Criminal Minds

Season 5 Episode 1

Faceless, Nameless

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 23, 2009 on CBS

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  • It started the season, but I hope the season improves on its beginning. Main failing: once again the cliff-hanger has Hotch in danger; once again Hotch survives. It's getting beyond believable.

    The B plot of the doctor and his son could have used more time and attention in order to get the fullest sense from it. I liked the doctor - he was professional, decent and believable (apart from the moment where he went to treat Reid with the blood of the unsub still dripping from his hands and wrists). The school corridor scenes were well done with the perspective of the crowds transformed into both potential enemies and potential fellow victims. The isolation of knowledge, that's what the kid showed us and that's a good parallel for the BAU team with their dark specialism. Actually I'm wrong about the B plot needing more time and attention. For this reason. I loved the feeling of the emergency room tension getting into the investigation as they struggled to sort through the files before the school bell. It was the trying to impose order on a situation that was still evolving. I loved the way when the kid bolted off to do the right thing that the focus shifted from keeping him in to keeping him out. And the fact that you couldn't keep everything in view at the same time. The Hotch business and the case were stretching the team very thin. The doctor's dilemma was made full use of in all this - the need to limit and focus your attention even though your hastily-made decisions affect lives, and even though you may lose a friend. That was the big success of the writing. And of course Matthew Grey Gubler did for his knee and forced a late change, so that was a further constraint given to Mundy. My main quibble about the episode is personal, because I am not persuaded by Gibson to connect to his character. But Hotch's issues could bring in interesting matter for the rest of the team as their leader struggles with physical and emotional stuff. The vacuum created by his failings, just like when Gideon left, should make room for further growth for the team. I am interested to see what happens with that.