Criminal Minds

Season 5 Episode 21

Exit Wounds

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 12, 2010 on CBS

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  • this show is going down hill and we all know it but it still deserves at least a 9

    Criminal Minds, what a great show right? well yes for the time being but the direction its heading in is not a good one, now remember in the first few seasons,that intense feeling of build up to find out who the unsub was? well now that feeling is totally void of the show, they don't even bother with insinuating they unsub into the case granted it depends on the unsub but still there was still that feeling of shock of WOW that was the guy/girl!?! Now its just some random guy who we've never seen before, no build up no payoff. Interestingly enough though i greatly enjoyed this episode, it had a fun sort of feel to it, there was actually some comedy like the earlier seasons and at least attempted to make the characters feel human this time instead of them just endlessly reciting dialog about the case, something criminal minds has become all to comfortable with, this show needs more of that human interaction, it can still be about the case but just not reciting what the (quote on quote) text book says.

    Over all as a whole this episode was good but its ending was out of place or rather too in place, we get yet another tired scene of everybody holding everybody at gun point, greaaat! its just too easy we know Hotch or one of the gang will talk them out of it or a bullet will be fired to stop it, did the writers ever think to try something more unexpected? like maybe the unsub gets away or they never even find him for the shoot out to even take place something more realistic? i don't know i hope they do.