Criminal Minds

Season 2 Episode 16

Fear and Loathing

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 14, 2007 on CBS

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  • may contain some spoilers

    I'll try not to give anything away, but I did want to review the episode.

    An interesting look at a more statistically rare killer. Nice to see some diversity in the killers.

    However, what also interested me about this episode was the political aspects.

    The fact that people used the case politically. About the mayors fear that even mentioning that the suspect was a African-American man, would drive up the racism and make everyone view black men with fear. The consequences were pretty well foreshadowed, but it was still a good point to make.

    I thought it was generally well done and more interesting than some of the episodes.

    I also liked that it wasn't graphic. Some of the episodes show a little too much for my taste.
  • What was beleived to be hate crimes...

    It is very rare that there is an African American serial killer but this episode shows one when he kills young girls At the beginning the episode makes you think that the killer is killing because of their race but it doesn't turn out like that Reid also gets flashbacks in this episode from his previous encounter of being tortured from the previous episode but manages to overcome his flashbacks In the end the team catches the killer as they usually do saving a girls life when she nearly became another victim.
  • IOs it racidm, sexual assault, murder or all of the boave! This was yet another great episode of Criminal Minds!

    As I watched this episode of Criminl Minds, I thought the plot for it was very familiar, and only until we reached the end did I realise that I had seen this episode before. This one centres around a series of murders of African Amercian females who like to sing, an are aged between 15 and 17.

    Well the case is straightforward, but figuring out what the killer's motives are is another story! I enjoyed the fact that the episode centred around racism, yet that was not the case at all! It really threw us as the viewers off the trail, and it added a little beit of suspense, when the rest of the episode fell back a little.

    The best part was when the local cop got shot. Those were some sad scenes, and it stood out for me. I also enjoyed seeing Spencer Reid face his demons, after his tough ordeal in the previous oepisode.

    Obviously this one does not compare to its predecessor, 'Revelations', or even many others in the season, but I think the epiosde is highly underrated because the one before it was so good.

    In comparison to its predecessor, this is a bad episode, but on its own, this was great viewing, and as usual, I highly would recommend it to anyboyd!
  • What seems like racial hate crimes are not.

    This was a fasinating episode. Morgan had a chance to show off some acting chops. His scene in the car with the black officer was splendid. Their quiet conversation on being black was so much more powerful than all kinds of ranting and raving on the subject. It was so very sad that the black officer was shot and killed for no good reason.

    Reid's flashbacks are very well done. His seeming to want to partake of the drugs he took from the previous weeks dead killer is really scary. I find it hard to believe that a man of Reid's intelligence would even think of doing drugs. I realize,of course,that he suffered and underwent a terrible ordeal in the prior weeks episode. It will be interesting to see where this all leads.

    It looks as though Emily and Morgan are flirting around. Garcia is sure to be pissed off about this.
  • I didn't like this episode so much... It was about average, nothing more. They could have done much better.

    This episode was, well, it was about average. It felt like they just dropped Reids aftermath since last episode, nothing more than the flashbacks, which I think didn't do very much to improve this episode.
    I would've loved to see something more of Reid. What happened directly after the incident? Did he go to the hospital? (yeah, of course he did, but i would like to see it.) What did the team say to each other? I hope you get my point.

    But instead of this, they just simply began on a new case and forgot about the young genius. For those who have read the spoiler for the next episode, Distress, might have a word or two to say to me. I know that the team are beginning to notice his problems then, but I want them to do it NOW!
  • At first all the victims have in common is that they are pretty, black and good girls. Then the connection is made that they were all excellent singers which leads them to someone with a recording studio. But will the writers turn Reid into a junkie?

