Criminal Minds

Season 2 Episode 8

Empty Planet

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 08, 2006 on CBS

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  • A serial bomber uses a novel as a guide.

    A serial bomber terrorizes Seattle in a very entertaining episode and a very good character episode where Gideon shows how much Morgan means to him and any of his team members when Morgan stays with the woman who is in her car with a bomb in it which could explode at any moment Before this we had already saw the bomber detonate many bombs and phone the BAU to try and get the point across The team realise that he is targeting automated technology and using a novel as a guide called the empty planet and he sees it that he has to destroy automated technology to stop the robots winning The team then find out that he is after the author and when they get there he already has her hostage but with a bad shot form one of the agents he shoots the author but they was able to get the bomber.
  • To be honest, this episode bored me senseless and that doesn't happen very often with 'Criminal Minds'. A serial bomber is setting off bombs of various velocity around the city and his targets are mainly areas of technology and people connected to it.

    Someone is setting pipe bombs all over the place, mainly in government buildings, such as the library and the post office and some are far more deadly than others when a professor is murdered by a bomb placed in his car and another is almost blown to bits as well.

    The catalyst is a book called 'Empty Planet', which is a work of Science Fiction, written by a female academic who used a male pseudonym. It was the only book she wrote. Naturally, Reid is familiar with it and tells the team that the story ends with 'the son killing his mother'. This is very predictable as the bomber is a young man and the author a middle-aged woman. Bomb expert Morgan is able to stop a detination or two but nobody can stop the inevitable confrontation between the author and the bomber whom he believes to be the mother who gave him up for adoption twenty-six years ago. Turns out she gave up a daughter but he intends to kill her anyway so that he can complete his fantasy and so make the ending of the book 'real' for him.

    Deadly dull, wake me when it's over.
  • Back to real crime fighting!

    After all of that high noon drama now that Elle
    Is gone, they have gone indeed back to some serious stuff
    But when they get out of line and do personal stuff
    Not that there is anything wrong with it, sometimes the
    Gang grows apart as that throws a wrench. Having Elle gone
    Perhaps is a good thing perhaps. As the team goes to Seattle
    To track a serial bomber. And work with an fiction author
    with help in catching the bomber who has been getting ideals from the novels!
  • One good scene does not an episode make.

    A crazy bomber using a sci-fi book as a blueprint to destroy all technology sounds like it would be exciting, doesn't it? So, I have to ask myself, why doesn't this episode work?

    First reason - the plot is off. If they were going to use this book theme, they should have used a real book which someone other than Dr. Reid has ever read. That would have kept him from having to explain every little thing to the rest of the team. The viewers didn't feel the exciting suspense leading up to catching the killer because we didn't really know what was going on. Give us a chance to figure it out along with the team! We like that!

    Second reason - the character of the bomber. Shallow. One dimensional. Most of the villians in this show are beautifully fleshed out - we really really hate some of them, and we feel sorry for others. But this guy? He's just nuts, and we don't get to see him for any time until the last scene. Dr. Kent may feel bad for him, but the rest of us? Ho-hum.

    Third reason - the team. Elle is gone, she's been gone for a while, so why is the team so disconnected? Gideon keeps shooting Reid these nasty looks, Morgan bonds more with the bomb tech and the victim than anyone else, and JJ disppears after her press conference gig. The banter on the jet at the end is the best we get - and even then the scene between Morgan and Gideon falls flat. One good scene - Morgan holding Dr. Brazier's hand as they try to get the bomb out from under her seat - doesn't make a good episode. We love Morgan more than ever in that scene, and it was a great performance by Cheryl Francis Harrington as Dr. Brazier. But, come on, we knew Morgan wasn't going to get blown up, didn't we?

    I guess all great shows have to have some average episodes or we won't appreciate the fantastic ones when they come along.
  • Could have been any city actually.

    Great story but whoever is in charge of trying to recreate Seattle should be fired! Did they even try to research simple things that everyone can find on the Internet in seconds? The name of the city bus is wrong and the colors are not even close. There were not enough real shots of Seattle intercut with the story to make it believable. I was blown away at how inaccurate it was...obviously shot in LA.
  • Why?

    I can't understand why is so difficult to depict a real sf writer and/or high education professor. All the intellectuals in this episode were as real as a dummies, pompous, unbelieble and bags full of farts. Somebody should tell the people who does TV and movies that the guys and ladies in universities are normal people and that if somebody is a writer or a professor it doesn't mean he/she will use seven syllabes words and look down on everybody
  • interesting story...

    The team goes to Seatlle to try and figure out a suspect that targets technology. Basically, it turned out to by a guy that took a fiction book seriously and he thought he was the main character in the story and that he was supposed to stop the technology. It was a very interesting idea, actually, and I really liked it. The story was just great and the writing was great also. In the end, the man goes to kill his "mom" but it wasn't his mom was just good. Anyways, good episode, very interesting story, and just a good all-around episode.
  • Morgan… what a fellow

    Any way this show started slowly but I got into it about half way!!! And love it!!! I love Morgan and Reid relationship it is so funny!!!

    In this show Reid is a nerd… he read books fast, the woman was very amused to find out how fast Reid was reading. Lol I love her expression.

