Criminal Minds

Season 7 Episode 6


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 02, 2011 on CBS

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  • Not your average motive.

    Most male serial killers are motivated by sex. Criminal Minds would be very boring if every male serial killer was sexually motivated. I like the diversity of motives and . in this show. This unsub was motivated not by sex, but from fear about what's waiting for him on the other side. I'm guessing sentencing him to death for murder would be redundant, as he's dying anyway; adding insult to injury (although he probably won't live long enough to make it to court). Morgan's skepticism about near-death experiences and Hotch's lecture about having faith were interesting topics, too. I feel bad about the victims, especially Lacey because she was very attractive, but you could say that they've moved on to a better place, watching down from heaven (if you open to that perspective). You could also say that to Rossi's ex-wife has moved on to reunite with their child.
  • An okay episode

    To leave your brother alone in a tent while police are scouring the area for more bodies is indeed a stupid act I won't deny. However, I will give credits to what merits it. A near death experience that pushes someone to kill and resuscitate a person sounds scary but I guess nothing is impossible in this era anymore. I'm not an American. I'm an Asian and I have found one thing disturbing for a long time: why would you trust a stranger for a ride? Evan's mother met a guy and was asked what happened, she explains and being offered a help, she just rides on. This is actually not the first show that displays such action. Do Americans trust strangers so much? Because we Asians certainly don't for obvious reason, security. But anyway, it's a good episode, just lacking some logic.
  • jj character starts annoying

    so arrogant, so perfect so... like Prentiss, be yourself JJ please writtres
  • A body is found in a lake and there are police everywhere so let's leave my brother asleep in the tent by himself :|

    So everyone decides to jump in the canoes and see whats going on with all the police?? But the dude leaves his brother in the tent asleep??? "Why didn't you guys wake me?" "We tried". Wow that's just pathetic. Where was the common sense? I wouldn't leave my brother alone if a body had just been found.

    The victims are honestly total dumb-asses. There are SOOOOOOO many episodes where normal people would try and fight there way out or use their common sense but not in the world of CM they just let the killers kill them so they viewers have an episode to watch. PATHETIC.
  • An interesting concept for the source of the unsub's drive but overall the execution did not live up to the original inspiration.


    An interesting concept but the execution was dreadful. I am a fan but there were too many writing and directing mistakes.

    The final scene in the lakewith the rubber knife actually had my wife and I laughing out loud - so much for suspense. It was obviously rubber and at one point it is actually flopping back and forth like a grade 12 drama prop. I have no idea how the director thought that this scene would be acceptable on anything except aSaturday Night Live skit.

    The writing had too many short cuts that made the victims seem to be at fault. The friends in the first scene watch their firend be attacked and do not get the police and their motor boat to help? The jet ski girl's friends drive off without her and never notice she is missing? The mother leaves her son with the car when there is a killer on the loose? This is not the level of writing or production we have come to except from CM.

  • Quite an interesting episode.


    This episode swings two ways for lots of people. Some liked the team aspect better and not the rossi arc or the case and somepreferredit the other way.

    Coming to the case, I think it was quite interesting. Initially it seemed like just another case (which if it would have been, then this episode would have been way below average) but as the episode progresses it takes on a whole new arc, concerning the "after-life". For me the idea of exploring this with relation to a serial killer was very intriguing, though the episode did bring this out well but I felt like something was lacking in terms of making the audience connect with the serial killer, dont mean emotionally but rather in a creepy way where you go WOAH!

    The team dynamics in this episode were just absolutely fantastic. The profiling, though a little too over the place, was still well done. But what was the best was Reid and Emily's confession of their afterlife experience. It was an intense moment andexcellentlyportrayed. Coming tot he Rossi arc, I know a lot of people dont like it but I personally loved it. I think why people may find the emotional scenes maudlin isbecauseRossi's character is usually very stolid when it comes to expressing emotions. However, I really like rossi and it was long overdue to get some insight into his personal life. The last scene was really sad yet warm in anice way, especially seeing rossi having a glass of wine. Seeing his son's grave was absolutely heartbreaking especially when I read the dates.

    Overall a good episode. Can't wait for the next CM episode!

  • An interesting and well-written episode from one of the best of the "CM" scribes.


    I really enjoyed this episode. To start with, I thought the team dynamic was excellent and it was good to see everyone working together to solve the case as a cohesive unit to track down the unsub and solve the case. J.J. seemed much more cheerful than she has in previous episodes and it was terrific to see Reid doing his "Reid thing" when Rossi wasn't turning the pages of his book!

    Knowing who the unsub was all the way through actually felt 'right' this time because we could see how he was devolving and, more importantly, WHY he was behaving the way he was and why it was so necessary to him to talk to his victims after he had revived them. The two different perspectives from Reid and Emily about life after death were interesting as well. Two sides to the coin which has divided religious groups and the non-religious for a very long time.

    Then of course there was the highlight of Hotch actually attending a case without wearing a tie. Most unusual.

    I knew that Rossi's wife would end up taking her own life because he certainly had no intention of helping her do it. It was very sad to see their son's grave right next to hers, but fitting, I think.

    All in all, an excellent piece of work from all involved with the show.

  • Case wasn't 100%, but the Rossi storlyine was so emotional! (Spoilers ahead!)


    This ws a first-class Criminal Minds episode, in terms of the character development. I coudln't believe the ending, especially the plaque with Rossi's son 'James', evidently a stillbrn - I actually started crying a little upon seeing that. It was all so sad and so emotional, and I couldn't believe it...

    The actual csae was good, but not the best. I thought the first half of the episode was well below-par, but it did improve. The ending reminded me a little of the episode 'Charm & Harm' from Season 1, with the unsub and a victim in the lake. However, it was very interesting to watch, and the logic behind the unsub's crimes was quite intriguing - he wanted to understand what lay ahead in death before his time came...

    Well, it was not a good start to the case, but it definitely improved significantly and I rather enjoyed ti. Top it off through the Rossi storyline and we have a really spectacular episode! The episode title, 'Epilogue', fits this episode in so many ways! :)