    Well written from the standpoint that Reid is tempted to use, but smart enough to hesitate. 5 points off cuz Reid's supposedly perceptive colleagues haven't wondered (in light of Reid's extremely dysfunctional childhood), if he is a prime candidate for addiction? Why hasn't Gideon asked him if he isn't tempted to get his hands on some H and use it? A supposedly intuitive profiler like Gideon shouldn't have to know Reid stole the viles to make sure Reid knows he is being lovingly watched for any signs of possible future addiction. Please don't trash Reid's character like you did Elle's!
  • The team thinks a black serial killer is the cause for a series of murders against black girls.

    Mostly a filler type of episode. Everything just seemed a bit too predictable for the team. The killer's profile was dead on within the first half hour and there was no mystery about who he was. There were no big twists in this one. In a way a bit of a letdown considering this coming of the highly excellent "Revelations". We see Reid go through the motions of still living through his abduction with Raphael. However, other than that the episode was ho-hum even for "Criminal Minds". Hotch said killers usually kill within their own race but that's not really true all the time. Killers who kill for the pleasure don't necessarily care about race.

    The acting was still decent but this episode was ok.
  • A serial killer disguises his kills as hate-crimes.

    An interesting episode but I enjoyed the Reid storyline far more.

    They opened a door last week – Reid taking the drugs from Tobias – and they took an unexpected path with it. Reid actually hasn’t taken the drugs, just carries them around with him, fighting the urges and the aftereffects of the drugs Tobias gave him during his captivity. Matthew played this very subtly and it works beautifully. Reid is sweating, twitching, red eyes and is jumpy. No-one even notices!! He was tortured by a serial killer! Why is he even at work, let alone no-one checking on him?! It’s only Morgan right at the end who notices Reid is not himself. How did these profilers miss the blatant signs of distress in one of their own?

    Anyway, I loved the conversation with Morgan. Reid is sensitive at the best of times and now, as Morgan pointed out, he has something else: empathy. My heart just broke when he talked of looking at the crime scene photos “And I know.” What they felt, what they were thinking, right Before. While this could certainly improve his profiling once he’s dealt with it, right now it threatens to destroy him. The team is really neglecting him, they should be watching him very carefully to make sure he comes through this sane. Given the guilt displayed last week, particularly from JJ and Gideon, I’m actually irritated about this. I can’t call it bad continuity as they dealt so beautifully with Reid fighting his demons which means that the team really just ignored the whole situation!

    The serial killer storyline was very interesting, dealing with the problems of race when it comes to profiling and the consequences that came from telling the media the truth: a cop got killed.

    What I found riveting was that earlier in the episode they mentioned that the killer must be very charismatic, able to charm his way out of situations Dahmer-style. We see this to perfection! The killer actually convinces the cop who stops him as he grabs the girl to let him walk away. The cop goes back to what he’s doing and seconds later the squad cars arrive. That cop will be lucky to walk away without disciplinary action!

    I enjoyed this episode and hope they don’t just drop the Reid storyline and act like nothing happened. I’ve seen other shows do that and while this series never has (see Elle’s long-term effects after her shooting leading to her killing someone), I hope they pay as much attention to Reid’s character. This could be a very valuable tool for character development. They could really take Reid to some fascinating places, I hope the writers realize that.
  • Review

    I think that during the beginning of the season this episode may have been around a 9.0 - 9.2, somewhere in that area. However, with the recent episodes being some of the best hours of television I have ever watched I really have put this show up there as far as expectation level goes. The episode had its moments, dont get me wrong, but this episode I really felt that the beginning was much better then the end. And since most of us come to rate an episode after we have just seen it having an episode that didn't pull its weight in the end usually means a lower rating then most. I like the mystery factor at the beginning - with the cases that were supposed to be connected but you really couldnt tell if they wee or not at first. I liked the cop dying, that was very unexpected. Usually none of the good guys really die in this show. A lot of victims do, but as far as law enforcement goes cops really don't get killed too often and I was taken a bit off guard by that. Some of the scene felt a little slow - like Reids moments with the drugs. Love that they didnt just let it be and that he is suffering this season from what happened, but the scenes came across as boring to watch. Also thought the three minute scene with Morgan and the black cop inside of the car was a little filler and slow moving as well. Overall, not a horrible episode just couldn't withstand the powerhouse episodes this season has provided.
  • Different kind of demons...

