Criminal Minds

Season 5 Episode 21

Exit Wounds

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 12, 2010 on CBS

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  • good profiling, you don't expected to the end

    great episode, emotive, Great perfomance garcia
  • a clever one

    enjoy this episode, the profiling was good, scary moments. suspense, emotions.
  • a good one, emotive, interesting good proliling

    Just miss Garcia and Morgan love relation. Great episode
  • Clever episode.

    Great episode. Just love it. Like the profiling. And love garcia acting
  • is anyone there? right like a homicidal maniac is going to answer you, BEST LINE!!

    its funny in movies and shows how people here a noise and automatically say whose there ahah i love how Brenda actually pointed this out.

    I would've killed the kid if he'd killed my mum, don't care if the cops killed me he deserved it the stupid bastard and the people were right he'd get out of juvie before he'd be sent to jail. There is no such thing as justice so fuck the system!
  • The Dumbest TV Cop Show Episode Ever

    I have seldom watched this show, but once I happened to see the beginning of a really dumb show set in Alaska. It was so bad it deserves the TV equivalent of a Raspberry Award.

    Point One: The super-cops show up and meet with the stereotypical TV sheriff. Its a dumb cliche made worse by the simple fact that there are NO SHERIFFS in Alaska. None, period. When Alaska was organized they decided to forget the whole medieval idea of the "county" and the "sheriff" and go with Boroughs. The whole of Alaska is divided into just 9 Boroughs. The few cities in Alaska and the many villages have their own police departments, but all serious crimes are investigated by the Alaska State Police, who would need the help of some chumps from Down Below the way a Moose needs headlights. Try doing some research next time cheechakos.

    Point Two: They showed some local fisherman leaving town with his family because he was afraid of the big bad bogeyman. Did any of you Hollywood screenwriters ever see a show called "Deadliest Catch" ? Do you really think that men who make a living from the most dangerous seas on earth are going to run off shaking in their boots like the pudgy actor you got to play a fisherman? Do you think that people who live surrounded by forests full of Brown Bears are going to run away like little babies because there is a Bad Man in the Woods?

    There isn't any point three because I was so disgusted I didn't watch any more.

    Screenwriter: Fail for not doing research.

    Director: Fail for not catching errors.

    Casting Person: Fail for casting some soft-faced actor as an Alaskan Fisherman with a face like rawhide and a body like steel cable.
  • Great to see Garcia travelling along for the ride on this case as the BAU go to Alaska to investigate murders in a small town.

    Three murders in a very short space of time in a small Alaskan town has the BAU incestigating, taking Garcia along for her technical knowledge.

    In theory, it shouldn't be too hard to find a killer in a town with a population of less than fifteen hundred but it's not as simple as it appears, particularly when several residents leave town because they fear for their lives.

    When a local boy who has recently returned to the town to help his mother run a hotel is considered the prime suspect, it looks as though the case is solved until Garcia witnesses another murder which the boy in custody could not have committed.

    An okay episode made more so by seeing more of Garcia. Not much in the way of profiling again though. This has become an unfortunate habit during many episodes of this season.
  • Good episode. Liked the plot and the story about hunting a hunter. Definately on the edge of the couch the entire show.

    Although I loved this episode 'and any episode that highlights Derek Morgan. However, I am not a fan of Derek and Garcia having a relationship that is more than just friends, and that is where I felt this episode was trying to lead us. Derek and Garcia, have a great relationship. I would hate for it to be ruined by anything romatic happening. I know I'm in the minority, but it definately would crash and burn. Garcia would never be able to handle Morgan (as her love interest) being out in the field. Bad, Bad move -- don't do it.
  • Another ho hum episode

    I am getting very tired of this series - so much so that despite some awesome characters like Reid and Morgan and Hotch I just can't sit through an episode anymore.

    Criminal Minds is all about creative serial killers. Thats it. End of story. Yawn. There seems to heavy competition between the writers to make the weekly serial killers more creative and interesting at the expense of anything on the BAU team and their lives. What happened to our main cast of characters? The're reduced to babbling statistics and profiling information. There's nothing new - except for the weekly murders. Reid has gone around for half the series with a cane. Do we hear why he's having so much trouble with it? Morgan might as well have no family at all for all we hear about them. Same for most of the other main characters. They might as well live in the office for all we see re their family and home lives. I'd like to find out more about the main characters. Hell if they are all so good at their jobs couldn't they be head hunted a little bit by other agencies - and I don't mean the serial killer kind. Sigh. Don't they have to train occasionally? Basically, I'm begging for some stuff on our BAU team members. Is there something besides graphic murders to put the team onto? Serial Killers are becoming so boring! What about other criminal activities? There are other major criminal activities out there.

    Perhaps they could come across a situation that will not be resolved overnight. A situation that gathers momentum and tension over several episodes and giving our BAU team some character development. Even a touch of angst would look nice at this stage.

