Criminal Minds

Season 7 Episode 6


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 02, 2011 on CBS

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  • Quite an interesting episode.


    This episode swings two ways for lots of people. Some liked the team aspect better and not the rossi arc or the case and somepreferredit the other way.

    Coming to the case, I think it was quite interesting. Initially it seemed like just another case (which if it would have been, then this episode would have been way below average) but as the episode progresses it takes on a whole new arc, concerning the "after-life". For me the idea of exploring this with relation to a serial killer was very intriguing, though the episode did bring this out well but I felt like something was lacking in terms of making the audience connect with the serial killer, dont mean emotionally but rather in a creepy way where you go WOAH!

    The team dynamics in this episode were just absolutely fantastic. The profiling, though a little too over the place, was still well done. But what was the best was Reid and Emily's confession of their afterlife experience. It was an intense moment andexcellentlyportrayed. Coming tot he Rossi arc, I know a lot of people dont like it but I personally loved it. I think why people may find the emotional scenes maudlin isbecauseRossi's character is usually very stolid when it comes to expressing emotions. However, I really like rossi and it was long overdue to get some insight into his personal life. The last scene was really sad yet warm in anice way, especially seeing rossi having a glass of wine. Seeing his son's grave was absolutely heartbreaking especially when I read the dates.

    Overall a good episode. Can't wait for the next CM episode!