    This time the case is that black young girls are killed and that rise a fear - racial discrimination.. what would get more steam on.. so it takes even more interesting torn when team is sure the killer is black..

    So, this episode goes in the borderline of all - tries to show us all different things, not having time to concentrate on one.. Morgan and his relationship with Emily seems to be one aspect.. then ofcourse the aftermath for Reid.. and Morgan gets more screen time as he gets a friend in the local police force and he is killed in the fear of black killer - their own media release did it. So it tries to show another side of the use of media - it can help you but he can harm you too.
  • So weird

    Okay so these people all have one thing in common. THey are black and good also they are girls. then The BAU gets a lead that the women are singers which leads them to a recording studio. And how come the writers are turning Reid into a junkie. See Reid does have some family issuses but turning him into a junkie in the aftermath of an aweful struggle for his life well... that is a little strange. I am sure the writers will go deeper into this drug use but what if some one at the BAU finds out about the drug abuse of their colleague.
  • I thought this one was ok, but only just ... It was a good theme and concept and some terrific work by Shemar Moore but I just wanted to know what was going on with poor Reid and they didn't give us enough detail about that at all.

    The BAU is called to New York to investigate the deaths of three young African American females in what is a predominantly white neighborhood. The murders have happened in a short space of time and the appearance of a swastika on the faces of two victims and at the scene of the third, it is thought that the killings are racially motivated. The third crime is a double murder. The female victim is African American but her boyfriend is white. A note received by the last female victim was, according to Reid, possibly written by a young female, but the locals and the authorities are convinced that the crimes are race hatred. The BAU have to deal with this belief while trying to calm everyone down and catch the unsub at the same time.

    The plot goes along in this manner and is predictable, which I always hate, but the biggest disappointment for me was that poor Reid, now thoroughly drug addicted, was barely given a mention other than the fact that he sneaked into a bathroom to shoot up. After everything that happened to him in the previous two episodes, it would have been nice for the fans to see how he was coping (not at all) and for the team as a whole to be more concerned for his well being.

    This one won't make my top ten but, as I said, some great work by Shemar Moore in the midst of a dull episode made it watchable.
  • reid+drugs+me=explaintion!! READ!!!

    ok you guys Reid is addicted! the bathroom scene was telling us he obviosly doesnt want anyone to know!! he put it away and got out as soon as he heard Hotch calling him!! at the end with morgan on the plane they were playing cards it must not have been his turn mrgan had to try and get his attention he wasnt even like there! he was out long enough for emily to drop a book in front of morgan and for him to notice what it was and morgan still had to try to get his attention! you guys have all been really confused! although i have to agree with one person's reveiw... morgan and emily do seem to be flirting around... its kinda funny. they were having a nice conversation at the beginning of the episode. anyway those are your answers! Reid is afraid! and he doesnt want to get caught with the drugs!
  • Great quotes, good music, the super brain youngster who happens to know the right thing at the right time, but.. Hope they continue to 'work' on his flashbacks, could be interesting.

    Its always well written, and I just love all the characters and the acting is top notch. Can't beat Mandy Patinkin. The show is very very interesting, especially the quotes and the knowledge of past serial killers that they have and patterns they devise or can see. Excellent show. Pat
  • A well written episode, made you think and had some very interesting plot twists.

