in the past.

    I found the case to be vry interesting, but I thought there could have been just that little bit more to warrant me scroing this a 'ten'.

    I did think, however, that the beginning scene was extremely well done, and it looked very interesting from that point forth. When an episode starts well, it generally goes well, and that definintely was the case with this.

    Overall, terrific episode, which I would highly recommend!
  • A small town in Texas is the setting for a number of murders, all obviously very meticulously planned. The BAU travel there to find out who and why while Reid publicly acknowledges his battle against drugs.

    Our dear, sweet and vulnerable Dr. Spencer Reid attends a meeting of fellow law enforcement officials who have substance abuse issues and begins to tell his story to the audience, all of whom most certainly understand what he is going through. He has made it to ten months without using drugs and is justifiably proud of himself. Of course, he doesn't get to finish because his phone rings and it's back on the job as the team travel to Texas to investigate an explosion which killed a middle-aqged man and his teenage daughter. Two police officers are found dead at the scene also- but they have been shot so this unsub is clearly out for revenge of some kind.

    When some investigation reveals that the teenage girl, Jordan Morris, is actually NOT the unidentifiable body which was so badly burned, but in fact several hams thrust into clothing to make it look as though it was her, the BAU soon realise that Jordan is missing, but the question is, is she a hostage or did she aid the unsub in the murder of her father and the two policemen?

    Talking to Jordan's only friend at high school, the team learn that Jordan was madly in love with young Owen Savage, the son of one of the police officers killed at the scene, and that she had a difficult time in high school with Owen being her boyfriend and protector. Looking into Owen's life, the BAU realise that he has had it rough and that he is almost certainly their unsub. But has he killed more people than was first believed? If so, why? Is Jordan dead or still with him? And if they don't catch him soon, how many more will die?

    A great episode and fantastic to see Reid getting help for his addictions and plenty of understanding from guest actor Michael Ironside whose brief appearance made for some very good television. Reid has always appeared vulnerable. He is still so very young and has been through so much in his short life that it is hard to see him continue to suffer. Matthew Gray Gubler always plays the character to perfection. Watch and enjoy!