Criminal Minds

Season 3 Episode 16

Elephant's Memory

Aired Wednesday Apr 16, 2008 on CBS

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  • Finally, the focus is on Reid.

    I'm pleased that the writer's have chosen to deal with Reid's drug problem in a positive way. It was great that the writer's put a senior menber of the FBI in Reid's group. He now realizes that he doesn't have to face his addiction problem alone.

    Anyone who has suffered cruel abuse by a bully can relate to Derek's character. The writer's did an excellent job of showing a tormented soul who has the heart of a protector. I also feel that the writer's did an great job of showing just how willing adults are to turn a blind eye when it comes to bullying while the victim must deal with the problem on his or her own. The best part of the episode was when Reid and Morgan reflected on how they were the victim of bullies when they were younger. Reid suffered his torment in silence while Morgan found ways fit in and survive. I liked the ending where Reid manages get Derek to surrender without incident. While Hotch and Reid shared some differences of opinions through out the show, Hotch convincingly found a balance of being a boss and being a friend. I loved how Hotch seemed to that Reid was getting help for his addiction without sharing it with the rest of the team.
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