    I liked this episode a lot, though I was a little disappointed after seeing last weeks episode. I felt like the person sitting in a movie, waiting to see my favorite actor who happens to be a B character in it, to busy thinking about, is he on yet, is he on yet to really concentrate on liking the plot. In short, oh Reid, how could they ignore you so after the beating they gave you? Where are your bruises, your character developments? A few hasty flash backs were nice for the plot, making us feel more for those who died, but Reid, poor Reid had hardly any personal growth or depth. I also didn't like how all his injuries were apparently magically healed. Wumf, gone. It looked to me as though that leg was broken before, but now he runs and skips about. It reminds me of a book I read once, where the writer had the main character take off his shoes to sneak past the bad guys, and saves the day, even going to see the mayor, with every second carefully accounted for, but sadly never gets new shoes. Can you imagine being shown in to the mayor without shoes, or questions? It may be minor details, but details are important. I can only hope the next episode, which yes I know was supposed to go before this one is a little more consistent with reality.

    I give this a 9 for plot, and a 5 for disappointment.
  • Someone is killer young African American girls and making it look like hate crimes. The team must find the killer before he strikes again. The crimes may look racialy motivated but looking deeper they believe it is a serial killer! Can they stop him!!!

    Although they said there hasn't been any African American serial killer, wasn't there one in the 1970's? I guess I will have to look that up. I like it that Dr. Reid is more empathetic than before. It gives him an advantage into not only the criminals mind but also what the victims go though as well. I think having that understanding creates empathy in the viewers as well. The mind of a serial killer is complicated and usualy starts at a young age. They say child hood abuse and abandanment can be contributing factors. This show is as close to a real serial killer that I ever want to be.
  • Criminal Minds just keeps growing on me.

    Criminal Minds just keeps growing on me. While the subject matter is among the most disturbing around (profiling serial killers generally), the show does a great job of putting a new twist on police dramas.

    This episode explored the good and bad issues that can arise from releasing profiles to the press and public. A cop was killed because of the release of the profile, but the profiles release also led to a witness coming forward that cracked the case. The show also explored some racial issues and the reaction of police and elected political figures (the mayor), with the mayor objecting to releasing the profile to try and keep some racial tensions under control.

    This episode also explored the drug allure for Reed, and is advancing his character a bit. While it's most likely that he didn't use the drug (arguably he may have before the scene at the end on the jet), he was advised to just use the experiences that he had to become a better person and profiler.

    I hope this show hangs on for at least 5 or more seasons, assuming the writing can be kept at the same quality. The characters are all likable, and they just keep growing. The writing is pretty consistently high quality, and the plot lines are also consistently high quality.

    Over time this show has risen in my estimation to a place in my personal top 5 for currently running shows.
  • Good...but a bit dissapointing.

    I have to admit that I was slightly dissapointed with this episode. That's probably because my main concern in watching it was to see how Reid was doing and they didn't show much of that until the end. It was an average episode of Criminal Minds with the usual smart thinking, clever conclusions and plot twists. I'm sure that once I find out whether Reid comes out alright in the end, I'll like it a whole lot better!
  • Great interaction between characters!

    Great interaction between the feds and the police with catching a serial killer who also maybe a racist as four NY African American women are murdered and that NY wants a race riot. Don't you just love Gideon as he tries to interact with how the situation should be done. Reid is still having his episode from last week and hopefully it won't last too long as I like him a lot.
  • VERY well written.

    I really enjoyed all the twists to this episode. From the final reason for the murders to the different perspectives of the members of the community. From the parents, to the kids, the police to the mayor's office. Everyone having different views for different reasons. I think one of the best things to come out of this episode is some the acknowledgement of what happened to Reid and that it's just not going to be ignored or immediately go away. With Reid being as smart as he his I hope he is smart enough to ask for help, before he gets in to deep.
  • This was an interesting angle taken, but I still have questions

    I thought the storyline was impressive. Shows the difficulties in society. If we do this we are racist, or if we do that we could be contributing to racial profiling. It is a difficult balance & I feel they pulled it off nicely. I did not think they should have killed off the NY detective off. He was such an interesting character.

    Most of my questions have to do with Dr. Reid. How long after last episode is this suppose yto take place? Has he had counseling? I saw that he had the drugs, but didn't take them. Has he taken any? Is he addicted, or just trying to escape the stress of what was done to him?