    I sorta had a feeling that the woman was keeping something from the police officer… some how I just had that feeling… Morgan… I like him more and more. He is so nice especially the bit with Reid, how he is always teasing Reid about being a nerd, looking out for Reid, and the car bomb with the girl in it. He was so nice!!! Not leaving her there. That was so cool and brave of Morgan.
  • Review

    Didn't really like the episode much and I would go as far to classify it as the worst of the season up to this point. I thought the beginning was very poor, but the writers did make up for it with the end of the episode. Once again I thought Shemar turned in a performance that stood above all others here - with his scene helping the woman who was trapped in her car being the scene of the episode for me. Also enjoyed the bomber taking his "mother" hostage and getting her shot. Granted we don't know if she lives or dies, I think its common knowledge to assume that she lived because we never saw her die. Loved the ending scene as well with Gideon and Morgan on the plane. Gideon is still the person that everyone is trying to impress and I think Morgan walked away from that conversation feeling better about himself and I hope to see that inner confidence continue to build throughout the season.
  • Bringing literature into life

    A bomber gets his inspiration from a book whose author is a woman he believes is her mother.

    So, we have a episode full of bombs as on one point, Morgan is just running after him to get them all.. And I most say when last episode was JJ, then this one was Morgan - his past in bomb team, the way he could not leave that woman alone in the car.. that all was to show the commitment we have seen is all the chars before now on him.

    The story itself - I do not know. The episode started much promising but in the end, the story just faded.
  • Call your local library and tell them to shift the book called 'Empty Planet' from the fiction section to the non-fiction section.

    This was yet another brilliantly written episode! The case was very interesting, as it appeare that the killer was aiming to scare rather than to kill, and he was going after three victims in particular.

    It was very brilliant ahow the writers wrote this one! The bomber was trying to recreate a fictitiuos novel into real life, believeing himself to be the protagonist of the story.

    The scenes with the lady sitting on the bomb in the car were very tense, as were a lot of other secnes. The suspense was perhaps the best part of hthe episode.

    I also really enjoyed the ending, which was a recreation of the ending of the novel, where the protagonist is to kill the mother who gave himself up for adoption.

    The scene with th sniper was done brilliantly and magnificently, and it confirmed that this book was more than a novel!

    This episode was just brilliant! Perhaps not quite as good as 'The Boogeyman' or 'North Mammon', but nevertheless, I recommend it highly, and I urge the creators to maintain this high calibre! Great work!
  • A welcome relief now that the writers have sloppily handled losing one character (Elle) and gotten back to real writing. I sure hope they do a better job of bringing the new character in than they did writing Elle out of the show.

    Criminal Minds is my favorite show. All the episodes (except the ones where they made the FBI look like a bunch of bungling idiots that 1) sent Elle home when the unsub knew all their personal information 2) Let her come back to work before she was medically released 3) Ignored her outburst when she realistically expressed her lack of confidence in H\'s ability to \"have her back\" are usually great. Hopefully they will do a better job of bringing the new character into the show than they did writing Elle out.
  • Did anyone really care about this guy?

    Come on. I group against technology? Could someone please point them in the direction of Amish country. The guy playing this week's pyscho had a crazy look in his eyes that actually made him funny not dangerous. The kid killing his classmates a few episodes ago was more frightening than this weirdo.
  • Gideon reveals how he feels about Morgan. And we find out that Reid can't keep a secret.

    Personally, I really enjoyed this episode. My favorite moment of all is when Ursula was reading the manefesto and she looks up at Reid speed reading her book. The look on her face is priceless. I also liked how they showed Morgan's feelings in regards to Dr. Reid when he and Gideon are talking. It seems as though (to me) that maybe Morgan is intimidated by Reid. That's just me though.
  • The team worked together in this episode so well. It seems as though they get better and better at what they do.

    This was such a well written episode. The entire team worked as one together and made it very exciting. Morgan had a chance to shine in this one and he made it work so well. I love his conversations with Garcia. She is the adorable sparkle plenty of the show. Dr. Reid's reading abilities are amazing. Apprently he had first read what sounded like a rather complex book when he was six years old. Looks like the new kid on the block joins the team next week. It will be interesting to see how she blends in and the dynamics of her relating to all the team members.
  • This was a good episode, but seemed to be a little more anti-climactic than usual.

    This episode is about an anti-technology bomber who is attempting to live out the book, "Empty Planet". The team must stop the bomber before he bombs again.
    The episode was above average in its "bomb plot" as it was a good change of pace for the show. Near the end, viewers will seem more secure than usual. This is my only complaint. Part of watching the show is to be on the edge of your seat, but this episode fails to do that near the end. It does come really close, but seems to try to rush the ending. Again, this episode was good and I would recommend watching it, but I would not rate it as one of the season's best.
  • loved the story

    had a very interesting aspect to it. enjoyed the continued friendship that is building between the characters. and loved where the stories go and how the team comes to the conclusion. could not ask for a better show on tv right now. would like to see more personal battles with the characters, and maybe some reveals of skeletons in some closets. favorite characters are reid, and the computer whiz. all in all still one of the better shows on tv right now. hope to see more of this type of series on this network and others. thanks for reading this.
  • Bomb, Bomb, Bombs away!

    A bomber takes this book "Empty Planet" seriously because he thinks that the writer is his mother. He has been chasing down his birth mother for a long time and wanted to carry out what he believed his mother would want him to do. He bombed different sites, in which there wasn't a lot of casualties. The show was set-up much better than usual because everybody had a part and lines were evenly split and the incorporation of more insight into the perpetrator was much needed. The most special moment was when Morgan went against Hotch's orders him to leave the woman in the car with the bomb because he might blow up also. Then at the end the interaction between Gideon and Morgan was special because Gideon let out that he actually cared about Morgan.
  • Wow! It was quite the realistic episode.

    What I like about this show is it's realism. How this kid is adopted and due to a series of events told of a book. The boy somehow thought it was for him and used it as a guide to his life. It seems religious doesn't it? I was really proud how Morgan and Hotch stayed with the poor woman in that car with the bomb under her seat. They kept her calm and showed compassion even if it was dangerous for them to be there. Even Gideon had said that they were stupid but they weren't wrong. It shows that even these guys believe in kindness even if it's small.