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Official discussion thread: "In Heat" - Spoilers

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    It's the interpersonal relationships that help us remember that in some way, shape or form that these characters are real people who have real lives outside the BAU. I for one don't expect any of them to be chained to their desks and never doing anything but catching pyscho serial killers/stalkers ect. I liked knowing that Garcia voluenteers at a grief group. It helps give these seemingly untouchable characters depth and personality.

    I know a lot of people would rather they not write in AJ's pregnancy. In some cases it's so much easier to write it in than try to hide it. How strange is it for someone to disappear to Italy for a cooking school for six weeks? Or whatever other excuse they give to a cast memeber how has taken time for personal reasons. It will be nice to give the team a bit of family sense again since we lost that after Haley and Hotch divorced.

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    LOL, I just loved the revealed relationship, when even Reid knew about it. I mean, Reid, he didn't even catch up on the "Garcia and Kevin, sitting in a tree..." and yet, he'd understood this one. I loved it. It's a bit sad that AJ is pregnant, as it'll mean at least a break from the show. (I feel horrible because I said that, she's probably very happy about the pregnancy, and I wish her luck.) Garcia is cooler than ever, and, oh... The show is still as good as it was. And I've slowly adjusted and begun to like Rossi.
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    Little late to the party...just saw this episode, personally I liked the entire thing - the personal stuff AND the case. I felt bad for the unsub, I thought he was gonna dramatically shoot himself or something at the end, ha.
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