    I was confused by the bathroom scene. I mean if those were the same drugs he lifted off the dead body, then it didn't appear he had used them at all. Maybe just the stress of trying to deal with his own trauma & do his job well had him imagining that he wanted to escape thru drugs. Why didn't he get checked out by a doctor after he had ben held captive & beaten for days?? Shouldn't someone have noticed something?
  • In “Fear and Loathing” of Criminal Minds the team is flown to a suburb in New York to investigate a string of murders that appear to be hate Crimes. Meanwhile Reid seems disconnected as he fights to stay afloat during the case.

    Nerve-Wracking is defently how I would describe this episode of Criminal Minds. I felt it was lacking clear-cut direction and the story line was not a good follow up to last week.

    Yes, This episode was not supposed to be aired right after "Revelations" but the follow up to that episode needed to be more then a cut and paste job.

    It almost made no sense. Reid was disconnected one minuet then completely normal the next. The bathroom scene was also confusing. Since Reid didn't actually take drugs it left me wondering whether he's even addicted! That was certainly an important thing to be addressed in this episode.

    This episode was lacking clear-cut direction on where they are going and where they have been. I strongly believe "Fear and Loathing" needed to be shown later and "distress" now. If they had waited the real plot (the murders) would have shown through like it was intended to. Instaead I was so worried about Reid the murder plot had to take a back seat.

    It's Nerve Wracking that I have to wait another week to find out what's really going on with Reid!
  • This one should have been left alone. Clever does not always equal satisfying.

    The writers took the challenge of trying to give this previously filmed episode continuity with the very emotional "Revelations" and didn't quite make it. The original plot - a serial killer masking himself behind hate crimes - would have been great as a stand alone episode. Morgan's friendship with the doomed Ware was very well done, and it was very touching to watch him at the funeral. Developing a camaraderie between Prentiss and Morgan was also a great idea. Unfortunately, we viewers are coming off the emotional roller-coaster of "Revelations", and I for one was focused on what the heck was going on with Reid. Did nothing happen to him as a result of his ordeal? Is the team just ignoring him? - business as usual? Sure, he's having flashbacks and sneaking off to the bathroom to look at himself in the mirror, but is that it? And to think that a few warm words of wisdom from Morgan at the end are going to clear everything up for him doesn't seem very realistic. Or satisfying.
  • The way the story line of the serial killer was woven together with Reid's flashback was certainly well done. All of the dialog was so realistic and thought out. The elements of surprise surrounding the killing of the detective was extremely good.

    This episode was extremely good in awakening people's views of serial killers. i especially liked the comments made by Gideon explaining to the authorities the differences between racism and profiling. He was showing the importance of getting the criminal and that was the goal. The trauma that Reid is experiencing regarding his ordeal in last week's episode was well done as it was interwoven with the story line this week. It was great to see him fighting with his demons and trying to understand it all as he tried to explain at the end of the show. It will be interesting to see how long those bottles stay in his bag.
  • Something was missing from this episode about young African American girls being killed in a small upstate NY town.

    Reed is still struggling with the post trauma of being captured and nearly killed in the previous episode. It is effecting his judgement and ability to do his job.

    The BAU team is called into a case of young black women being murdered in a upscale NY town. They solve the case, but the show didn't have the same edge to it that it normally does.

    I'll just chalk it up to am off night, and look forward to better episodes in the future.
  • The dust settles

    When you have a great episode like the 2-part episode we had these past few weeks, it's a little hard to the pulse racing when this episode aired. Reed is still going through his personal nightmare with what happened to him without letting the others know and as for the case, it was an average case with no big thrills or huge surprises other than the serial killer was closer to home in the suburban community and already half way through the episode Hotch basically nails the exact profile of the killer to the wall so I quickly lost interest in for this episode. Still, I like the show and that's why I give it an 8 out of 10.