Criminal Minds

Season 2 Episode 8

Empty Planet

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 08, 2006 on CBS

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  • One good scene does not an episode make.

    A crazy bomber using a sci-fi book as a blueprint to destroy all technology sounds like it would be exciting, doesn't it? So, I have to ask myself, why doesn't this episode work?

    First reason - the plot is off. If they were going to use this book theme, they should have used a real book which someone other than Dr. Reid has ever read. That would have kept him from having to explain every little thing to the rest of the team. The viewers didn't feel the exciting suspense leading up to catching the killer because we didn't really know what was going on. Give us a chance to figure it out along with the team! We like that!

    Second reason - the character of the bomber. Shallow. One dimensional. Most of the villians in this show are beautifully fleshed out - we really really hate some of them, and we feel sorry for others. But this guy? He's just nuts, and we don't get to see him for any time until the last scene. Dr. Kent may feel bad for him, but the rest of us? Ho-hum.

    Third reason - the team. Elle is gone, she's been gone for a while, so why is the team so disconnected? Gideon keeps shooting Reid these nasty looks, Morgan bonds more with the bomb tech and the victim than anyone else, and JJ disppears after her press conference gig. The banter on the jet at the end is the best we get - and even then the scene between Morgan and Gideon falls flat. One good scene - Morgan holding Dr. Brazier's hand as they try to get the bomb out from under her seat - doesn't make a good episode. We love Morgan more than ever in that scene, and it was a great performance by Cheryl Francis Harrington as Dr. Brazier. But, come on, we knew Morgan wasn't going to get blown up, didn't we?

    I guess all great shows have to have some average episodes or we won't appreciate the fantastic ones when they come along.