    Come on writers - get creative, or this series will end soon.
  • this show is going down hill and we all know it but it still deserves at least a 9

    Criminal Minds, what a great show right? well yes for the time being but the direction its heading in is not a good one, now remember in the first few seasons,that intense feeling of build up to find out who the unsub was? well now that feeling is totally void of the show, they don't even bother with insinuating they unsub into the case granted it depends on the unsub but still there was still that feeling of shock of WOW that was the guy/girl!?! Now its just some random guy who we've never seen before, no build up no payoff. Interestingly enough though i greatly enjoyed this episode, it had a fun sort of feel to it, there was actually some comedy like the earlier seasons and at least attempted to make the characters feel human this time instead of them just endlessly reciting dialog about the case, something criminal minds has become all to comfortable with, this show needs more of that human interaction, it can still be about the case but just not reciting what the (quote on quote) text book says.

    Over all as a whole this episode was good but its ending was out of place or rather too in place, we get yet another tired scene of everybody holding everybody at gun point, greaaat! its just too easy we know Hotch or one of the gang will talk them out of it or a bullet will be fired to stop it, did the writers ever think to try something more unexpected? like maybe the unsub gets away or they never even find him for the shoot out to even take place something more realistic? i don't know i hope they do.
  • A series of killings in a small comunity makes the team travel to Alaska

    The whole team, including Garcia, fly to Alaska to find a serial killer that has ended with the life of 3 people of a little fishing community. The unsub hunted his victims. The BAU suspects of all the young men that like to hunt of the town but another murder happens while they have them locked up. After associating the murders to some animal mutilations they profile changes to a teenager with abandonement issues.
    Meanwhile, Garcia whitnesses one of the murders and gets pretty shacken up, especially after Morgan pressures her to explain him what happened. At the end they share a really sweet scene.
    All the team has an important role but Rossi is especially important since he is a hunter himself.
    All in all a rally great and exciting chapter with some sweetness... Great!
  • Morgan and Garcia share a room.......but its not what you think!

    In this episode of Criminal Mind, the following happens. When people are being killed in a small town in Alaska, the BAU team go there to help with the investigation and Garcia also goes with them. Garcia witnesses a murder, which shakes her up badly. As the tea work together, they ID the Unsub and go to see his parents. We learn that they knew he was a killer and had known for a while that he was not like everyone else. As the locals take to the woods they hunt down the Unsub. And it becomes a battle between the FBI, and the locals as the locals want to kill the Unsub for killing 5 people. As the episode ends, we see a beautiful scene between Morgan and Garcia.
  • Criminal Minds pays homage to Harper's Island!

    Basically as I seen it this episode was a condensed version of Harper's Island(Which was a cool show BTW).

    The comparison to HI was well handled - Not sure if that's what they intended but that's how I seen it. and overall showed once again why this is one of the best shows on television with lots of great interaction between Morgan and Garcia.

    Kudos to Kirsten Vangsness for what was an incredible performance, She showed even though Garcia is a behind the scenes type of girl she is just as valuable as the front line agents and in addition showed us what a great actress she really is.

    And just because I like him as an actor so much - Nicholas Brendon as Kevin Lynch was pretty awesome too as the jealous yet loving boyfriend type - Why isn't he in it more? Last couple of episodes he was in it was only for 1 scene and he has so much more potential both as an actor and as a character - Guess that'll have to wait until he gets out of rehab now.

    Overall great episode!
  • Really good one.

    I most say.. This episode was pleasant surprise. First of all the way it started. It was that kind of sweet bubbeling Carcia we know and how that episode affected her. The whole personal touch her char had with the case.. it was good. Great char moments. That scene with Morgan. I mean: she looking back on the time when she got shot and explaining why she ran towards the victim and that genial explanation why the innkeepers son was not the shooter. Great little detail what I did not thought.

    Also the whole concept of little down.. Someone starting to kill. The community on edge and how that innkeepers son hunted the hunter.. and how it all ended.

    The episode had beautiful emotional touch, it had great story.. greatly executed.
  • Another scintillating one!

    'Criminal Minds' just keeps getting better and better, and eveyry week is full of suspense, actinon and well-written cases. This is clearly illustrated within the episode 'Exit Wounds', which definitely is a favorite of mine.

    I thought the case was very interesting. I loved the idea of the FBI isn a small country town, and I loved the fact that they went up to Alaska. Nice change, there, although I'm not sure if it's been done before.

    VOverall, the episode was also interesting because Garcia acame along, and witnessed first-hand what her colleagues see and do on a daily basis. That added another interesting aspect to the episode, which was always nice to see.

    I'd highly recommend this amazing episode. I just hope this show can continue to produce at such a highly quality, and can't wait to see how they will conclude Season 5! Keep it up, guys!